Ramblings of the Crazed III

Expect the unexpected. Oh, how my mother would go on and on, about her secrets to a happy life. Expect the unexpected was a tidbit that I had foolishly ignore. For my life has become unexpected, it has been ever since I meet Howard Salem.

That man has turned my life upside down, in more ways than I can count. We worked together at Longshore Hospital where he was my boss and I was his intern. For those who have read my previous ramblings you would know that at one point we were lovers.

For the record I broke it off, he had failed to mention that he was married and had a daughter. And he wanted our affair to be his side fling, I’m classy guy so that didn’t favor well with me.

But that is in the past, no point of crying over it. I wish I could say that. But I can’t, not  ever since I became one of the doc’s experiments. Again my head hurts as he experiments with my psyche trying to get results. And to my horror his experiments worked.

I started to notice when he would entered the room I could heard his thoughts, they crystal clear as if he was speaking to me. Most of his thought were about fucking me and causing other pain, but that another rambling.

These turns of events frighten me. I didn’t want to read anyone’s mind, especially not the doc’s. But I knew I had to play the fool and not expose myself to this new entitled gift. Which was a brilliant idea on my part, for the doc has since sent me topside. Back to my mentally disturb roommate Umi and his unicorns. Ironically even Umi’s thoughts were consumed by the mythical beast.

Life was far from easy though. Everyone around me broadcast their thoughts at once and it leaves me with a headache. Umi caught me once with a nose bleed and asked if I lost my virginity. God I’m glad he’s a complete nutcase.

Though I saw something strange today, the director was carrying a young priest. I’ve never seen someone with such crimson locks like that before, who was this young priest? As they pasted my head began to pound, as the voice from the static echoed in my head.


Well hello Abbey at last me meet.

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