Deranged Entry One

Journal Entry 303

Date: Fuck, I don’t know

Subject: New Patient

Heh, today has been, no scratch that, this week has been quite interesting. Patient 4425 stirred after a nine year stillness, I personally thought that the patient had finally succumb to the treatment. I was even considering terminating and fucking starting over with a fresh body. Thankfully my prized project pulled through, for earlier this week patient 4425 brain waves became quite active. Perhaps Tate’s claims about a male’s voice in the static would explain this.

Although, that is not the only thing that has me quite giddy. Abbey Davidson a former patient of mine has returned. Mr. Bali was carrying him to a room, with a puncture wound gracing his neck. Abbey has matured deliciously, god if I wasn’t fucking Tate. Though, unfortunately Mr. Bali has also told me not to touch Abbey, not yet at least.

Abbey’s father was called soon after, and will arrive tomorrow as his proxy. After all his “treatment” is relapsing, I personally witnessed the relapse. Through the camera in Abbey Davidson room, I watched in delight as he began to moan patient’s 4425 name, and I believed he even climaxed. Ah, virgins such a sensitive lot.

Certainly tomorrow Arnold Davidson will sign Abbey over to us. After all a homosexual son to a father would be devastating for anyone to discover. Tomorrow can’t come any sooner, I want Abbey, he wants Abbey. Patient 4425 brain active has now gone off the charts, he has chosen his mate. Abbey Davidson may your god have mercy on your soul, for the devil lives in the Basement Ward.

Dr. Howard Salem


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