Cursed Noise I

Spring had once again came to the valley, a promise of a new start. Love, family, propriety seemed to flood the village of Keller. Yet not all were happy for this giddy season. Within the temple of Secrecy, a young priest stood on a well-aged ladder trying to conquer the cobwebs that marred the inner stadium.

He sighed as he stretched beyond his reach only to be knocked from his perch by two squealing children. Mar growled as he rubbed his throbbing ass. He spate to the side as the children’s squealing still echoed with the sanctuary. Every year was the same, clean to impress, don’t be a hard-ass.

“Aren’t you supposed to be cleaning my young apprentice?”

Mar stiffen, the wise voice sent chills up his spine. He jumped to his feet and unconsciously dusted off his robes, must to his graying master’s amusement.

“Master Klaus, I would be cleaning if the orphans would…” Mar sighed and he continued his hassle of spring cleaning.

“This festival brings money and fresh faces into the valley Mar. And maybe just maybe one of the orphans will be given a chance to have a family. Now isn’t that worth the mild aggravation? Be it said that you were also at one time in their shoes.”

Mar let out a long sigh as he glanced at his master, he knew the old man was right. At tender the age of seven, he and his older sister had traveled to Keller. Ella, that was her name so young and beautiful just barely sixteen. They were both orphans, hungry, thirsty, and alone. Ella was the worst of the two, his master had told him, nothing but skin and bones he had said. She had passed within a year of their arrival.

“Forgive master, I was…”

“I think you’ve clean enough for today, go and enjoy the festival, my young student.”

It was mid-afternoon when Mar finally got to the village, which was already in full swing. Colorful lanterns swung in the afternoon breeze, while the aroma of serval traditional dishes floated through the air. And not to mention the music, light strings were strummed, it eased Mar tense nerves.

It was almost terrifying really, this feeling of relaxation. Most of his days he stayed within the stone walls of the temple, cleaning, studying, and pondering on what it would be like to become the high priest.

Lost in thought Mar ran into a bystander with enough force to knock himself off his feet. Though before Mar could hit his head on the cobblestone, strong arms wrapped around him and pulled him close.

“My, my, my I would have a thought that a priest would have more wits about him.” chuckled a deep voice.

Mar squeaked as he felt the stranger’s hand ghosted his ass and lower back. Being a priest this type of touch was unheard of, unwelcomed.

“Than…k y…ou… for not letting me collide with the cobblestones…. but I need to go.” Mar managed to squeak as he pushed to way from the stranger, “You see I have very important…priestly duties…I…I…yes…have to attend to…. enjoy the festival.”

Mar fled as he felt his blood rush to his face, he had been groped by an outsider. Groped! In public! He couldn’t even fathom why the hell the guy did that; I mean he wasn’t attractive.

Mar sighed as he came to rest on the lip of the village’s fountain, he glanced at his reflection. He wasn’t anything special, green eyes, pale skin, and messy brown hair. Just a common joe. Mar blinked why was he bothering himself with these thoughts of self-doubt, it wasn’t like he was going to see that stranger again.

“Ah there you are”

He wrong, so very wrong.

“You never gave your name, my dear little priest. Is it after all quite rude not to introduce yourself no? I would have thought that your high priest would have at least taught you such simple formalities.”

Mar sharply inhaled, “Mar, my name is Mar.”

“Mar, how cute. I shall call you Marrie.”

“Marrie! I just told my name is Mar! I am no wench!”

“Temper, temper. I thought that you would be more leveled headed being so enlightened and such.”

Mar could feed the blood rush to his face again as he clenched and unclenched his hands. This stranger was starting to really piss him off, he had the nerve to mock the next high priest?

“If I’m rude, then you’re the worst. After all, you saved me then you sexually harass me, and might I add without gracing me with your own title. So Mr. Etiquette, what shall I a humble priest call you?”

The stranger blinked, azure eyes gleaming with amusement.

“Ah, you’re right where are my manners?” he said as he gave sarcastic bow “My name is Hansel, my blushing priest. And shall be your companion for this lovely evening.”

Mar squeaked as Hansel took a hold of his left hand and brought it up to his lips. He didn’t stop there, Hansel kissed Mar’s wrist and up his arm until his warm lips pressed against Mar’s neck. He lingered there sucking on the tender flesh. Mar was horrified when he realized that he seemed to enjoy it. That is until Hansel bit him, causing an immediate backwards retreat.

The next sensation that flooded Mar was the cold of the water, and the heaviness of another body slamming on top of him. Glance through his wet bangs Mar glared the heavier male, “Get off me!”

Hansel only chuckled as he stood water splashing at his calves. With a massive hand Hansel grabbed Mar and pulled him against again.

“Aren’t you graceful? You should have join the dance troop here, the would be blessed to have you.” Hansel mocked.

Mar only rolled his eyes,” Why are here anyways?”

“I’m a neophyte on a pilgrimage to discover God’s love! Isn’t it obvious?”

“What! There no way, you’re lying!”

Hansel chuckled once more, ” And you are correct, I’m a heathen on a mission to consume all that is pure and holy.”

Mar paled as Hansel’s eyes sparkled with amusement. This was going be to long day. Mar had came to that conclusion, as Hansel scooped him up to carry him out of the fountain. He wondered what he had done to deserve this punished, or was it test to see if he could handled such a situation. Whatever it was, Mar now wished he had stayed inside the temple.

Author’s Notes: This a story I started a few years ago. It’s only going to be a few chapters long, The final chapter is on FictionPress but I’ll transfer it over here. Hope you all enjoy it!

Cursed Noise II

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