Cursed Noise IV

It was hard to believe that just a fortnight ago Hansel and Mar had watched the play about Keller’s history. No one in their right mind would have ever thought that the mark of NOISE would appear once more. And yet it claimed the one person who didn’t have any ties to Keller. It had chosen Hansel. So in the dead of night the elder priest of Secrecy collect Hansel and Mar and spirited them away to the temple.

Inside Mar’s wail broke the silence of the temple as he was dragged into a vast circular room. His voice carried upon the smooth marble, his scream echoed against the  statues. The older priests tightened their grips as younger tried to free himself, his green eyes widening in disbelief as he caught sight of the man slumped in the center of the ritual circle.

“Mar please, stop this nonsense. As a Priest of Secrecy you must complete the ritual.” growled one of his captures.

Mar shook his head violently tussling his brown waves, “No oh god no! Please no, don’t make me do this! Don’t make me do this!”

“The mark has appeared again, be thankful it is an outsider and not one of your kin.”

“He’s my friend!”

“Mar be reasonable, this outsider has begun to lead you down the path to unrighteousness. You call him friend, but Master Klaus questions that. He spoke as if there is more than an innocent friendship developing. And for that I am truly glad that he was the one chosen. Keller needs its next high priest. Isn’t that what you wanted?” roared a priest as Mar trying to escape once more.

At one point that is all Mar wanted, but Hansel had opened his eyes. The world was full of adventure, and love. How could he stay in this valley when the world beckon him?

And that is why Mar continued to struggled. As they approached the swirling vortex, where a lone elder stood proud. His white hair sweeping around his red robes.

“Please, Master Klaus…” Mar begged as he was pulled closer, tears spilling down his cheeks as he choked on his words. Hansel, he was dazed and unconcerned with what was going on. The damning mark marring his forehead. Mar felt cold, suddenly, as if something was reaching into him. “Anyone but him Master! Anyone!”

Klaus stood directly in front of the circle, uncaring that his student begged for the damned. “Hansel has been chosen, Mar. No man, nor god, can stop this now.”

The barriers lowered as Mar was dragged into the center, where he was chucked in front of Hansel. Mar gasped as looked into Hansel’s eyes they were cold,and dead. They were not the same azure eyes that sparkled and had him fleeing.

Mar panted he couldn’t do this. Not to Hansel. He turned and tried to flee out of the circle to no prevail, the other priest had thrown up barriers. There was no way out…

Behind him, Hansel started to cackle his movements becoming more chaotic as the mark spilt open drenching his face in black ooze. With a sickening crack Hansel head was snapped backwards as he began to chant in tongues causing Mar to press himself even flatter against the barrier.

‘What’s the matter Marrie? Don’t you like the new me?’

This voice was not Hansel’s it more cold and cruel, it was spine-tingling, unforgiving, it shouldn’t have came out of a mortal man.

Mar’s heart started to race as Hansel eyes darken with madness, as a snarl plastered on his stained lips.

‘By your horrified expression I take it you don’t. Ha, such a spineless virgin, I can’t even fathom what he even saw in you.’

“Stop, please… stop. Let Hansel…go”

‘Hmm, I think not. I haven’t had such a marvelous host in a long time. Though I have became bored of your begging. Shall we get this over with?’

Without warning Hansel lunged, his bulker body slamming into Mar’s. Both men trying to get the upper hand.

Mar cried out when Hansel pinned him, and Hansel wrapped his hands tightly around Mar’s throat.

Struggling underneath him, Mar’s adrenaline spiked as he bucked violently to free himself. All seemed lost until his feet curled underneath the massive bulk above him. When Mar’s feet meet solid flesh he gave a strong kick to dislodged Hansel.

Hansel staggered off him falling on to his rear giving Mar enough time to pin him. Instinctively Mar’s hands wrapped around Hansel’s throat, Hansel struggled his nails biting into Mar’s wrist. With teeth grit his grip tightened, he held on until Hansel’s body stopped moving. Mar shook at the realization of what he done, Hansel was dead. He had killed him…

Fresh tears swelled up as he presses his forehead into Hansel’s cooling chest. Mar began to sob while his shaking hands stroked the bruised flesh. How could this have happened? Hansel was gone, he had killed him.

Do you wish to join me?

Mar paused as the soft voice echoed deep within his consciousness. It was Hansel’s voice.

Mar chocked on his sobs as the words again echoed within his mind, he wanted to. He needed to, Mar was even more sure as he gazed into the dull of eyes of his friend. Trembling fingers brushed Hansel’s cool lips almost begging to feel the warm breath that had ghosted them before.

I’m losing patience Marrie, don’t make me ask again’

Mar sniffed, shoulders trembling. “Please, let me see you again…”

There was a shift in the air, something cold. He felt numb, the edges of his vision turning black as he mumbled, “Please, just one more time…”

Mar feel himself leave his body almost as a candle suddenly extinguish. His ears thrummed loudly as he was swiftly carried from his body.

In the background, he heard Klaus voice rising. “Well done! Mar, my child, the barrier is sealed.” praised Klaus as he placed his hand upon Mar shoulder.

Mar’s body shook once more, but not from sorrow that was clear as he threw back his head and laughed manically. Klaus jerk back, eyes full of terror as he realized that Mar was no longer, and all that remained was NOSIE.



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