Ambrose VII

Abbey’s limbs were heavy as he began to stir. He licked his dry and cracked lips as a copper taste filled his mouth, he groaned and tried to sit up. Only to realize that once more he had been drugged.

Blinking Abbey tried to focus on the lone light flickered above. He shuddered as his bare skin cooled against the stone floor, as he wondered where he was. Four stone walls imprisoned him, the light only giving him sight to the length of his own body. Who knew what resided in the dark.

From the darkness a moan echoed sending a wave of unease through Abbey. The sound of something wet slapping against an object followed soon after. Growls and cries crept over the stone floor, and with a sudden thud Abbey found out what those sounds came from.

Tate came crawling into the light, bare and panting. Scratches lined his shoulders and down his arms, as he dragged himself closer to Abbey. Suddenly hands grabbed Tate by his hips and pulled him back.

Abbey’s eyes widen as he watched in horror as Dr. Salem lean over Tate. The doctor ruff hands spread Tate’s legs and with a thrust of the doctor’s hips, they were having sex. Tate groaned and hopelessly scraped the ground as the doctor continued thrust into him.

Silvia dripped from the corners of Tate’s mouth as he firmly grasped his own length. Abbey breath hitched as both men let out a grunt as semen dripped down Tate’s legs.

“You were exceptional today my darling. How I’ve missed you.” the doctor panted as he kissed Tate’s back.

“Go to hell.” Tate growled in response as Dr. Salem removed himself.

Abbey laid there red face and slacked jaw as the doctor grinned, lust still lingering in his eyes. Abbey felt like he was cloaked in this man’s desire as the doctor began to jerk himself as to prepare for another round.

“Perhaps, I should break in this delicate flower. ” Dr. Salem growled as he approached Abbey.

Abbey heard Tate hissed as dragged himself until he was laying on top of Abbey. Abbey shuddered as Tate’s sweat soaked his cooled flesh and as the doctor’s sperm leaked onto Abbey’s thighs.

“Oh? I thought you didn’t have a taste for virgins.”

Abbey’s eyes widen as Tate licked his throat and he went on to bite him. Blunt teeth broke through Abbey’s thin skin, and he began to cry.

“You kidding doc? Virgin or not Abbey is to sweet to pass up, besides I had a unconsidered partner. I’m still have my itch.”

“What… please… no… no…Tate.”  Abbey whimpered as he felt Tate’s hand wondered south as a clammy finger prodded at his anus.

“Heh, then I’ll leave and you and your cherry be. I have to go get myself washed up anyway. Take care of darling Abbey Dr. Quaker, make sure he doesn’t succumb to your abuse. After all you like it quite rough. When you’re finished I left some ointment in the corner can’t have my bitch bleeding out can I?”

Dr. Salem opened the door and exited with a dark chuckle. After a minute Tate sighed and  rolled off Abbey, to stretch out beside him. Relief and confusion flooded Abbey’s numbed body.

“You’re  not…”  Abbey couldn’t even get the words out as his body began to tingle.

“What?  You honestly think I’m going to fuck you? No fucking way I hate virgins. They complain way to much, sniffling and whining. Beside he wouldn’t like it if I fucked you.” explained Tate as he rose.


Tate looked highly annoyed, “The man in the static. You can hear him from time to time down here.  His voice echoes through the old speakers, it’s actually quite scary. Maybe you’ll hear him to, after all he says is your name.”

Abbey stared wide eye as Tate walked past him, blood joined the semen that drippled down his legs. Tate didn’t even seemed notice as he disappeared into the darkness, he returned to light with the ointment. Tate than became to treat himself.

Abbey watched as the ointment smeared over the wounds, and as Tate inserted fingers into himself to treat the internal wounds.

“Why did he call you Dr. Quaker?” Abbey asked as he tried to look away.

“Why? Because at one point in time I was a doctor. In fact, Dr. Salem and I were use to work together. We were even lovers at one point in time. Heh, that was such a long time ago.”

“You two were lover?”

“Ya, I dropped him when I found out he was a fraud.” Tate hissed as he threw the ointment into the dark.


“He was married, and he just wanted our relationship as a forbidden thrill. I was so mad, when you’re in a relationship you’re suppose to be loyal to your partner.”

Abbey blinked and slowly twitched as he forced himself to sit up. Tate and Dr. Salem had once been a couple, and yet here he was in this prison. It was strange to think of them as couple but the thought of not being the only one in the same boat was a soothing thought.

“So where are we anyway?” Abbey asked as he flexed trying to wake his tingling muscles.

Tate was quiet for a while before he sighed, “To be frank, little priest. We are in hell, and at the mercy of a deranged doctor.”

Ambrose VIII

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