Ramblings of the Crazed II

It is not a coincidence that you find yourself here again, reading my “delusions.” Did you not read my previous warnings? How the sane are mad and the insane perfectly sane?

How rude of you not heed my omens, if you end up as someone’s fuck toy don’t come crying to me. Heh, they say this place is the highest recommend asylum in the country. What a load of bullshit.

This place is hell, no, hell would be a luxurious vacation compared to this place. Don’t misunderstand me, the upper levels, are… Hmm, what is the word I’m looking for….

Ah, yes, paradise.

Great food, lovely staff, beautiful atmosphere. A perfect place to drop off those who embarrass you so. From the mentally deranged, to those like myself who are admitted do to love. I’m gay, don’t like it bite me.

I love a nice firm ass, who doesn’t? God, I had the hottest guy fucking me, when I had my “accident”. Well that’s what the doctor called it, I just call it an attempted overdose.

What else was I suppose to do? He said that I was holding him back, and that I fucked up his life. So I swallowed a handful of pills my bathroom, so my lover could be rid of me.

Said lover forced me to vomit up my pills, saving my life. I wish he would have let me died. But that went against his oath as a doctor. I should have known, he didn’t want our forbidden love affair to end.

That’s what I get for fucking a married doctor, forgive me a now “divorced” doctor. After his lifesaving miracle he dragged me here to become one of his patients. A patient with benefits.

Sometimes a man gets that itch, that he can’t sate himself. My flesh is his fix. Every so often he takes me down in the elevator. As soon as those doors shut he’s all over me.

Next time they start to take me to those metal doors, I’m going to bite my tongue. Let’s see him save me then! Who am I kidding? I know that I won’t do it, I saw the light once and frankly it terrified me.

That and I can’t leave my friend, the guy has grown on me. Even though he only rants about virgins, and unicorns he’s a welcomed break from the doc.

Damn my head hurts, the doc did something to me again. And to make it worst I heard the voice through the static again. It was barely understandable, it just keep repeating a name.


Who the fuck is this Abbey chick?

Rambling of the Craze III

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