Whispers of Forgiveness

Something’s are better left unsaid, or so the saying goes. Yet here stood Todd overlooking the smooth grave marker of his friend. The funeral had ended hours go, only a few sobbing third cousins and a drunken uncle lingered.

“At least it didn’t rain aye Andy? It always seems to rain when sad things  happen.” laughed Todd as he dried his eyes with his sleeve.

It should have been him in the ground not Andy. He was the one driving, he was the one not paying attention. It was him who overcorrected when he hydroplane, it wasn’t fair.

Their last conversation still echoed in his mind, it was an awkward one. Borderline stupid, if only it had lasted just a little longer.

It was raining that night, Todd and Andy had just left the movies and were on their way home. It  was a horrible not worth the price of admission, but it was a rare “Bro’s night”.

“I swear we haven’t even been married for few months and she already has me in a short chain. I wonder how my pa  was able to handle ma for all these years.” Andy had joked.

Todd had laughed, “Wouldn’t know I’m still a bachelor.”

“Interesting enough, I’m not missing the lonely nights. I got something sweeter warming my bed. And now I got a Jr. on the way.”

“Rub it in why don’t yaw?” Todd hissed as he punched Andy playfully.

It was such a stupid conversation, one that ended abruptly. It happened so fast, one minute they were on the road the next minute he was waking up in the hospital. It was the next day when he found out that Andy had died on  impact.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. It should have been me!” Todd cried out as he sunk to his knees.

Todd felt cold, numb he couldn’t hold it in any more. His tears fell freely, as his body shook a hand gently clasped his shoulder.

“Enough of that, Toddy you don’t have keep  beating yourself up.  Thanks for the fun night next time you’re buying the popcorn.”

Todd’s  lip twitched, “Alright, you got it Annie.”

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