Itch and scratch

Sore and scabs

Damn you hot spots you refuse to stop

You make my dog cry

And take my sleep

For is his fur he can not keep

A section of fur we had to shave

My poor Gus, this is a must

But don’t you worry your mama here

With the medicines to help you get in the clear

You may look ruff, no pun intended

But its not as critical as you think

Fur grows, wounds will heal

While your here safely in my arms

5 thoughts on “Gus

  1. Arg, I HATE it when my dog gets a hot-spot. Getting way worse as he ages and has the occasional cyst that aspirates. I can’t believe how timely it was to read this as I was just petting a shaved area on my wheaten terrier. Seems strange, but it’s a big world I suppose.

    Nice poem.


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