The Hunger

The thunder rumbled outside leaving the city in limbo, as a killer sat in a darken run down hotel room.  The light from his cigarette illumined his pale skin as he took in a long drag, the ember dying as he snuffs it out moments later.  As smoke hazed in the stagnate air lighting exploded outside giving light to the horrors inside.

There next to him a bare body of a woman laid ravished with all signs of blood drained. He glanced at this young woman, hunger lingering in his crimson eyes, she had put up a good fight, but just like the others she succumbed. He didn’t even know her name, and why should he? His victims were nothing more than a temporary relief to a crippling hunger.

He sighed and rose from the bed, and walked to the small bathroom where he turned on the light. The mirror reflected the monster, that consumed many, his white hair draped to his mid-back while his bloodstained lips and black claws were ready for another to fall victim to them. He hissed as he griped the sink counter as the mirror captured his  transformation, white hair darken to black along with his eyes, claws became clear and short, the monster is now a man.

He glanced at his reflection, his eyes blank for this form was only now a mask to hide the beast beneath. This was not what he wanted, he did not ask for this curse, to be consumed by hunger. As he ponder his self-worth his cell-phone chimed sending warmth through is numbed bones. Checking the text message he couldn’t help but to smile.

“How’s the business trip going?” the sender asked.

His fingers lightly touch the keys as he replied, “Good, about to head home soon.”

Seconds after the phone chimed again,  “That’s great! Umm, can you pick up my favorite soup from Al’s on your way in? Please?”

He chuckled as he quickly replied, ” Of course I’ll see you soon.”

The last message pained his twisted soul, ” I love you Able.”

An eternity seemed to as he looked to the bed. She was never going to see the ones she loved again, but in a way she provided him away to see his lover again.

So with a bitter smile he finally replied, “I love you to.”

Silently Able put away his phone and stepped into the shower to wash the blood off, the water turn pink as the blood rinse from his pale frame,  he almost wished the water could cleanse his blacken heart. But deep down he already knew he was to tainted to be saved now.

“Just how many more do I have to devour to remain sane?” he whispered as he dried himself.

Dressed back in his suit he look at the woman once more, two puncture marks marred her dark skin, a testament that vampires do walk among human kind. How he shuddered at the thought, for he had become folklore, he become the monster that men feared.

Carefully he climbed on the bed and touched the woman’s face, “Don’t worry I leave you somewhere were you will be found.” he whispered as he drew out a knife.

With a flick of his wrist he slit her cold throat, just like the one who came before. Able had lost track to just how many had fell victim to his fangs but in hindsight he really didn’t care.

They could never take away this hunger that even now crept upon him as he quietly disposed of the woman’s body. He sighed as he took a final glance at woman head before headed to Al’s Soup to collect his lover’s order and then drove home in silence.

Arriving home he glanced at his two story home as a ping of happiness flooded his veins,  how long had he been away this time? Walking up the stone stair he reached for the door only to have it open on its own.

“Able!” a woman cried out has she threw herself at him.

“Careful Ana, you’ll hurt the baby.” Able laughed as he gently touched Ana’s womb.

Ana had always been like that, so full of life. She was little the sister he never had, and when he and his lover asked if she would be their surrogate she didn’t hesitate. Now she was eight months pregnant. This made his frequent feeds worth the bloodshed.

“Ha, if this babe’s anything like you we don’t need to worry!”

Able smiled and wrapped an arm around Ana as they walked inside, “Where’s Caiden?”

“Oh he’s on the sofa, he wanted to wait up for you, he didn’t quite make it.” Ana giggled as she lead Able to the sleeping young male.

Able quietly placed the cup of soup on the end table and than keeled in front of Caiden, “How many times do I have to tell you? Sleeping on the sofa is not good for your back.”

Icy blue eyes lazily opened sending a chill through Able, this pale male had stolen his heart at first sight. It had been three years now since they had been married, it was hard to believe sometimes. It had became even harder now that Caiden’s health had started to fail him. One day he was fine the next he collapsed in Able’s arms, he’s diagnoses a mystery to doctors.

Caiden smile at him and sat up stretching sending thin pale hair over his shoulder.

“I was waiting, not sleeping.” Caiden said with a yawn.

Able chuckled and stroked Caiden’s cheek, “Oh course you were.”

Caiden pouted, “Why do you have to be so mean? That doesn’t make you very winsome!”

“Is that so? Since not at good husband, maybe I should just eat this soup myself.” said Able as he took the cup of soup and took a spoonful to his mouth.

“No! That’s mine!” laughed Caiden as he playfully reached for the soup.

“Hey! Careful you’ll burn yourself!” Able laughed as he held the soup just out of Caiden’s reach.

“Save the parenting lessons until the baby gets here! I’m a grown man I can take care of myself!”

Able smiled and then gave shrugged as he handed the cup to Caiden. His eyes softened  watched his husband shakily try to feed himself, with no luck. Caiden dropped the spoon into the cup twice, on the three attempt Able as lightly touched Caiden’s hand.

“Here, allow me.” he said as took the cup and spooned up the soup.

Caiden eyes lighten up as Able blew on the soup and began to feed him.

“This is good practice for you Able.” Ana giggled, “At least Caiden won’t spit it back at you!”

Both Caiden and Ana laughed, but Able couldn’t even chuckle. Caiden had grown weaker while he was away. Able felt like he was in a funnel, he wanted to stay home and care for Caiden, but the thought of hurting his husband brought tears to his eyes.

“Able? Are you okay?” Caiden asked as he scooted to the edge of the sofa.

Wiping is tears with his shoulder Able replied, “Ya, I’m fine, everything fine. Come now let’s finish this soup and go to bed.”

Caiden nodded and opened his mouth to receive another spoonful of soup, completely unware that a monster kneeled before him.

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