Rusted Gate

A scream echoed on the icy morn, strained and agonized. It’s source a woman, bare and bloody as she raced through the frost kissed forest. Her attacker was right on her heels, callused hands inches from her brown locks his breath burning her flesh.

She couldn’t let him capture her not again, not after the serval hours of torture she had endured. Tears blurred her vision as trees rushed by, she had to get out, she had to. The terrain steepened suddenly causing her footing to falter,  already weaken legs gave out from under her.

Free falling her mangled body collide with the frozen ground, over and over until she came to rest in a babbling brook. The water stung like thousands of bees as it washed over her flesh. Behind another splashed exploded as her attacker had made same the error. She gasped as she forced herself to stand on unsteady legs.

But he was already upon her. Strong arms wrapped around her lifting her off her feet. She screamed and kicked as the grip threaten to crush her. She continued to struggle when  threw back her head colliding with his nose. He hissed releasing her to crumple upon the ground.

“You shouldn’t have ran Bethany, you fucking bitch.” He roared as he drew back his fist.

The strike snapped her head sideway, she tasted copper. Bethany whimpered as she dragged herself further downstream, only to have his boot connect with her face. Her vision became tunneled, the darkness creeping along the edges, she didn’t even feel the third blow. Her body stilled and with the last flickers of consciousness she saw the suns rays reflect off a distant church steeple.

The darkness eased itself from her mind, bight blue eyes flickered open. Like a rag doll she was slung over his shoulder, hands tied, and gag in place.

“We’re almost home Bethany, I’ll patch you, and you’ll see I’ll love you right this time.”

She shuddered as the sound of a rusted gate creaked open, silently she sobbed for as that gate closed behind them she knew she will never again pass through it.

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