Ambrose XVI

Tate smile was illuminate by the flashlight as he placed it in his teeth and crouched down in front of Abbey. Abbey was happy to see him but wondered why he hadn’t came sooner.

“Why? I thought you said you could no longer protect me.”

Tate’s eyes narrowed as he shoved Billy’s body off him. Abbey shuddered as the drafty air dried the blood that stained his back, when he rose with Tate as Tate removed the flashlight from his mouth.

“Why you ask? Heh, you still don’t get it do you? The man in the static wants you, and therefore I am going to deliver you to him. He’s even promised me my freedom if I helped him.”

“Wynn said that?”

“Wynn so that’s his name, an old name a strong one as well. It seem that three of us are family now. The doc’s experiments on creating a new line of Atracksa has proven successful.”

“Atracksa, Tate what are you talking about?”

“Heh, the reason for all of this!” Tate shouted as he gestured to the Cell Block, “We are just bodies used to create a new line of creatures. You see darling Abbey, Wynn was the first to accept the doctor’s serum, myself the second, you Abbey lucky number three. Two males, and one female.”

“You mean, I’m….not…”

“Human? No, you’re not, not anymore. You are an Atracksa.”

“When did this happen?”

“When the doctor, made you into well a hermaphrodite. Tell me Abbey have you started your period yet, have you began cramping? You are the final piece to Howard’s sick plan. But he’s not even the one who ordered these test. No, someone else is pulling the strings. Who it is I have no idea. But at the moment my only concern is to get you to Wynn. Now lets get going, we’ve kept him waiting to long.”

Abbey was frozen in place, this was unreal how could he be no longer human? He felt normal, well as normal as can be. Now that Tate had mentioned it his abdomen was cramping but the stress of the previous situation could of caused it right? Abbey shuddered as he wrapped his arms around his middle, to think that he was going to have a period.

“Tate, are you serious?” Abbey asked as he followed after Tate.

“Serious about what? You got to be more specific, Abbey.” Tate hissed as he pushed away a hanging wire.

“Am I really going to….”

“Start your period? Ya, it’s just a matter of time the serum chemical compound has already begun to change your hormones well at least that’s what Howard said.”

“Dr. Salem, where was he when the Cell Block was opened? I mean he caused all this bloodshed right?”

Tate jerked to a stop and even in the darkness Abbey could see his fist clenched. “Howard unleashed his failed experiments, it was time to long had they been caged. Howard is not an evil man, he’s gifted, misunderstood. I…see that now, if it wasn’t for I would be normal. But now I am part of something bigger, the next evolution.”

“But I don’t want to be! I had no choice in this!” Abbey screamed.

Tate whipped around eyes burning, “You are the one who chose Wynn! He has whispered things Abbey, things about you! I knew of you before we met in the cafeteria. He would cry out for you almost every night, he sounded so lonely. Six years I listened to his cries, until finally I was given the “gift” only then he began to open up to me. He has given me courage to face all that has happen till now.”

“Gift? You mean the ability to read others minds? Just because you received some serum and got some mutant powers you’re going to follow someone you haven’t met?”

“Wynn is more powerful than you know Abbey. He has become even more than what you remember, or what you don’t remember that is.”

“How do you know about that! My memory lost how could you have known about it?”

“I was fucking with Howard, he likes to journal after sex. Heh, he thinks he fucks to me oblivion but I’m wide awake. He looked so battle worn when he talked about your procedure it would seem your father decision to erase memories of Wynn seemed to be his most heinous act he has ever committed.”

“So why do you care? These Atracksa look no different than humans! What’s so special about them huh? You get some powers?”

Tate body shook, Abbey didn’t know if was from anger or amusement until Tate threw about his head and laughed.

“Oh Abbey, Atracksa are not in any way human. Yes, I may look normal but on the inside…I’m changing. I feel like I’m burning inside with hunger, power, lust. It’s tantalizing to say the least. And now I believe that I’m starting to change physically, look.”

Tate closed his eyes and clenched his jaw he seemed in pain as the plastic in the flashlight creaked in his grip. Moments ticked by as Abbey backed up as he felt something dark sweep from Tate. It was cold unforgiving, much like how Mr. Bali felt the moment he collided into him.

Before his eyes Tate’s physical being began to change, his fingernails grew long and turned black while his skin lost its color. And when Tate opened his eyes Abbey gasped in horror as Tate’syes glowed a crimson hue. Filed teeth gleamed in the low light as Tate prowled forward towards Abbey.

“What do you think? Pretty cool right?”

Abbey squeaked and pressed himself against the wall as Tate’s clawed hand slowly encased his face.

“You see Abbey, you are my charge until Wynn claims you. Now let’s not linger here anymore Wynn wants you now. So come little Abbey.” Tate whispers as he transforms back into his “human” state.

The silence was uncanny as Tate lead the way through the halls. Abbey was in shock, he had no idea just how large the Cell Block was. He couldn’t believe that this place went unnoticed for all these years.

“How do we get to the Basement Ward? I mean we can’t really see you know…”

“Where else? Inside Howard’s office, now be quiet there are still some of Howard’s failed experiment are still wandering around.”

“I thought you said they all went topside!” Abbey squeaked a he raced after Tate.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up!” Tate roared.

Up ahead growled echoed make both Tate and Abbey freeze. What ever it was it was big.

“Tate’s what’s that?” Abbey whimpered as he pressed into Tate.


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