For Granted

I did not anticipate that today, I would die

Yet here I am falling hundreds of feet with my name on the gentle whispers of the wind. The lip of the cliff blurred as my decent swallowed me in mind numbing hopelessness. Perhaps I deserve this. I mean I haven’t been a saint, not even close. Just before this unfortunate slip up, my brother and I got into a fight, a stupid one at that. The age old argument that plaques all siblings. The one about the others life and he’s doing wrong.

My brother was right I can see that now, I was the eldest and yet I have been wasting my life. Drunk by noon, two or three women warming my bed, overdue bills piling up everywhere. While my brother had a career, a wife, and a baby on the way. Tears misted in my eyes as thought of me never meeting  my niece laid heavy on my heart.

It was not like I had finite opportunities, they were laid out before me. All I had to do was to reach out and grab them. But that was then, and now this is now, I’m going to die. My senses tingled as the ground approached, ready to welcome me in its rough embrace.

“Scott, come on wake up!”

I stirred my head lifted off the table, as my mind tried to grasp the change of scenery. Had it all been a dream?

“You’re the one who wanted to go hiking today, so get up.” my brother ordered.

My heart jerked as the memory of my dream came screaming to the forefront. Was it a premonition? Or was it a chance to change? He preferred the latter.

“Actually can we go get some coffee? And maybe invite Wendy?”

“Sure Scott, Wendy has been wondering about anyways. Why the change of plans?”

“Just say I’ve finally woke up.”

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