Crimson Eyes

I look so deep into your eyes. I can see your hunger, your madness, your lust. Crimson eyes smolder as a clawed hand scrap down my thin naked frame. I arch into his touch, my body screaming for his abuse.

“Call my name.” he ordered.

My breath hitched as his cool lips caressed my throat.

“Ragnar, Ragnar,” I breathlessly whispered.

He chuckles, his body rumbling, “That’s it my pet, never forget your master. You, my darling, are adorable. I have had countless humans in my bed, but you, Norris, are the most flavorful. I think I may be addicted.”

Ragnar’s breath was hot against the side of my neck, his tongue wetting the delicate skin there. I shuddered as the hint of fang scraped my neck, again he chuckled.

Minutes of suckling lead to a silent scream tearing from my lips as Ragnar fangs plunged deep into my neck. My vision darken as ecstasy flooded through my veins. In the background I could barely hear the news report of a disappearance.

It was my disappearance.

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