Ambrose III

Abbey couldn’t move, it was like he was frozen in place. The scenery around him was thick with fog, cold and numbing. The pressure around him was so dense could barely breathe. He was terrified. The silence of the void engulfed him driving him mad, until a light airy giggle broke the silence.

He gasped as the fog melted away, and the pressure lightened as the scenery began to change. Details of a sitting room came into view, expensive furniture decorated the small space, while a haze of cigarette smoke lazily drifted.

Abbey wrinkled his nose he had always hated the smell of  cigarettes. Dirty things cigarettes are, a quick way to fall into sin. His father had always told him. So why was he here? He would never be a place where cigarettes were. Before he had a chance to think about the reason why the airy giggle echoed once more.  

Abbey’s breath hitched as a young boy with short red hair raced pass him, a loosely fitted alb swirling around his thin frame.

That boy? 

Could it be?

Abbey couldn’t believe his eyes, this boy was him, a lad no older than fifteen. This had to be dream, it just had to be. He had no memory of this place.

His head pounded as thousand of questions bombard his subconscious that he didn’t realize that there was another figure in the room. The younger version raced to a shadowed figure who was reclined in a window seat, half lit cigarette resting between fingers. The boys thin arms wrapped around the unknown male, as happy squeak escaping the boys lips.

“I want to run away with you!” the younger version blurted out

“Oh, what brought this up Abbey?”  

Abbey’s eyes widen as the man’s voice echoed. It was the voice from  the phone! 

“I was thinking, about what you said earlier. About how we wouldn’t be accepted here, so I want run away with you. To find a place to fully express our love!”

The older man chucked his face obscured by shadows,”Your adorable Abbey, not even sixteen and already a romantic expert. How cute.”

Abbey was in shock as the younger version blushed and kissed the older man. How could this be? He wasn’t gay, so why the hell would he do such a sinful act. His face twisted in disgust at just the mere thought.

“This can’t be real.” Abbey muttered as he clenched his eyes shut. 

“Oh, but it is Abbey, this is the past we share.” 

Abbey head snapped up as the scenery rippled and slowly broke apart. Leaving only Abbey and the shadowed figure, standing in the void.

“God it’s so good to see Abbey, you’ve grown out your hair. I like it.”

“Who the hell are you! How do you know my name!”

The figure approached a sad vibe rolled off his shadowy form. Cold hands touched Abbey’s face, as he leaned forward their noses brushing.

“They really fucked up that beautiful mind of yours. So you truly don’t remember me?”

“I’ve never meet you my life!” Abbey shouted as he tried to distance himself from this man. He gritted his teeth when the ground refused to release him.

The man chucked, “I shall give you little hint, darling. You always called me by my last name for my first name was to pagan for your lips.”

Abbey’s eyes widen as a spark of realization burst forth, “Wynn?”

The temperature around them spike as the man mauled Abbey’s mouth in a ferocious kiss. Their tongues intertwined each a victim to their own primal instincts, much to Abbey’s horror. Abbey once more couldn’t breathe, and was only granted breath Wynn finally released him.

“Heh, you enjoyed that didn’t you, but sadly Abbey my time is up and it is time for you to wake up.” 

The ground that had once had him frozen in place shattered and Abbey plummeted. His screamed echoed as the void swallowed him.

He jerked chest heaving, as blurry eyes tried to adjust to the brightly lit room. Shifting slightly he could feel the firm mattress beneath him, panting he sighed and closed his eyes.

So it was all a dream.

Or was it?

Abby couldn’t explain it but somewhere deep within his core warmth of longing bloomed, followed by utter sadness. Was this Wynn guy someone he once knew? But if that was that was the case shouldn’t he remember someone so important?

But that unknown had to wait, he paused, he was still the asylum. That damn director drugged him, where was he now? Abbey went to sit up was and was quickly denied, straps ensnared his wrist to the bed.

Panic crept across his skin as he maniacally thrashed trying to free himself. He continued until a sharp pain from his wrist made him cry out. Tears formed as he gave into the situation, why was this happening to him.

Time was a stranger here as Abbey blankly stared up at the white ceiling, wishing it would change color. White walls, white bed, white robes, it was all starting to irritate him.

The quiet was only broken when his soft cries escaped his lips as he would barely struggle against his bonds. A creak caught his attention as the door slowly opened.

Ollie entered with a doctor right behind her. Ollie smiled as the doctor walked past and stood at Abbey’s bedside.

“Finally awake princess? About damn fucking time, Mr. Bali gave you the lowest dose, and it knocked your ass out for nine hours.” the doctor laughed.

” Dr. Salem, please try and control yourself.”

“Ah, lighten up Ollie. After all this is one dick that you won’t be adding to your conquests. Didn’t you hear him moaning a man’s name? Oh, and what do we have hear?”

Dr. Salem leaned over and harshly grabbed Abbey’s genitals. Abbey moaned as the doctor released him as trail of semen dripping off the doctor’s gloved fingers.

“Cuming inside you priest robes, how unholy. Tell me princess what type of wet dream were you having? He must have been damn good if you were moaning his name.”

Abbey’s face redden he couldn’t believe what this man was hinting at, “I’m not gay!”

“Oh, in denial are we? Whatever you have someone here for a visit, but you can’t go soiled. Ollie get Mr. Davidson ready.” Dr. Salem said as he leaned against the far wall.

Abby flinched as Ollie approached her thin hands undid his binds. She helped him sit up, and stand. She quietly gesture to his soiled robes, and he tentatively disrobe.

She smiled and grabbed his robes and put them by the door. From the wall Dr. Salem whistled as his naked body was on full display. Ollie grabbed tissues for her aprons on her uniform, and handed them to Abbey.

Heat burned his cheeks as he quickly cleaned his genitals and thighs, this was not happening. Dirty tissues in one hand, Abbey reached for the new outfit that had been set out sometime before. Slowly he got dressed.

“About time princess, now c’mon I don’t have all day.” Dr. Salem groan as he gripped Abbey shoulder and shoved him out the room.

The three of them walked in silence as Abbey pulled the hospital gown closer. Much to his disdain the back of the gown was opened. He could feel Ollie staring at his exposed ass.

Finally the doctor opened up another door, and pushed Abbey inside the door slamming shut behind him. This room was just as dull as the one before, the only difference was a table. On the table a plate of cakes tempted him as his stomach growled.

“Help yourself.”

Abbey froze as one of the walls lit up exposing a sheet of glass with Mr. Bali standing behind it with hands behind his back.

“You must be hungry, go on eat.”

Words could not describe the distrust Abbey had for this man, but at the moment his stomach overpowered his head. Happily he ate the cakes not leaving a crumb on the plate. When he was finished Mr. Bali smiled, and pressed a buzzer.

“Bring in Mr. Davidson. His son is ready to see him.”

Ambrose IV

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