Cursed Noise II

Hours crept by slowly as Mar sulked while a beaming Hansel strolling behind. This day couldn’t get any worse, the breeze had picked leaving Mar chilled and quite moody.  It was not until Hansel chuckle that broke him out of his self-induced trance.

“Keller really likes springtime no?”

“Of course the village likes springtime!”

“But why, come on priest tell this tourist the meaning of this glorious celebration!”

“A tourist? I thought you were a neophyte, tell me are lying fool seeking to destroy the next high priest?”

“There you go again, if you’re not careful you be gray before you’re thirty.”

Mar grumbled as he continued to the browsing the venders,  when a ruby ring caught his eye. The gem glistened in the sunlight, as Mar shakily touched it.

“You should buy it, it would suit you.”

Mar glanced at Hansel, a feeling of distaste blossomed in his chest, “I can’t.”


“Because as priest I am unable to have worldly possessions. They can become distractions, and can lead to temptations. An outsider like yourself wouldn’t understand.”

“Come on you’re dubious yourself, it’s just a ring.”

“It’s not just that, I don’t have any money!”

“Then here let me.”

Hansel smiled, and before Mar could protest Hansel handed the money to the vender. Mar was speechless, the ring was not some small cheap trinket. To make the situation worse Hansel went down on one knee.

“My darling Marrie, will you promise to be mine till the world fades?”

Mar face redden as the ring was slipped onto his ringfinger, “I…you.”

“Your silence is all I need.” Mar whispered as he rose and lightly kissed Mar.

Mar froze as he was pulled into a deeper kiss. Quickly Mar jerked back, his face reddening even more.

Quickly he turned and fled from Hansel, completely embarrassed. How could Hansel do that to him? Especially in front of the villagers, what were they going to say?

“Why me? Honestly what did I do to deserve this?”

“That question has a simple answer. Here allow me to provide the answer, my darling. It was by running into a strapping young stranger. Who wishes to have you heart, and I will claim that beautiful heart of yours.”

Now without a doubt Mar knew he should have stayed inside the temple.

Cursed Noise III

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