Sacred Grove II

Their arrival at station seemed almost storybook, as they sat and watched the train retreat back into the darkness. The other passengers had moved on into the town, leaving Evynne and Cameron sitting under a flickering streetlight.

“Someone was suppose to pick you up at the station right?”

“I thought there would be someone. What time is it?”

The blast of light that came from Cameron’s phone made him jerk and squint, “It 1:00 am damn, no wonder no one is here. Jethro is probably working late.”

“What about Martha?”

“Her meds knocks her out around eight.”

Evynne frowned as she shifted her backpack to her back, “Well I’m not sleeping on a bench, you’re a local right? Can we walk to the Kingston’s house?”

“It’s across town, but it’s manageable. At least you’ll get a nighttime view of the town.”

The symphony  of crickets provide ambience as they walked through the sleeping town. It was odd for Evynne to not be bombarded by the blaring car horns, and not to have the pungent smell of the factories fill her nostrils. It was soothing, she couldn’t help but take in a deep breath.

Beside her Cameron chuckled.


“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s just seeing a city girl embracing the country lifestyle is amusing.”

She huffed as she looked up to the masterpiece in the night sky. Even the stars here were brighter.

“Maybe I can give you a tour of the woods, they say spirits like to linger. People have claimed to see them, well the stronger ones at least. But know I where to find a killer hot spring, and the sweetest fruits.”

“Sounds great, amazing in fact. Hopefully I get enjoy the scenery for awhile.”

Cameron paused, his green eyes studied her, “Why wouldn’t you?”

Evynne eyes closed as she debated on how to respond, “I’ve not  been greatest foster kid, to be honest this is my last chance.”

“Ah, well the Kingston’s are good people and if you meet them halfway they’ll gladly meet you there as well.” he said as he playfully bumped his hip with hers.

She manage a small smile as she bumped him back. Maybe he was right. This place could be her home, all now she had to worry about were the people.

When they finally reached the house it was no surprise to see all the lights were off. It was a modern two-story house with a white fence and garden to boot. Cameron hummed as he fiddle with the mailbox.

“Ha, they haven’t change.” he whispered as pulled out a key and unlocked the door.

Evynne entered behind him as was greeted with the sweet scent of freshly made pies. The décor was quaint obviously a couple live there childless.

Cameron lead her to the living room where a  raven haired woman in a wheelchair slept soundly, a book of nursery rhymes rested on her lap.

“Martha” he whispered as he gently stroked the woman’s cheek.

Martha’s blue eyes lazily opened, but come to life when she saw Cameron.

“By spirits of these woods, if this is dream don’t ever wake me up.”

“It’s no dream, I’m back, and I’ve brought company. Martha this is Evynne, Evynne, Martha.”

“It’s a pleasure meet you Mrs. Kingston.”

“Oh my beautiful flower, you call me Martha for now. Perhaps mum at a later date?”

Evynne blinked and just curtly nodded, which made Martha smile.

“Evynne, Cameron my darlings where is Jethro? He picked you up at the station right?”

Cameron threw back his head and laughed, “We walked here! I guess Jethro had to work late.”

Martha frowned as she wheeled herself to the grandfather clock, “Perhaps, I’m sorry you had to walk. But now that your here how about some pie? It’s your favorite Cameron.”

Evynne smiled  as she watched Cameron lick his lips and greedily rubbed his hands together.

“Pie sounds good Mrs. Kingston…I mean Martha.” Evynne stammered when Martha and Cameron gave  her a look.

“The pie was delicious! Better than I remember!” exclaimed Cameron helping himself to a third slice of blackberry pie.

“Ya! I’ve never tasted a pie like this before, your an amazing cook Martha.”

“I’m happy you like it. Cameron didn’t your partner make you any while you were with him?”

Silence dropped over the table as Cameron fiddled with the remaining pie on his plate. Evynne glanced between them feeling cut out of the conversation. She opened her mouth to say something but the words caught in her throat.

“I don’t want to talk about him. Hey I’m beat is it ok if I’m going to turn in I mean that is if you haven’t changed my room.”

“It’s still the same, sleep tight.” Martha said as Cameron left the room

“He has a room here?”

Martha covered her mouth to hide a giggle.

“Of course he does, after all  he once lived here. Cameron was Jethro’s and I first foster child. He only ten when we came into our lives. So in every way that matters he’s your brother. That is if you want to call him that.”

“I’ll think about it. Hey Martha, it’s really late where is my room?”

“Oh, course where are my manners. The attic is all yours darling, sleep well.”

“Ya, you to I’ll talk to you later.”

Evynne walked down hallway, and up the stairs. The floor plan of the attic was extremely open expect for an area where she assumed held a bathroom.

She threw her backpack on to the bed and wander to the to window, only to have her breath taken away by the view. The forest  was at her window to point that she could sneak out down a tree without anyone noticing.

“Idiot, what about last chance you don’t understand?” she hissed to herself.

She sighed and pushed away from the window. This was her last and only chance of hopefully being part of a family.

Collapsing on the bed she stare up at the ceiling, wondering what type of man Jethro will be. Martha was a pleasant woman, hopefully Jethro will be the same.

“I shouldn’t worry, I’ll soon meet him.” she yawn as she drifted off to sleep.

Sacred Grove III

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