Sacred Grove VII

The headlights bathed her in their cold light, she didn’t even hear the car until the brakes screamed, there was no time to get away. Evynne’s eyes clenched shut as the car swerved. Her breath caught as she prepared for the impact. When the impact didn’t come she opened her eyes to see that the car had managed to stop inches from her face.

“Goddamn it girl! Why are you in the middle of the highway!” the driver roared at her.

She opened her eyes to see red flashing lights on top of the car, it was an ambulance. Perhaps her fate wasn’t damned after all.

“Holy shit Frank, isn’t that Jethro’s daughter? Shit, she’s banged up, come on girl get in. Were you in the wreck with Cameron Kingston?”

“Yes! Is Cameron in the back?”

“No, Cameron is on route to the hospital.”

“Is he alright?” she frantically asked as she got in the cab of the ambulance, “What about the man in the truck that hit us?”

“Cameron has major injuries to his legs and spine, the man was DOA. Count yourself lucky girl, from what tell you only suffered minor injuries.” one of parametric stated grimly.

It was a quick trip to the hospital, and a even quicker trip into the ER. Evynne sigh as she attempted to rotate her bandage ankle while she sat covered in Band -Aids in the waiting room. Hours went by with the tick of the clock. It was painful the fear of not knowing, all she knew was Cameron was in surgery.

“Thank god you’re alright.” a kind voice cooed.

Evynne glanced up to see Martha being pushed by a stern faced Jethro. Evynne hobble over to her, and kneeled to embrace her. Gentle arms encased her, as Evynne finally  allowed her emotions to burst forth.

“I… was…” Evynne couldn’t even get a sentence out before she begun sobbing on Martha’s shoulder.

“You’re lucky to have only sprang you ankle Evynne.” Martha cooed as she stroked Evynne’s hair.

“Cameron’s going to be fine, lets get you home.”

Evynne eyes widen as she looked up Jethro, “But…. Cameron.”

“He’ll be fine, you can come visit him tomorrow.”

“Jethro!” Martha exclaimed who was equally shock as Evynne.

“No, buts. Lets get going. Lookit’s getting late. Cameron’s surgery is going to take hours, there is no point of waiting around. Now c’mon.” Jethro ordered as he began to wheel Martha out of the hospital with Evynne limping after.

When they got home Evynne was surprised to see Happy Birthday banner hung in entryway.

“That’s why we had Cameron take you to go have breakfast, so Jethro and I could set up your party.”

Evynne looked over shoulder to see Martha drying her eyes with a tissue while Jethro wheeled her to her spot by the window. She felt a sting  of regret as she wandered the living room where decorations and gifts were a plenty.  Martha and Jethro had worked so hard to give her a surprise party, sadly it would be the first.

“Can… we celebrate still? I mean Cameron and I are here to be with you guys for another year. I think that’s a reason to celebrate, and tomorrow we can bring Cameron a piece of cake.”

The two adults looked at her owlishly and then smiled. And just like that the party was underway, Evynne wished it would never end. With belly full of cake Evynne snuggled into her blankets as she recreated the festivities in her head as she drifted off to sleep.

The next day Jethro dropped her off  at the hospital with some cake for Cameron. She smiled and went to the front desk and asked where Cameron’s room was at. The nurse gave her directions and soon the room 69 came into view.

The room was single suite, it was cold and dark with the privacy curtain pulled around the bed.

“Cameron are you..”Evynne froze as she parted the curtain.

Cameron laid on the bed eyes wide in terror, his mouth occupied by another man. They broke apart as saliva trailed between them he turn with black eyes narrowed. Evynne squeak as the unknown man approached her. He chuckled as he passed Evynne, long black hair flowing, Cameron’s name inked on his right upper arm.

She watched him leave and turn to Cameron who was dazed and trembling. Saliva dripped off his chin and unto the blankets. She put the cake on the bedside table and grabbed a tissue to clean Cameron face.

He filched at her touch and quickly snatched her hand in his. He was shaking, and to Evynne’s shock tears started to roll down his cheeks.

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