Ambrose XII

The doctor’s words seemed to linger like an unwelcomed omen causing much distress in the small space. Mr. Bali’s grip seemed to tighten as the elevator jarred, perhaps Dr. Salem’s warning frazzled him just as much as it did Abbey.

Abbey shifted as the directors grip tighten, and he wondered if Mr. Bali had carried him like this the first time they met. The memory of the director’s cold eyes that day made him shudder, to think if he had ran past the director none of this would have happen. But no, he had seen to much…

“There is no need to worry Mr. Davidson, I assure you that no further harm will come to you.”

For some reason Abbey didn’t believe him as a dull ache blossomed once more. He wanted to cry, to shout out about the injustice that the doctor had done to him. Even as he shifted his new orifice caught a draft making him quickly clench his thighs tighter together. How was he going to adjust to this new anatomy? It was unnatural, wrong.

Kally noticed his discomfort and gently stroked his hair, “Don’t worry darling I’ll take good care of you. You’ll see, even with this new addition you can still be you.”

Kally words stung a little as the thoughts of  the future plagued his mind. He would never be the same, for once he was a man, but now what was he? Abbey tried to give a brave smile as the elevator door opened to a familiar pristine white hallway.

The three of them walked in silence until they reached Abbey’s old room. The door creaked open as Mr. Bali entered and laid Abbey on the bed and proceeded to pry apart his legs. Abbey whined and was given a level glare from Mr. Bali silencing him as Mr. Bali continued his examination.

“I have to applaud Howard, he is a genius in his own twisted ways. Your vaginal area is flawless, hidden under the scrotum.” said Mr. Bali as he prodded.

Abbey gasped and tried to close his legs, the director’s touch was unwelcomed. Unwelcomed but at the same time it was pleasurable as he squirmed as Mr. Bali traced the outside. Tears formed as he felt the director explore lightly inside, causing his erection from before to twanged with pain.

“Mr. Bali, please, Abbey has had enough trauma for one day.” Kally noted as she gently grabbed Mr. Bali’s writs, “Besides, I don’t believe Abbey wants to lose his innocence to your fingers. Anyway, shouldn’t we call in a doctor and have the stitches removed?”

Mr. Bali sighed and removed himself from Abbey, “Always keeping me in line, Mrs. McNeil I appreciate that. Forgive me Mr. Davidson, it would seem my curiosity has gotten the better of me. I shall go get the doctor to remove those troublesome stitches.”

Mr. Bali nodded and left without another word. The white room seemed to close in as Abbey bit his lip, he had been aroused before, but this time it was different. It was more intense to say the least, he wanted to end.

Kally must of saw his discomfort for she laid a light hand on his shoulder. Her touch was a welcomed pressure a way to get his mind off the painful ache. He only wished she could do something about his problem, even if it would be embarrassing.

“Now, now hon after the doctor removes your stitches I’ll give you a cold shower, and then a warm pair of boxers. How does that sound sweetheart?”

“Yea, that sounds great…I can’t remember the last time I had a shower….in the cell block if you got too repulsive sometimes the guards came with fire hoses…and hosed you down.”

Kally’s eyes widen in horror as Abbey began to giggle to himself, and didn’t stop.

“So what’s going to happen to me now? Are you going to cut me? Bleed me? Fuck me? Or are you just going to let me waste away here for the rest of my pathetic life? After all I’m a freak now, I actually belong here now! Heh, I bet even my own father wouldn’t want me now….he wasn’t even suppose to have children in the first place…..I am the bastard of the Father….how saintly

“Abbey, sweetie calm down, don’t get yourself so worked up. You’ll tear your stitches! And stop saying such nonsense! Of course your father will love you still.”

“Oh, is that so?” Abbey hissed venomously, “How long have I been in this hellhole?”

Kelly jerked as her eyes became down casted, ” Over a  month, in fact in two days it will be two…”

“Huh, and not once has my father came. Hmm, tell me has he?”

Kally was silent as tears formed in her hazel eyes, “Abbey……”

“Come now, let’s be honest with each other, he’s never going to come back for me. After all, he’s the one who damage my memories, to a degree I believe I need to thank the doctor next time I see him. Sure my head is pounding, but flickers are starting to merge and who knows I may be able to remember the one man who actually loved me.”

He could tell she was stunned as she stood and left the room. Abbey sighed as once more the silence began to creep upon him, he almost wished he heard Wynn’s voice. Just then a sickening thought crossed his mind, what would Wynn think of his condition?

‘He will love me still…right? He has to, he’s all I have now…and once my memories are back we can be a couple…’

Abbey paused, why did his thoughts go there? He hadn’t seen Wynn in ten years, why was he putting everything in the hope of Wynn being the same. The only memory he had uncovered was that he had stop Wynn’s suicide attempt when he was a young teen. Being now twenty-six Abbey had grown into a man who recently began to remember a piece of his past that was taken forcibly from him.

‘What happens if Wynn doesn’t want me after I free him? What happens if he vanishes and I forget him again? What then? What will I do?’

Abbey began to sob as the turbulent swarm of emotions threaten to drown him when a soft gentle voice echoed in his mind.

‘Abbey, I love you. I’m waiting for you, come to me and we will be together once more.’

Ambrose XIII

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