Beastly Lullaby

The beast laid Dormant slumbering soundly deep within its cave. Dust fluttered every time it breathed in and out, while the world outside  passed it by. It prefer it this way, he was old, slow.

Many of his kind had already move on to the kindred lands, a land full of rolling green meadows and where magic flowed without any resistance.

He huffed as he rolled onto his side, magic this world had lost that urge, that desire to call upon the old ways. And yet he couldn’t seemed to let himself fade from this world.

The reason he did not know, maybe it was the scent that filled the cave when the seasons changed, or sound of storms that echoed within the cavern.

His mind whirled with the many enigmas of his stagnant behavior when a soft airy giggle filled the room.


His eyes lazily opened to see a small pink thing grinning at him.

His voice rumbled, “I’m not a dog.”

In response it squealed and threw itself on his nose. His amber eyes crossed as the small thing rubbed itself against his white fur.

“Soft doggy, why are you all by yourself?”

“I am Enzo, and I’m not a dog. And I prefer to be alone ” he rumbled again.

“I’m Lennox, and if not a dog than what are you?”

Enzo blinked it had  been while since anything had asked him that. In fact he wouldn’t even know how to explain what he is, many have given him so many different names.

“I believe simplest word to describe me, is a beast. Anything else  would probably be to difficult for you to comprehend.”
The small thing known as Lennox beamed up at him, green eyes twinkling.

“Like the beast from my storybooks?”

“Storybooks? I know not of storybooks, though it is about time you answer my questions. One what are you, and why have you disturbed my sleep?”

Again the airy giggles filled the space, “I’m a boy, you silly. I’m also almost an grownup! I’m four years old, my mama and I just moved into a new house. She’s taking a nap, but I wanted to explore.”

“Won’t your mother be worried?”

The boy puffed up his cheeks and glared up through his lashes.

“I’m a big boy! I….”

“Lennox! Lennox where are you?!”

“Looks like your mother has awoken from her slumber. Shouldn’t you go to her now?”

“But I want to stay with you.”

Enzo huffed as the boy wiped his eyes, “I’m not going anywhere child, now go, your mother is waiting.”

“Ok, maybe next time I can bring my storybook. Bye Mr. Enzo I’ll see you next time.”

Enzo blinked as the child left the cave, it had been a long time since he felt like this. It was almost magical, a new start, and maybe even a new companion. Perhaps this child was the reason he wanted to remain.

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