Ambrose XIV

“Let me go!” Abbey roared.

“Hold your tongue bitch! Bi…”

“How many times to I have to tell ya? Don’t be blabbing to strangers!” 

Abbey’s eyes widen as he realized that the distorted voice from before belonged to his capture.

“Aw, but Charlie…”

“Shut your trap!”

“What if I introduce myself? The…n I wouldn’t be stranger, right?”

“I reckon, what about you Charlie? Mama always said….”

“I know what Mama says!”

“Na-uh you always got in trouble. Almost everyday pa would switch ya”

“Shut up you idoit!”

Abbey couldn’t believe it, two voices one body what the hell was going on? He bit his lip, this man’s grip was tightening around his throat. A sickening feeling formed in the pit of his stomach as he remember the doctor from before was missing an arm. Abbey’s capturer was strong, there was no way he would be able to overpower him. Abbey was going to have to outwit him.

“Brother you got to admit he does have a pretty face.” the man cooed as he stroked  Abbey’s cheek with his other hand.

Clammy finger traced Abbey’s lips, and with a growl he bit the unwanted fingers. His attacker howled chucked Abbey on to the bed. Pain spread through his lower body as he roll to his back just as his attacker pinned him.

“You’re hurting me!” Abbey roared as his writs were restrained.

“Be a man! There are no place here for pansies!”

“That’s just the thing, I’m not a man.” Abbey hissed.

Shock covered this man face as he sat up, “But…how…you…don’t have breast.”

“You lie!” the other voice roared

“No, I am not. The doctor made me into both!”


“I reckon it was Dr. Salem? That bastard fucked my brother and I up…if what you say is true that make us kin. Brother, let the it up and check it’s story. But I warn ya, you try to run I’ll have my brother break ya legs.”

“Fine, but first what are your names? If you’re going to have me expose myself, a woman, to you a man, shouldn’t I know your name first? I would have thought you mama would have raised gentlemen.”

“Our ma raised us right! I was getting to it…honest.”

“Shut your trap brother! Idiot, ma must have dropped ya. I be Charlie, and this is my twin Billy. Now what your name be?”

“Abbey, my name is Abbey.”

“Billy” snickered, “Abbey? Did your ma and pa want a daughter?”

“Maybe.” Abbey shrugged as he scooted to the wall with his thumbs in the waistband of his boxer, “Well now they have both.”

With a sigh he pulled down his boxers to his knees and spread his legs. The twins face once more express shock. Abbey couldn’t help to smile,  as “Billy’s” cheeks turned red as he quickly covered his face.

“Why are you being shy? Aren’t you the one who want to see?”

“Billy is not good with women, heh never has been. But me I like a tight hole.” Charlie hissed as he got closer. “Tell me Abbey has anyone loosen you yet?”

“Of course not!”

“You’re a virgin? Charlie isn’t that ma wanted us to have?”

“Yes, a virgin bride, Billy I believe we have found our bride!”

“Bride?” Abbey squeaked as he quickly pulled his boxers up.

“Yup, brother are you going to fuck it?”

“Of course, that’s how you make a bitch a bride.” Charlie snarled as he pressed Abbey into the wall. 

“Woah, woah wait a minute. Are you not suppose to deflower me in your bed? After all isn’t that what the holy text say?”

“You know of the holy text? Tell me my virgin bride, are you a religionist ‘it'”

Abbey nodded as he turn his head away, fake tears brimming on his eyelashes, “Before I was left here I was a priest, untouched in front of the gods. If I am going to lose my virginity please take me from my dwelling and laid me on your bed.”

“Brother its right, ma always said you have to take a woman to your place to fuck her. It would be consider rape and people who rape are sent to the abyss that’s what pa said.”

Abbey sniffled as way to hide his smile, he had complete control of this conversation. Finally he was going to get out of this cell and hopefully a step closer to rescuing Wynn.

“Please can we go now? Before others try to take me away from my winsome husband.”

“Of course my bride, let us good I want to be screaming my name before the static rages once more.”

The twins grabbed Abbey by his arm and began to drag him down the bloodstained hallway. Abbey whimpered as serval experiments wander the hall many stop and look at him but a growl from his captors made them in their tracks.

“Don’t be afraid, they won’t try anything. Charlie is very strong.”

“Is that so? How about you Billy what can you do?”

“He calms me.”

Abbey gulped as “Charlie” pulled him into his side. The scent of rotting flesh was almost to much as Abbey began to turn green. How cruel was Dr. Salem? To let these people rot and go mad, Abbey hoped that he was eaten when his experiment escaped.

A scream took Abbey away from his thoughts. His own scream echoed as he saw Ollie being raped, while another feasted on her breast.

“Oh god, we have to help her!” Abbey wailed as he lunged to help her only to have the twins scoop him up.

“The bitch going to dieallow her flesh be another’s pleasure. Anyway we’re ready to go home.” 

Abbey gasped as they approached the elevator, the doors were pried open while the cables swung freely. A wrapped ladder was the only thing left and with a grunt the twin’s gripped tighten on Abbey.

“Hold on tight, don’t want to drop you.”

Trembling arms around the twins thick neck as they began the descent into the darkness. Abbey looked up as the flickering light faded, he wondered if he would ever see the light again.

Author’s Note: Happy New Year WordPress! Here is Chapter fourteen, (finally it’s done) sorry for the lateness. Between the holidays and a crappy laptop it was hard to complete. And to top it off, I had Writer’s Block. Enjoy!

Ambrose XV

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