Ambrose XI

When Abbey came to he didn’t know how long he had been unconscious. All he knew was that everything hurt, his head was pounding to the point that opening his eye was excruciating. Tears seeped from under clenched eyelids, as a single question was burning his mind. What had the doctor done to him?

The silence was a welcomed friend until the sound of a door creaking open sent another wave of pain through his being. His head pounded to rhythm of approaching footsteps, oh how he longed for the silence again. He began to sob quietly, as a cool rough hand stroked his check.

“Hey, none of that darling, come let me see those pretty eyes of yours.”

Abbey shook his head lightly, the pain was almost to much to bear now.  He would rather disobey the doctor’s orders and suffer the consequences. In order to keep his eyes shut.

“That wasn’t a suggestion.” Dr. Salem hissed.

Abbey whimpered as he felt the doctor’s hand slide down his torso and abdomen to his groin. There the doctor forcefully seized his penis, his nails digging into the tender flesh there. Abbey’s eyes snapped open tears now flowed freely, as a broken cry escaped his lips.

“There’s those bright eyes, see that wasn’t so hard.”

Abbey couldn’t speak his voice was reduced to a few broken cries. Not to mention his head felt like it was on the verge of exploding, his heartbeat pounded in his ears. It was hard to hear, every other word was lost in the thumbing.

The door once more open with a loud bang much to Abbey’s woe. His body shook uncontrollably as another pair of hands grabbed his face. He blinked as his tears threaten to blind him, as a familiar face came into focus.


She smiled sadly as she brushed his sweat drenched hair off his forehead, “Oh Abbey, what has he done to you?”

Kally hazel eyes soften as she continued to stroke his face, her gentle touch was a welcoming change. He leaned into her touch praying he would never have to leave it. But that was a fools wish for she was yank back by her arm by the doctor.

“Bitch, how the fuck did you get down here!”

Kally whimpered as the doctor twisted her arm behind her back, in a threat to break it. Abbey felt powerless as Kally struggling ceased, her eyes locked with his.

“Unhand her Howard, you are enough trouble as it is. Don’t make me add an assault charge to your file.” a booming voice warned.

Once more a similar voice, expect this one a chill down Abbey’s spine. It was Mr. Bali.

“Mr. Bail, what are you doing down here?” Dr. Salem asked as he let of Kally and quickly took a step back.

“Mrs. McNeill had informed me that you took possession of Mr. Davidson…”

Mr. Bali paused as he looked over at Abbey his dark eyes narrowing to slits, “My god Howard what have you done to him!”

Abbey flinched at Mr. Bali’s outburst, what was wrong with him? Abbey gulped and look down at himself, and let out a broken scream. His lower abdomen had thick stiches much like a patchwork doll.


What did the doctor do!

The stiches went past his genitals, which with a shaky hand he tried to explore. But his wrist was seized by Dr. Salem.

“You can’t touch it yet, it needs to heal before you can start playing with it.”

‘Play with it?’ Abbey thought to himself as both Mr. Bail and Kally came to the end of the table.

Kally expression turn horrified as she quickly covered her mouth, while Mr. Bail just glared.

“Tell me why you have turned him to a hermaphrodite.”

Abbey’s eyes widen as looked at the doctor. “What have you done to me!”

“My darling Abbey I have transformed you into the next evolution of human race! Now you can fulfill your propose to 4425, at long last a homosexual relationship can be productive!” Dr. Salem exclaimed as he grasp Abbey’s face. “No longer do we have to hide and love who we wish in shadows, you shall be the crown jewel in my experiment! Rejoice Abbey, for you shall bear this new line!”

“Howard, I expected more from you honestly this zoo you’ve created down here I can ignore. But when take patients that I have not given to you is out of line. Furthermore experiment 4425 is no longer yours Howard, Q&R’s shall be here in a matter of days to collect it.”

‘Q&R? What do they have to do with this!’

Dr. Salem body became rigid his nails dug into Abbey’s face, “Abbey’s father signed him over to me, Abbey is mine! You can’t give 4425 to those arrogant shit holes. They will use him for war, and not evolution. Mr. Bali I refuse to release my project. Especially now his mate is almost ready for his seed. Darling Abbey only needs to bleed, and then 4425 shall claim what is his.”

Mr. Bali approached and placed a hand on Dr. Salem shoulder, “My friend you are losing yourself, releasing 4425 will be the best for your mental health. Now if you please, I’ll be taking Mr. Davidson topside to get him proper treatment. Tell me how long has he been unconscious?”

Dr. Salem closed his eyes, “Over a week, his stitches should be ready to come out, that and his pelvis is finally mending. So he should be able to walk soon.”

“Good, Kally please unhook Mr. Davidson, while I have a private talk with Dr. Salem.” Mr. Bali said as he led Dr. Salem out of the room.

Kally quickly did what she was told an unhooked Abbey from his IV’s.

“How could this have happen? Abbey I’m so sorry, I wish I was able to get to you faster. But don’t worry you’ll have your old room, and I’ll be taking care of you. I wouldn’t let Dr. Salem ever touch you again. I promise honey, things are going to shape up you’ll see.”

“No, no things are never going to shape up!” Abbey sobbed as he covered his face.

Minutes later Mr. Bali returned and gently picked up Abbey and headed to the elevator with Kally. Abbey was excited to be leaving the cell block, away from deformed neighbors, away from  Dr. Salem. His only regret was leaving Tate, but at least one of them was going to inhabit the topside.

“Abbey!” Dr. Salem shouted as the elevator doors began to close, “One-Way or another 4425 will claim you, he has grown inpatient. Trust me his bite is worse than his bark. You can not escape your destiny Abbey!”

 Abbey shuddered as the elevator make its ascent, was that a warning or just a rambling from a deranged doctor? All he knew was that he never wanted to go back to the cellblock, but as the elevator jerked he assumed that his time here was not yet expired.

Ambrose XII

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