Ambrose XIII

Hearing Wynn’s voice soothed Abbey, just as the door creaked open. An older doctor entered with Ollie following behind pushing a table with medical supplies arranged upon it. Abbey wrinkled his nose as the smell of varnish was a tad bit to overpowering.

“Sorry, but we were not expecting to remove stitches today just deal with it a little longer.” Ollie said when she saw him glaring. “This is a shock though, tell me how does it feel to be part bitch?”

“Ollie, enough, Mr. Davidson has gone through a lot, your silence is much appreciated.” the doctor hissed as he slipped on gloves, “Now, Mr. Davidson, just lie still and I’ll have these stitches out in no time.” the doctor stated as Ollie handed him the suture scissors and thumb forceps.

Abbey only winced as the doctor made quick work of the stitches, and when he was finished he removed his gloves and left with Ollie. Abbey blinked in confusion, why had they just left him on his own? With a shrug he carefully sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

‘Crap, my hips hurt. Maybe I can walk, I just need to take one step at a time…’ Abbey encouraged himself as he rose from the bed.

Shakily he took his first step, he could feel his muscles tremble as he caught the dresser for support. Smiling he took two more steps to the wall where a thin curtain divided the bathroom from the bedroom. In his short period when he was in here before he guess he didn’t notice the curtain, though when he saw the toilet, sink and the shower he couldn’t help but to smile.

‘Thank the gods, modern facilities…’ he chuckled to himself as he walked into the walk in shower. He stumbled but managed to catch himself against the faucets, the cold metal felt good against his hot skin as once more he straighten himself. With a sigh he turned the faucets and yelped when bone chilling water came cascading down on him from the showerhead.

“Holy shit….well  that took care of half of the problem…” he moaned as he watched himself deflate but when he shifted he realized that the cold water was not working for his newly acquired anatomy. Rocking his hips he sighed as previous sex talks seeped in.

‘Oh, yea…girls just have to deal with it…shit…just great.’

He sighed as he turned his back to the water and gently slid to the floor. He shudder as he spread his legs to explore his new anatomy, he had to confess that he was curious about this addition. So with cautious finger he went along the edges, he was surprised just how sensitive it was, as once more he closed his legs. Hopefully Wynn wouldn’t mind.

“At least I can lose my virginity twice to him.” he paused as he felt the blood rush to his face.

Quickly he covered his face with both hands and shook his head, “God, why did my mind go there? Honestly, I first have to get out of here…”

His embarrassment was quickly replace with a sharp pain that ripped through his head. Gritting his teeth he clenched his eyes shut as colors exploded behind his eyelids.

“I hate you!” a voiced roared.

Abbey’s eyes snapped open to see a younger version of him yelling at a vision of his father. He gasped as he pressed himself against the wall as the vision continued.

“Wynn loves me father, and I love him! How dare you send him away!”

“You are a child therefore you have no idea what love is! As your father I must do what is best for you!”

“No you don’t! Wynn was the only good thing in my life and you took him away! Just because you had to buy mom’s body, doesn’t mean you have to destroy my true love!”

Abbey’s eyes widen as his father eyes narrow in anger as he backhanded the younger version, sending him to the floor.

Your mother was no whore! We loved each other very much, but we wanted different things!” 

“Oh that’s right, you chased her way, it makes so much sense now….it’s always the church first everything else can burn in hell for all you care!” 

After that outburst the vision faded leaving Abbey visibly shaken. He couldn’t believe what he just witness, never in his life had he spoke so cruelly to his father, and never had his father struck him like that. What other memories awaited him?

“Ok so this is going to be part of the norm….great….just great…” Abbey mumbled to himself as he rose to shut off the water.

Wandering around the small bathroom he soon found a towel and began to dry himself off, as he walked back into the bedroom. Smiling he made his way to the dresser to find a pair of boxers which he gladly put on.

“Ah, least I’m not in the breeze anymore.”

Then with a sigh he sat on the edge of the bed and ponder his next move. He had to get out of here, but the door was locked. It would seem unlikely it was going to open up anytime soon. So with a shrug he decided to take a nap after all what else was there to do?

Deep in sleep he couldn’t be bothered by the concept of time. That was until a shrill siren awoke him. Azure eyes snapped open as the room was bathed in red light. To his surprise he heard the door creak open once more, and without hesitation he made his way to the door.

The sirens were even louder in the hallway as the red light made the white walls appear to be stained by blood.

‘Is there a fire? Where are the guards?’ Abbey wondered to himself as he ventured a  little further down the hall.

“God no! Anyone please, help me, help me!” A voice cried that came from around the corner, made Abbey freeze in his place.

Soon after the cries the doctor who removed his stitches came crawling around the corner, struggling to escape something. He was bloody as Abbey realized that one of his arm had been ripped off. He was pale and became even paler when he saw Abbey.  “Hide, boy hide they’ll kill…”

He was unable to finish as he was quickly dragged back down the hall with a scream. A scream, a crunch, and than much to Abbey’s horror blood oozed around the corner. He couldn’t move, what was going on? Shakily he took a step backwards as heavy footsteps approached.

“This doctor’s meat is to tough.” a distorted voice groaned.

“Brother, don’t you smell that?” another voice bellowed.

“Yes, it smells like a woman. A virgin as well, shall we brother mine?”

“I think we shall.”

‘Shit’ Abbey thought as he quickly ran back into his room. Panting he looked around for a place to hide, just as the footsteps reached his room he quickly dragged himself under his bed.

He held his breath as someone entered his room, a pair bloody feet walked around the small space. After a few agonizing minutes the room went silent much to Abbey’s relief, but relief turned to panic as the dresser was thrown across the room.

Abbey yelped as a thick hand grabbed his ankle and yanked him out from under the bed. Abbey cried out as he was hauled off the ground to become face to face with his attacker.

The man was one of Dr. Salem failed experiments! Abbey gasped when he saw that this man’s skin around his eyes were black and rotting as he smiled showing off serrated teeth.

“Hello, there my pretty.”

Ambrose XIV

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