Cursed Noise III

“Why did you do that!” Mar roared,” Now the villagers will think I was proposed to! By a man no less!”

Hansel chuckled as tears started to form,” God, Marrie do you really want to know the reason. It’s because of  your reaction that I  keep coming back for more.”

Mar glared at him, how could he have been so stupid? This man only wanted to see his reaction, just who was this man!

As if to read Mar’s thought, Hansel smiled with a sparkle in his eyes. Mar frowned, he couldn’t really be reading his thoughts could he?

“Ah, don’t look at me like that hun. I’m just a lone traveler looking for a little fun.

“Well your humor isn’t appreciated, as the next high priest my image is everything. And you have the gall to impose that I marry you!”

“Heh, image aye? I thought serving the people and studying your scrolls what your main concern. Or has the lure of humanity blinded you to think you are right along side a the gods? How Saintly of you.”

Mar was speechless, of course he didn’t see himself on the same level as a god. He wasn’t even close, not even Master Klaus could shake the mortal status. It was now clear to Mar he had become vane. When had his image became something more?

“You’re right. Thank you for setting me straight Hansel.” Mar said with a bow.

“Woah, don’t get soft on me Marrie. Though this gesture is cute.” Hansel mocked as he took ahold of Mar’s chin.

Mar sighed and then strangely smiled, “Say since your not going to leave me alone how about we continue our date. Besides the story about how this festival came to be is going to start soon.”

“I would love to Marrie, after all it about time this neophyte learns of this villages history.”

The sun began to set when Hansel and Mar made their way to the plaza where most of the village had already taken their places. In the center a temporary stage was put up, with a lush purple curtain that shielded the actors from view.

“So it’s a play?” Hansel asked as he seated himself on Mar’s right.

“Yes, but this is the truth, not some artist muse. You see Keller has a dirty secret, and well you just have to watch and discover it for yourself.”

“Hey, that’s not…”

“Shh, it’s about to start.”

Sure enough the announcer approached the stage. He was dressed in robes that matched the curtains behind him, the announcer, Mar could tell  he was quite pleased with the size of the audience. The announcer then cleared his throat and began the spin the tale.

” Long ago in this humble village a monstrous deal was struck.” The announcer paused for affect as serval spectors scooted to the edge of their seats. “Yes, a devilishly deal that cause much bloodshed. “

Behind him the actors joined the announcer on the stage, and began to act out the tale.

“For Keller was once a wasteland where demons of another realm resided. The demon king’s name was beyond human tongue so for human that migrated into his valley they were told to call him NOISE. NOISE was powerful and cruel as he abused and consumed humans until one day a priest stood to appose him. Our very own Klaus’s great-great father Titus and his fellow priest used an ancient ritual to banish NOISE back to the other realm. The ritual worked but NOISE gave one final warning, I will return. At first the villagers thought they had defeated NOISE until  one day one of their own was marked with NOISE insignia a damming mark upon their forehead. Of course the marked were killed, in order seal back NOISE but heeds this NOISE still wants to escape his imprisonment and one day he will.”

The crowd grasped as the tale came to a close,  but Mar only smiled. For this tale had been a bedtime story told to him in his youth. He glanced over at Hansel whos eyes were wide in horror.

“You were right Mar, this village is mess up. I think that enough excitement for one night. How about I walk you home?”

Mar smiled, “Sounds good, shall we?”

The walk back to the temple was full of laughter and joking. Mar couldn’t believe that he and Hansel had so much in common. The parted ways when they reached the stairs leading to the temple. Mar was not surprised when Hansel gave him a goodbye kiss before he head back down to the village.  While making his way up to the temple, smile lingered on Mar’s lips. Perhaps there was sometime more between him and Hansel.

Cursed Noise IV

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