Ambrose XV

Abbey whimpered as they descended into the darkness as his fear of reuniting with the cellblocks came sooner than he wanted.  It would seem Dr. Salem’s warning had now come to pass, as “Billy” carried him into the now blacken out hallway. The stench of bloodshed almost made Abbey gag as his new appointed “husband” made his way towards “Billy’s” cell.

“Don’t worry Abbey, we are almost to our room. Heh, its seems like many went topside, at least we will be alone when Charlie fucks you. Ma will be so proud, her boys are going to be men after tonight.”

You will be a man brother, I’ve fucked plenty of bitches.’

Abbey gulped as “Billy” shifted his grip once more when a screech echoed down the hall. The source came from the cell that Tate and Abbey shared sending a chill down his spine. Was Tate still in there? Had he became one of the deforms meal?

“Never like Tate, he got all the doctor’s attention.” Billy growled.

‘ That’s because he bent over every time the doctor got a itch.’

“Tate didn’t have much of a choice, Dr. Salem was raping him.”

‘Men don’t get raped, he asked for it.’

“Charlie’s right, men can’t be raped.”

“Men to can be raped, isn’t that what you two are about to do to me?”

The twins footsteps halted as Abbey glanced up at his captor wondering if he had said to much.  Billy’s eyes darken as sharp fingernails cut into Abbey’s shoulder and thighs.

“We are going to make you our bride, ma and pa said rapist go and burn!”

“You are not giving me a choice!”

‘Silence Abbey, it’s just pre-wedding night nerves. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you’re loosen before I take ya. I’ll make you bleed and stain our sheets with our union.’

Abbey squirmed he was not going to let his, their, its, dick near him. He would rather be killed than raped by this monster.

“Don’t be nervous Abbey, Charlie is no virgin he will take good care of you.” Billy whispered as they entered a small room.

The room was a smaller cell, there wasn’t even enough room to place a bed instead a pile of sheets and blankets littered a corner. Abbey looked at “Billy” and was shocked to see him relaxed, this was their territory, their safe-place.

“It’s good to be home. But brother he’s still here…”

Cranking his neck Abbey yelped when he saw a deceased guard sprawled out in the opposite corner. The guard’s neck was broken as dead eyes bore into Abbey.

‘He ain’t going anywhere brother he’s with his maker now.’

Abbey shuddered as they walked pass the dead guard, he knew that his fate was about to be sealed if he didn’t do something quick.  His mind snapped into focus as “Billy” gently laid him on the pile of bedding a proceeded to pin him.

“I’ve never broken in a bitch, ma said I’ll be a man if I bleed one.” Billy whispered as he leaned forward.

Abbey closed his eyes as he felt dry lips kiss his forehead, tears threaten to leak from under clenched eyelids. The twins were so much stronger than he was, but he wasn’t about to become their bride.

‘Billy, that’s not how you kiss a woman. You’re scaring it.’

“I don’t want to scare Abbey…Charlie, can’t you do this than? A woman’s first time should be special.”

‘Don’t worry brother I’ll do it  with pleasure.’

Abbey held his breath as “Charlie” grabbed his jaw and forcefully kissed him. Pain spread through Abbey as his lip was bit causing his mouth to open allowing Charlie’s tongue to slip inside.

The kiss lasted a few seconds before Charlie made his way down Abbey’s throat to his chest than stomach. Clammy fingers went under the waistband of Abbey’s boxers, in response Abbey clenched his legs shut.

‘What’s with the sudden shyness?’ Charlie hissed as he tried once more to pull down Abbey’s boxers.

“I…um…I haven’t seen you naked!” Abbey exclaimed, “You both have seen me, shouldn’t I see you?”

“Billy” blinked as the question sank in, minutes seemed to dragged by until “Billy” gave a small nod and stood.

‘ Want a sneak peak of what’s to come. I like that in a woman.’ Charlie snickered as he removed his draw string pants.

Abbey paled when the horror of the situation sank in. Much like the rest of Billy’s body his genitals were rotting. Black ooze dripped from the tip and ran down the length. Seeing Abbey expression “Billy” blushed lightly.

“I know it ain’t pretty but Charlie says it works just fine.”

“N…o…it’s fine…I’ve…never…seen…anything…like” without thinking Abbey kicked as hard as he could at Billy’s groin.

His kick hit its mark as Billy doubled over with a wail of pain. Without hesitation Abbey  dashed out of the cell, behind him the twins roar chased him down the hall.

He slid into the wall as he banked around the corner. Panting he didn’t dared to look over his shoulder for the sound of fast approaching footsteps echoed in the darken hallway.

‘Bitch! You’re fucking dead!’

Abbey’s eyes strained as his eyes tried to adjust to the dark when something crashed ahead. He let out a yelp as he covered his face as an unknown item collided with him. Abbey hit the floor hard as his breath whooshed out of him, behind him Billy growled.

Abbey whimpered and began to crawl away only to have “Billy” step on his back.

“Got ya”

“No, I have you!” a male voice roared

Abbey wailed as the sound of a gun went off above him he heard Billy groan.
Shock flooded Abbey’s system as Billy fell on top of him dead. Blood warmed his back as footsteps approached.

“Why do you always have to be a thorn in my side Abbey? God you always seem to be getting yourself in awkward situations no?”

“Who are you!” Abbey roared as he tried to roll Billy off him.

“That hurts Abbey, here let me shed some light on this.”

The sound of a flashlight clicking on made Abbey flinch as light illuminated  it’s owner.


“The one and only. I know you’re trilled to see me but lets get this dead weight off you first. Then we’ll talk”

Ambrose XVI

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