Black Glass

The hairs on the back of my neck prickled as I survived the scene. The moon reflected on my glass it was glowing, smooth and white. The waves crashed around me, spraying me with their salt, while the wind howled in my ears.

Moments before I had step out of a penthouse party onto the balcony to get some air. Wine glass in hand I ponder why I was even there, it a request from a friend I now recall. It was then when he stepped out, in his expensive suit.

He smiled a friendly smile when he and I engaged in small talk. His wondering hands slowly inching toward my flesh, his touch was warm inviting. With same hand he touched my face and for a moment I was caught off guard as his soft lips meet mine.

From soft lips to an unwanted grope the moment of passion turned sour. Shoving him I pressed myself again the balcony railing. How dare he, a kiss sure, grabbing my ass so
willy-nilly uncalled for.

His bright eyes darken as he prowled towards me, a savage snarl marring his lips. The once warm touch was cold as his hands wrapped around my neck. We both struggled as the music inside was cranked higher. Behind me the railing creaked and groaned until a clang rang out.

We both fell, his screamed was salient as the wind whooshed deep within my ears. I couldn’t help to smile as I watched my reflection in surrounding buildings  plummet to the bustling city below.

I didn’t feel the impact, I just saw the ocean. It was the one place I always wanted to return to, perhaps that was my white light, my new horizon.

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