Sacred Grove VI

A blaring car horn brought Evynne back to consciousness where everything hurt. She moaned and glanced over at Cameron and screamed. The driver side of the patrol car received the most damage.

The windshield was smashed with blood running down to the onto the dash. Cameron’s head was covered in blood as it rested against the steering wheel, while his legs were trapped underneath the steering column.

“Cameron, oh god Cameron! Wake up! Please wake up!” she screamed

Barely his green eyes opened, only to slowly close, “I’m… fine, go check  on the other guy.”

Evynne nodded and quickly unbuckled her seatbelt. She limped to the other car when her mouth went dry. The buck’s rack pierced the truck’s windshield, causing the man inside to be impaled. Both buck and man were motionless, their blood mixing as it leaked to the pavement.

“Oh god.” she managed to get out as she reached for the deer’s hindquarters. Its coarse brown fur parted under her fingers when a muscle spasm rippled. The ripple became thrashing as deer gave a jerk as it tried to free itself. Inside the truck’s cab, the man’s agonized scream broke the silence.

Evynne screamed and fell back as the deer groaned, and finally die. The man’s screaming stopped, and Evynne prayed that man had expired as well.

“Shit, he’s pissed.”

Evynne jerked and turned to see Prince glaring down at the wreck. His hazel eyes narrowed when he saw her and he quickly turned and walked into the woods.

“Prince wait come back!”

She got up limped and after him, “Prince!”

He paused and glanced over his shoulder, “Child go back to the wreck I called for help they will be here soon.”

“Why, don’t you stay with us until then? Isn’t Cameron your friend, are you not worried about him?”

“Cameron is going to be fine, I’ve called for help. I’m not that heartless. Now go back and stop following me.”

Prince continued on his way deeper into the forest with Evynne limping shortly behind. They traveled in silence for several long minutes, until she tripped over a expose root. She stiffens as she prepared for the impact only to be caught in strong arms.

“I swear, you toddled just toddler.” snorted Prince.


“Don’t thank me, it’s your curiosity that is going to get yourself killed.”

Evynne stared up at him eyes wide, “What… do…you… mean?”

“You’re not a cat child, you don’t get a second chance. I still don’t understand why he saved you from Bogart, only to kill another the next day.”


Prince’s laugh echoed in the hollow, as his head rested against her shoulder, “You really do know, do you? Have you been having nightmares by chance? One’s that have a white face creature who wants to consume you? That is Bogart, he is a spirit that dwells in these woods, invisible to all and only visible to the one he hunts.”

Evynne felt the color drain from her face, “It wasn’t a nightmare, it was real?”

“Did you not hear my warning to Jethro? That folklore is laced with truth, but in Sacred Grove folklore is the truth. You humans always ignore the obvious.”

“Enough Prince.” a deep voice boomed.

Prince’s body became tense as a mist surrounded their feet. Next, to them, a figure emerged tall and proud. The man had antlers that curved like a crown in his silver hair, while ice blue eyes gazed upon them. The wind caught his white robes that swirled around his lean frame.

“Lord Shea, what brings down this way?” stammered Prince as a pale slender hand grabbed ahold of his shoulder.

“I sensed a human with you, and I was curious. So tell my dear little Prince, will my curiosity get me killed.”

Prince froze, Evynne could feel his breath catch in his chest, “Of course, not my lord. Of course not.”

“Then release the girl, I have plans for her.”

Evynne’s words caught in her throat, what type of plans did this man have for her? Her thoughts whirled at this sudden change of events when Prince released her and quickly stepped back. She yelped when Shea grabbed her and pulled her against him.

“I have been watching ever since you were on the train Evynne, it has been serval years since a human has caught my interest.”

“I didn’t see you on the train! How…?”

“I told you, child, the lord of forest does not show himself often,”  Prince said as he began to circle them.

Evynne was overcome with confusion and shock when reality hit her, “You’re the white stag.”

“One of my many forms, yes. It’s just odd for a human to see me so clearly.” he purred as he pulled her closer.

“What are you! What do you want with me!”

The two men laughed but it was Shea who responded, “Our kind have many names, but in the common tongue we are known as Fae.”

Evynne blinked in confusion, “Fae?”

Shea chuckled, “Faeries, my child. The men you see before you are just a pair of many who dwell in these ancient woods. As for my plans for you, that’s for you to find out at a later time. For time being my beautiful child, sleep I will come for you when the time is right.”

The air around Evynne became thick and sweet smelling, it clouded her head until sleep overtook her. She did not know how long she was out, but when she stirred she was shocked to be back on the highway.  She started to shake when the thought of Shea consumed her thoughts.  That she didn’t realize that she was engulfed in headlights as a vehicle came speeding towards her.

Sacred Grove VII

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