A Million Reasons to Give You Up

Allow me to tell you a modern fairytale. That has no happy ending, no hero’s quest, no prince charming. No, this tale is about forbidden love, and about letting go. Our sadden tale begins when Jas Vader moved to Paradise Oaks. Jas a strapping young man of twenty-four with a wish to start anew, a noble wish yet a deadly one.

For on the first day of spring he settled into his home, and was greeted by his new
neighbors. One neighbor Warwick Lennox, a man seven years his senior sparked something foreign deep within Jas. This moment was the that would soon become the beginning of end. For the when their eyes met their fates were sealed. Days went by as these two unlikely men grew closer, until being  seconds apart became torture.

Romance blossomed as Jas was swept off his feet. On the eve of Jas twenty-five he and Warwick joined fully. Months of prep for this event and yet Jas still trembled as Warwick prepped him for the main event. First times were almost always a nerve-racking experience, Jas was grateful that Warwick was not a virgin. But that still didn’t calm his nerves when Warwick told him he was going to enter him.

Pain rippled through him as Warwick entered him, Jas cried out tears started to form in his blue eyes. Tears of pain quickly became tears pleasure as these two souls became one. Months passed as this couple’s  love quickly became something that many would consider a flaming passion. But alas passion can be a fleeting thing.

A year passed  in a blink of an eye, as Jas prepared their anniversary dinner. Hours of cooking and planning, Jas couldn’t wait for Warwick to return from work. Sitting at table Jas watched the clock, his heart synchronizing with the ticking of the second hand. Evening came, and the food had gone cold, still Jas sat there until the candles exhausted.

Midnight chimed when a worn face Warwick came through the darken doorway. He found a tearstained Jas asleep on the sofa. Gently Warwick stroked his lovers face, knowing that he needed to speak to him, but at same time he did not wish awake him. With mind made up Warwick gently shook Jas.

Jas awoke and gripped Warwick tight, questions exploded passed his lips as Warwick held him. Tears flowed freely until the fabric of Warwick’s shirt became damp, and only little hiccups escaped Jas. Warwick held him for a moment longer until he pushed himself way from Jas so he could turn on a lamp.

Jas squinted as his eyes adjusted to the light. Once adjusted he realized something on Warwick’s hand reflected in the light, upon his left ring fingers a wedding band gleamed in the lamplight. Jas’s eyes widen as he looked at Warwick confused, and slightly worried.

Warwick’s eyes sadden as he explained that he was to be married in the following week, to a woman. Jas stared dumbfounded, they had been together for a year and not once this woman was mentioned. Warwick went on to say that Jas and his relationship needed to end tonight for he was no longer in love with him.

Jas began to sob as Warwick kissed his forehead and went upstairs to collect his things. And with a broken smile Warwick left Jas broken in the lamplight. A week pasted as Jas cried in his bed, Warwick’s pillow clenched to his chest. Outside a church bell sounded.

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