Test Anxiety

Toby glared at the piece of paper before him, sweat formed on his brow. In bold letters the letterhead read Final Exam. Toby took a deep breath, and pop his neck. He got this, he had been studying for this for weeks. He could almost taste that A.

‘C’mon on Toby old boy, you got this. Just focus, you’ve this one in the bag.’ he encourage himself as he picked up his pencil.

Thirty minutes ticked by everything was going according to plan. A sly smile crept to his lips as the answer key filled up with the correct answer. Finally on the last page he could smell victory, just three more question. Than he was home free.

‘That’s it almost done, this was a lot easier than I thought!’

Two answers down, one to go. Toby shook with excitement that quickly turned into utter confusion. Shakily he reread the last question hoping this was some type of cruel joke.

“Thank you for completing this test! You were extremely focused while taking it, good job. But sadly you are unable to finish this test for this is a dream. Time get up and start your day!”

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