Without Honor

The Delivery of a child was something that Catherine was not accustom to. She panted her body on fire as she bit into her own hand so the guard would not hear her scream. The baby was coming, she couldn’t stop this now. Tears streamed  from her green eyes, as she pushed herself in deep squat, hips rocking against the cot. An eternity seemed to pass when finally the soft cries of the baby filled the room.

It was boy.

Reaching between her thighs she gently grabbed the babe and repositioned herself. Laying on the ground Catherine pulled her child to her chest, and carefully counted every finger and toe. This child was the warden’s, his first born, his only heir.

“And he’s not going to know of you little one.” Catherine whispered stroking his fine red locks.

Her son cooed into her skin, his lips suckling on her collarbone. She couldn’t believe it. After nine months of secretly keeping her pregnancy away from the warden here she was a mother.

“You need a name don’t you little….” her voice cracked as the cell door open and the warden walked in.

Shock followed by raged crossed the warden’s face as he approached Catherine and the baby.  Kneeling in front of her, he harshly grabbed the cord and slice it with his knife.

“What gender is it?” he hissed

Catherine cowered as she pulled her baby closer, “He’s boy. Please, don’t take my baby.”

The warden glared and forcefully yanked the child from his mother’s grasp.

“Don’t you mean ours? After all I was my sperm that made this possible. Don’t worried I take good care of him.” said warden as he turn to leave.

Catherine screamed and threw herself at him trying to get her baby back.  Her screams of rage echoed along with a loud shot. She fell to the ground, dead. Her blood staining the gray stone.

“Such a shame, you had so much potential, and now you’re nothing more than a corpse. How disgraceful.”

In his arms the baby started to fuss, its blue eyes forming tears.

“Perhaps, you do need a name child. From now on my child your name will be Ichabod.”


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