Ambrose VI

Abbey paled as Tate’s words echoed within his head. His mouth went dry at the slight thought of the unthinkable act that this man was hinting at. One of the cardinal sin, suicide was. How dare this man even bring up such a gruesome act.

Don’t you get it boy, suicide is just a slight pain compared to what they’ll do to you.’

“Shut the hell up!” Abbey screamed as he jumped out of his seat, sending the metal chair clattering to the floor.

“Abbey, darling what’s the matter?” Kally cried.

‘Shut up, you’re making a scene! You’re going to get us both in trouble!’ Tate warned silver eyes darkening.

“Shut up! Shut up! Get out of my head!”

Tate’s eyes widen in terror as he roared and lunged across the table. Abbey didn’t have time to get out of the way, and was slammed onto the floor,  knocking the breath out of him. When he tried to catch his breath again Tate bore down on him, and began to strangle him. Abbey felt a deep seed fear as he watched his attacker’s eyes turned black as his grip tighten depriving Abbey of oxygen.

Abbey thought he hear Kally scream, but was unsure. It was almost like whisper on the wind. He prayed this would all end as the corners of his vision began to darken. Almost like an answer to his silent prayer a guard ripped Tate off him. Relief consumed him as oxygen was granted once more.

Abbey coughed and tried to curl into a ball when he was suddenly dragged to his feet by his hair. It was painful he couldn’t understand why he was the one getting punished, Tate started it. It was Tate, and his accursed, whatever it was. How hell could Tate get inside his head? Questions buzzed in Abbey’s mind, as he tried to understand these turn of events. This was not a comic, nor a movie, this was real-life. So why the hell did Tate have this ability?

Abbey came back to reality with a grunted as the guard yanked his head back to expose his throat. With a rough finger the guard traced the tender flesh there.

“Your skin is so soft. How adorable, I could have sworn Tate was attacking a woman. I see now that I had the right to think as much.” the guard almost purred.

“Let go of me.” Abbey whimpered as the guards hand traveled down his chest.

“What is the meaning of this?” a to familiar voice boomed.

Abbey held his breath as Dr. Salem approached anger burning in his eyes. Beside him Tate shudder.

“Tate got into a fight with Mr. Davidson.” one of the guards stated as he eased away from the doctor.

“I see, tell me Abbey why are you and Mr. Heath quarreling?”

“Don’t say a fucking word bitch.” Tate growled.

Abbey opened and closed his mouth as his voice failed him. Tate had entered his mind, spoke to him…how was suppose to answer. He didn’t want to actually come off as insane.

“GET OUT OF MY HEAD! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” Umi roared as he grabbed his head and thrashed in his seat.

Dr. Salem glanced over at Umi and frowned, “Do you know what happened Umi? It is quite odd for you to speak out of your subject.”

“Leave him out this.” hissed Tate as he struggled to get free from the guards.

Umi grinned at the doctor the madness on full display, “Abbey….and Tate, one….mind…raped…the other…”

‘I guess that’s one way to put it’ Abbey thought to himself.

Abbey glanced over at Tate and was shocked to see tears had started to form in his eyes. He had been so powerful seconds ago, and now he is crying? Was the doctor that big of an enemy that it struck fear in Tate?

“I see, guards escort Mr. Heath, and Mr. Davidson to the elevator. I believe they both are in need of treatment.” Dr. Salem said as cruel smile broke crossed his lips.

“No!” screamed Tate as the guards dragged him out of the cafeteria.

“Dr. Salem, you can’t take Abbey. Mr. Bail…”

“Fuck Mr. Bail, Kally. Mr. Davidson signed the document, therefore darling Abbey is mine.”

“Dr. Salem you can’t just take Abbey!” Kally roared as she grabbed the doctor’s arm.

“You are superficial to my plans.” hiss the doctor as he tore his arm free, “Therefore I am not going waste my time with you. Come, Abbey.”

With a firm hand Dr. Salem grabbed Abbey’s arm and dragged him behind. Up ahead in between guards a thrashing Tate sobbed as once more as this asylum again became a bigger maze. Finally they reached a lone elevator, dull gray door slowly creaked open.

“Just toss Mr. Heath inside, he won’t cause me any problems.”

The guards didn’t hesitate and Tate was thrown in with a thud. Abbey couldn’t believe it, Tate didn’t even try to run out, all he did was press himself again the far wall eyes widen in fear. The doctor and Abbey board the elevator, and with the squeaking of gears the doors slowly closed.

“Tell, me Tate, why have you been lying?” Dr. Salem asked coldly as he pressed the button labeled 0.


“Fucking bullshit. So tell me, how long have you had this gift?”

“Gift? He was in my head!” Abbey blurted out.

“Telepathy, aye? So the treatments have been working, I’m glad.” Dr. Salem smiled and turned to Tate, “You should be rewarded. Tell me Tate how long has it been?”

“Don’t fucking touch me.” Tate roared as he tried to flatten himself more against the wall.

The doctor ignored Tate’s threat, and placed his gloved hands on either side of  Tate’s head.

“Four weeks? God, has it really been that long? It has, hasn’t it? Do you masturbate? Fingerinng yourself wishing something thicker was thrusting into you? Do you moan my name when you climax?”

Abbey jaw dropped as the doctor grabbed Tate’s chin and kissed him. Tate seemed to melt into the doc, and Abbey was unsure if it was out of fear or desire. They broke apart and Dr. Salem approached Abbey, brown eyes hazing with lust.

“Heh, no virgins allowed.”

Before Abbey could react Dr. Salem struck him causing his head to collide with the metal wall. His vision blurred until, darkness welcomed him once more.

Ambrose VII

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