Tears stained the boy’s cheeks, for his world had became shattered. His hopes, his dreams all smashed into fine dust. Alone he cried, that was until an old man happened to pass by

“Child why do you weep?” the old man asked

“I’ve lost everything, I’ve struck rock-bottom” the boy sobbed

The old man smile, a twinkle dance in his wise eyes

“That’s great, child. It truly is.”

The boy’s sobs stopped as he looked up at this old man

“Great? You call this great? My life is in ruins!” exclaimed the boy

“Darling child do you not see? You have hit the very bottom, therefore you can no longer fall. So logic says your only direction is up.”

The boy blinked as he looked at the pieces of his life, images of his past flickered until they became black.

“My life is in pieces old man I don’t think I’ll be able to fix it.”

The old man chuckled as he picked a shard who’s color exploded in his touch. The boy stared amazed as the shards all came back to life. Images flickered of love ones, and of happy times.

“I don’t understand, how are you doing this?” the boy asked

“Darling child, don’t you know that some of the most beautiful pieces of art are mosaic? Yes, your life may be shattered, but you can pick up the pieces and create a even better one.”

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