18 thoughts on “Terrible Secret

      1. I didn’t finish sadly. But I now have a clearer understanding on how I want to write it. I have grown as a writer since I first started this project. I’m going to be writing in first person something I’ve never done before. And it is a journey but one worth taking!

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      2. I went through something similar with the first novel I started. I recently had to scrape almost everything and rewrite an outline xD Sometimes you just have to start over so I totally understand and since we’re constantly growing, I think it would be for the better.


      3. Also! definitely read some Lovecraft. There are some really good stories. I ended up buying the complete collection, though I also have it free as a PDF lol And i’m just starting from the beginning and going through all his stories. Good pleasure reading. Especially if you write horror. Feels like i’m going back to the horror roots haha


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