Little Black Dress

Fragrance so sweet it must be a dream. So light and homey, what could it be? The flickering candle? The blooming bouquet?


While these things are sweet it was not the scent that caught Logan’s attention. The fragrance wafted off a young lass in a little black dress. It was a scent he couldn’t put his finger on, it was so familiar and yet somehow forgotten.

Logan had a lump in his throat as he watched her from across the hotel bar. He had been watching her for a while now, hoping for his lustful urge she was alone. So far she was, so with a swing of liquid courage he approached her.

“Why is a pretty thing like you drinking alone?”

“Maybe I  was waiting for someone to come and keep me company.”

“Is that so? I’m available, if you’re interested.”

Wine stained lips parted into a coy smile  as her emerald eyes mapped out his physique.

“Alright Mr. Available, you seem like a blast. My name is Jessabelle by the way, don’t you have a name?”

Logan blinked, his name? God he didn’t even introduced himself.

“Logan, my name is Logan.”

Jessabelle giggled as she rose to her feet, pale hands sliding up his torso. Again that fragrance filled his nostrils, it was almost overwhelming.

“Someone’s excited, shall we go somewhere, where I can take care of that?” she purred as she lead him out by the tie.

Logan didn’t even remembered the taxi ride, nor how he ended inside Jessabelle’s house. All he knew is she was all over him kissing, biting, and scratching. They finally broke apart when he fell on to her bed.

“Let me put on something more comfortable, I’ll be right back.” she purred as she swayed into the master bathroom.

Logan licked his lips and quickly started to undress. He couldn’t believe his luck!

Again he climbed into the bed, bare skin becoming adjusted to the sheets as he let out a heavy sigh. Yet his mood changed quickly when he gazed up at the ceiling that was covered in black tally-marks.

“What the?” he gasped

“Looks like you’ve seen others I hope you’re not the jealous type.”

Logan jerked as he felt something lodge itself deep into his chest. Weakley he stared down at his body to see a knife buried deep into his chest, with Jessabelle hand clenching it tightly.

“Looks like I have to add another one.”









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