Whispering Wynn

Can’t you hear it

The voice in the

Static he whispers

For the one he lost

Long ago his voice

Chills your body

Mind and soul

Author Note:

Hello, WordPress! This is a tidbit from my book Ambrose. I am currently working on the fifteenth chapter as we speak. Well as I type and you read, oh well.  Yes, I’ve been slacking on Ambrose but a lot as changed in these past few weeks that just adds to the chaos of my daily life. Last week I started a new semester as a medical biller and coder, I have only three classes which isn’t that bad but the material is taking a little time to get use to. On top of that I have just got a job at a local gas station, in fact it is just next to my school. I am so happy to be working again, nine months without a job is not fun. I lost my job last March and have been seeking one since, but this Thursday I started my new job! So life is going to be a little more crazy, but that’s a good thing. I’ll get chapter fifteen done soon so keep an eye out for it! Everyone have a good day!

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