Ambrose X

“No, no, stay away! I’m not going with you! Stay away from me!” Abbey shouted backing up into the fence.

Dr. Salem smile fell only to be replaced by  harsh sneer,” Abbey don’t be difficult, it will be worst for you if you resist.”

“Abbey do what he says, and go peacefully. ” Tate whispered as he laid a hand on Abbey’s shoulder.

“No, I won’t go with him! Tate he’ll hurt me, please don’t let him take me!” Abbey begged as he pressed himself against Tate.

“I’m sorry, I really am but I can take much more. It’s time for you to join the Sanctum.”

“Sanctum, what is that?”

Behind them the doctor laughed,”Sanctum is the level of Riverside we are in, just say there is were my projects come to life.”

“Projects? These are your patients, you’re suppose to be helping them not treating them like this!”

Dr. Salem gave a one shoulder shrug, “No one is going to miss a few deranged patients, after all many were dropped off without even a goodbye from their families. After all  isn’t that what happened to you Abbey hmm? Now come here, and be a good boy.”

Abbey bit his lip and shook his head. He didn’t want to go with the doctor god knows what he would do to him.  Abbey didn’t want to end up looking like his neighbors or worse.  Though doctor made it quite clear that Abbey wouldn’t have a choice in this matter. Behind the doctor two burly guards approached Abbey each bearing a sadistic grins.

Before he had a chance to act the guards harshly grabbed him and dragged him out of the cell. Behind him he heard Tate cry of outrage, but soon that to became quite.

In the hallway Abbey thrashed in the guards  grip as Dr. Salem calmly watched behind.

“Where are you taking me!”

“My workstation, I have finally gathered all I need to make you into the perfect specimen.”

“I’m nothing special, why me?”

“Not special? Darling Abbey that is were you are wrong. You no have idea how long I’ve waited to have a subject like you in my grasp. You are perfect specimen, god I thought subject 4425 would never choose a mate.”

“Who’s subject 4425?”

The doctor laughed sending a chill down Abbey’s spine. It was borderline manic, as the Dr. Salem struggled to get control over himself.

“Heh, he’s the next generation, my personal project. One where you will play the second major part in. For nine year I dedicated myself into creating the next evolution of human race, the perfect  hybrid. And now all my hard work is about to pay off. All I have to do now is give you the proper equipment to receive his seed. And then the breeding program shall begin.”

Abbey blinked in confusion as the guards dragged him into a massive room.  The atmospheric of the room was glumly ,and menacing. Being littered with medical equipment, and patients laying on examination tables didn’t help the atmosphere neither.

Some moaned, shuddered, and begged for mercy when Dr. Salem stoked them as he pasted by. Abbey gulped as he realized that soon he to would end up like these patients soon enough.

This thought became a reality, when he was dragged to the largest table in the center of the room, and was placed on it. The cold metal made him yelp when his bare skin touch it. Just has he tried to get off the guards strapped down his arms, his head, and his horror they put his feet in stirrups.

“What are you doing? Let me go!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, you see, I will see my vision to the end. Even if that means I have to ruin many lives. Be thankful countless others have been mutilated in order to perfect my art.”


“Aye, look around the other patients are my failed attempts in creating a new species. Their moans of pain, should be your cries praise. For I now know the secret that shall change the world.”

Abbey’s face paled as he look around at his fellow patients. Many were bloody and deformed while others he feared had succumbed to this doctor’s madness.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Oh, Abbey I can’t spoil the surprise. But I will reveal part of my plan.” Dr. Salem mocked as he press his pointer finger against Abbey’s forehead. “I’m going to undo the damage that I caused you nine years ago.”

“Nine years ago, we met when I was sixteen? How’s that possible I’ve never met you in my life!”

“Of course you wouldn’t have any memory my therapy is unmatched.”

“Therapy, you mean the one my father mentioned?”

“The very same.” Dr. Salem confirmed as he walked over tray that held different types of needles.  “Your charming father wanted the memories of your forbidden lover erased from your mind. The most disgusting act I’ve done since I’ve taken my oath as a doctor.”

Abbey gulped as the doctor approached him with a large needle in hand.

“You see this serum with eat the memory block that I placed in you nine years ago. Luckily, some of your memory are desperately clawing to escape. It will also knock you unconscious so I can work on your beautiful body.”

“Wait, please you can’t do this to me!”

“The hell I can, you see darling your father signed you over to me. Your body, your mind, and even your hypothetical soul belongs to me. Now relax, Dr. Salem is going to take good care of you.” Dr. Salem cooed.

“No! Stay away from me!” Abbey screamed as the doctor injected the serum into the side of his neck.

“Shhh…now it’s time sleep. Sweet dream, and when you awake you shall begin your life anew.”

It felt like fire was coursing through Abbey’s veins, as he strained against his restraints. His head pounded as the corners of his vision darken until his world went black.

Ambrose XI

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