Beach Dream

Unfurl your beach blankets the sea is calling Rush upon the grainy sand to the crashing waves Summer is dwindling it’s time for one more splash

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Black Glass

The hairs on the back of my neck prickled as I survived the scene. The moon reflected on my glass it was glowing, smooth and white. The waves crashed around me, spraying me with their salt, while the wind howled in my ears. Moments before I had step out of a penthouse party onto the balcony to […]

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The Other 12%

Since I am spiffy I’ll be there in a Jiffy Don’t you fret this day comes once a year For all you righty beware lefty day is here. Happy National Lefty Day!

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Without Honor

The Delivery of a child was something that Catherine was not accustom to. She panted her body on fire as she bit into her own hand so the guard would not hear her scream. The baby was coming, she couldn’t stop this now. Tears streamed  from her green eyes, as she pushed herself in deep squat, […]

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Child’s Wonderland

Carousel a child’s delight. Slowly they spin their sweet melodies lure all in. Up down the horses all in line. Forever stuck in time. My soul lay here among wood and gear. Will I ever disappear?

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Sacred Grove III

Chapter Three: The chorus of birds arose Evynne from her slumber. Blinking she tried to comprehend her white washed surroundings. “Oh, yeah I’m in the Kingston’s house. I wonder what time….” she paused as a sweet aroma drifted up the stairs. Evynne smiled and quickly changed and hurried down the stairs to the kitchen. The […]

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