Game Over

Sweat forms on my brow as my hands tightly grip my game controller. I just waiting for something to happen, the setting screamed it. The dark brooding hallway was empty expect for my character, serval doors lined the halls each a potential way to escape. Or to get trapped in and surly die. I held my breath as my character wander this empty hall, his lantern swinging in his left hand. When suddenly the music picks up. It was eerie, dangerous. An omen that proclaimed that shit was about to hit the fan.

I knew right away that a boss was coming. As if on cue the wall behind my character exploded. Teeth gritted I made my character sprint, the enemy was hot on my ass. I glanced a my health bar, red and blinking. One hit and it was game over.

“God I have to find save point soon, there should be one around here. I hope.”

Many door my character rushed through his breath echoed within my headphones. His stamina flashing in warning, but was quickly fixed when I used my last stamina potion. I was not going to get caught again because of his damn stamina.

“We’re going to make it,  it’s just you and me bud. We got this.” I whisper as the camera decides to be a total ass.

Twelve hours of gameplay with this character, the end was just in our reach. I couldn’t help but to laugh, I was the king of this game. Or so I thought.

My character slid out of a door and before I had a chance to redirect him, he collided into the boss. Said boss laughed and proceed to ripped my characters head off. My screen turned black with the forbidden words no gamer wants to see covering it.


I stared at the screen my mouth dries, as my controlled hits the ground.




I blinked, as a slow creeping realization came over me. I faced palmed when the answer to my stupidity answered itself.

“Mother god, I went in a god damn circle.”

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