Deranged Entry Two

Journal Entry 304

Date: God I really need to get myself a calendar

Subject: Off the recorded

I did it, I finally did it! Abbey’s surgery was flawless he even woke up tonight, he looked like shit but luckily the meds were still in his system. All I have to do now is wait for Abbey’s first cycle before I introduce him to experiment 4425, that is when I get him back. There joining is my top priority, after all experiment 4425 has already chosen Abbey to be his mate, he will not chose another. Isn’t that what he wanted? I mean he wouldn’t have placed Abbey in my care if he didn’t want this for the young priest. Mr. Bali why have you done this to me!

It is hard to believe that it has been almost thirteen years since Mr. Bali found me OD’ing in an alleyway. He gave me a new life after my wife and family abandon me, River Side is my home now. Mr. Bali is my savior, my boss, and my lover. Even as I write this I feel myself lusting for him.

I can’t believe that bitch Kally went and got Mr. Bali, Abbey’s surgery was suppose to be a surprise for him. But no, that whore had to go and ruin it, and to make it even worse I had to give the most idiotic excuse for the surgery.

“At long last homosexual relationships can be productive” god just rethinking about that statement makes me laugh. Even if that was my reasoning many would still never expect it. Just look at my relationships, Mr. Bali, and sometimes Tate, homosexually will never be truly accepted. After all I could no longer hide it from my family, thankfully Mimi kept my shameful desires quiet as she devoiced me. Shit, why does the past have to creep on me now? Perhaps it’s my age, I’m getting semimetal in my old age.

Now where was I? Ah yes, Abbey’s surgery, I wish I could take credit for this brilliant idea. No, the surgery was Mr. Bail’s idea, after all he’s one of them. He’s an Atracksa, a race created long before us humans. It is because of his blood that I am able to make the serum for my experiment. He is and his kind are few in number so he wants to created more of his kind, much like a vampire with his brood, if you believe such folklore.

Sadly, his DNA causes many to have negative affects. Many become ill and begin to rot but it is all in the name of science, after all who will miss a few mental patients? But there are others such as Tate, develop supernatural abilities that Atracksa possess. They appear random, like a game of chance. Experiment 4425 powers are the reason his is kept sedated, I tremble to think what power he will release on Abbey.

Experiment 4425 was the first to accept the treatment, my most cherished possession. And now Mr. Bali wants me to get rid of him? How dare he, if those bastards want him they will have to fight to get him. Perhaps it is time to take matter into my hands, I think it is time to release, Cell Block. And to release Titan.

Mr. Bali forgive me, but I can’t let experiment 4425 go.

Ambrose XIII

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