Ambrose XVI

Tate smile was illuminate by the flashlight as he placed it in his teeth and crouched down in front of Abbey. Abbey was happy to see him but wondered why he hadn’t came sooner.

“Why? I thought you said you could no longer protect me.”

Tate’s eyes narrowed as he shoved Billy’s body off him. Abbey shuddered as the drafty air dried the blood that stained his back, when he rose with Tate as Tate removed the flashlight from his mouth.

“Why you ask? Heh, you still don’t get it do you? The man in the static wants you, and therefore I am going to deliver you to him. He’s even promised me my freedom if I helped him.”

“Wynn said that?”

“Wynn so that’s his name, an old name a strong one as well. It seem that three of us are family now. The doc’s experiments on creating a new line of Atracksa has proven successful.”

“Atracksa, Tate what are you talking about?”

“Heh, the reason for all of this!” Tate shouted as he gestured to the Cell Block, “We are just bodies used to create a new line of creatures. You see darling Abbey, Wynn was the first to accept the doctor’s serum, myself the second, you Abbey lucky number three. Two males, and one female.”

“You mean, I’m….not…”

“Human? No, you’re not, not anymore. You are an Atracksa.”

“When did this happen?”

“When the doctor, made you into well a hermaphrodite. Tell me Abbey have you started your period yet, have you began cramping? You are the final piece to Howard’s sick plan. But he’s not even the one who ordered these test. No, someone else is pulling the strings. Who it is I have no idea. But at the moment my only concern is to get you to Wynn. Now lets get going, we’ve kept him waiting to long.”

Abbey was frozen in place, this was unreal how could he be no longer human? He felt normal, well as normal as can be. Now that Tate had mentioned it his abdomen was cramping but the stress of the previous situation could of caused it right? Abbey shuddered as he wrapped his arms around his middle, to think that he was going to have a period.

“Tate, are you serious?” Abbey asked as he followed after Tate.

“Serious about what? You got to be more specific, Abbey.” Tate hissed as he pushed away a hanging wire.

“Am I really going to….”

“Start your period? Ya, it’s just a matter of time the serum chemical compound has already begun to change your hormones well at least that’s what Howard said.”

“Dr. Salem, where was he when the Cell Block was opened? I mean he caused all this bloodshed right?”

Tate jerked to a stop and even in the darkness Abbey could see his fist clenched. “Howard unleashed his failed experiments, it was time to long had they been caged. Howard is not an evil man, he’s gifted, misunderstood. I…see that now, if it wasn’t for I would be normal. But now I am part of something bigger, the next evolution.”

“But I don’t want to be! I had no choice in this!” Abbey screamed.

Tate whipped around eyes burning, “You are the one who chose Wynn! He has whispered things Abbey, things about you! I knew of you before we met in the cafeteria. He would cry out for you almost every night, he sounded so lonely. Six years I listened to his cries, until finally I was given the “gift” only then he began to open up to me. He has given me courage to face all that has happen till now.”

“Gift? You mean the ability to read others minds? Just because you received some serum and got some mutant powers you’re going to follow someone you haven’t met?”

“Wynn is more powerful than you know Abbey. He has become even more than what you remember, or what you don’t remember that is.”

“How do you know about that! My memory lost how could you have known about it?”

“I was fucking with Howard, he likes to journal after sex. Heh, he thinks he fucks to me oblivion but I’m wide awake. He looked so battle worn when he talked about your procedure it would seem your father decision to erase memories of Wynn seemed to be his most heinous act he has ever committed.”

“So why do you care? These Atracksa look no different than humans! What’s so special about them huh? You get some powers?”

Tate body shook, Abbey didn’t know if was from anger or amusement until Tate threw about his head and laughed.

“Oh Abbey, Atracksa are not in any way human. Yes, I may look normal but on the inside…I’m changing. I feel like I’m burning inside with hunger, power, lust. It’s tantalizing to say the least. And now I believe that I’m starting to change physically, look.”

Tate closed his eyes and clenched his jaw he seemed in pain as the plastic in the flashlight creaked in his grip. Moments ticked by as Abbey backed up as he felt something dark sweep from Tate. It was cold unforgiving, much like how Mr. Bali felt the moment he collided into him.

Before his eyes Tate’s physical being began to change, his fingernails grew long and turned black while his skin lost its color. And when Tate opened his eyes Abbey gasped in horror as Tate’syes glowed a crimson hue. Filed teeth gleamed in the low light as Tate prowled forward towards Abbey.

“What do you think? Pretty cool right?”

Abbey squeaked and pressed himself against the wall as Tate’s clawed hand slowly encased his face.

“You see Abbey, you are my charge until Wynn claims you. Now let’s not linger here anymore Wynn wants you now. So come little Abbey.” Tate whispers as he transforms back into his “human” state.

The silence was uncanny as Tate lead the way through the halls. Abbey was in shock, he had no idea just how large the Cell Block was. He couldn’t believe that this place went unnoticed for all these years.

“How do we get to the Basement Ward? I mean we can’t really see you know…”

“Where else? Inside Howard’s office, now be quiet there are still some of Howard’s failed experiment are still wandering around.”

“I thought you said they all went topside!” Abbey squeaked a he raced after Tate.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up!” Tate roared.

Up ahead growled echoed make both Tate and Abbey freeze. What ever it was it was big.

“Tate’s what’s that?” Abbey whimpered as he pressed into Tate.


Ambrose XV

Abbey whimpered as they descended into the darkness as his fear of reuniting with the cellblocks came sooner than he wanted.  It would seem Dr. Salem’s warning had now come to pass, as “Billy” carried him into the now blacken out hallway. The stench of bloodshed almost made Abbey gag as his new appointed “husband” made his way towards “Billy’s” cell.

“Don’t worry Abbey, we are almost to our room. Heh, its seems like many went topside, at least we will be alone when Charlie fucks you. Ma will be so proud, her boys are going to be men after tonight.”

You will be a man brother, I’ve fucked plenty of bitches.’

Abbey gulped as “Billy” shifted his grip once more when a screech echoed down the hall. The source came from the cell that Tate and Abbey shared sending a chill down his spine. Was Tate still in there? Had he became one of the deforms meal?

“Never like Tate, he got all the doctor’s attention.” Billy growled.

‘ That’s because he bent over every time the doctor got a itch.’

“Tate didn’t have much of a choice, Dr. Salem was raping him.”

‘Men don’t get raped, he asked for it.’

“Charlie’s right, men can’t be raped.”

“Men to can be raped, isn’t that what you two are about to do to me?”

The twins footsteps halted as Abbey glanced up at his captor wondering if he had said to much.  Billy’s eyes darken as sharp fingernails cut into Abbey’s shoulder and thighs.

“We are going to make you our bride, ma and pa said rapist go and burn!”

“You are not giving me a choice!”

‘Silence Abbey, it’s just pre-wedding night nerves. Don’t worry I’ll make sure you’re loosen before I take ya. I’ll make you bleed and stain our sheets with our union.’

Abbey squirmed he was not going to let his, their, its, dick near him. He would rather be killed than raped by this monster.

“Don’t be nervous Abbey, Charlie is no virgin he will take good care of you.” Billy whispered as they entered a small room.

The room was a smaller cell, there wasn’t even enough room to place a bed instead a pile of sheets and blankets littered a corner. Abbey looked at “Billy” and was shocked to see him relaxed, this was their territory, their safe-place.

“It’s good to be home. But brother he’s still here…”

Cranking his neck Abbey yelped when he saw a deceased guard sprawled out in the opposite corner. The guard’s neck was broken as dead eyes bore into Abbey.

‘He ain’t going anywhere brother he’s with his maker now.’

Abbey shuddered as they walked pass the dead guard, he knew that his fate was about to be sealed if he didn’t do something quick.  His mind snapped into focus as “Billy” gently laid him on the pile of bedding a proceeded to pin him.

“I’ve never broken in a bitch, ma said I’ll be a man if I bleed one.” Billy whispered as he leaned forward.

Abbey closed his eyes as he felt dry lips kiss his forehead, tears threaten to leak from under clenched eyelids. The twins were so much stronger than he was, but he wasn’t about to become their bride.

‘Billy, that’s not how you kiss a woman. You’re scaring it.’

“I don’t want to scare Abbey…Charlie, can’t you do this than? A woman’s first time should be special.”

‘Don’t worry brother I’ll do it  with pleasure.’

Abbey held his breath as “Charlie” grabbed his jaw and forcefully kissed him. Pain spread through Abbey as his lip was bit causing his mouth to open allowing Charlie’s tongue to slip inside.

The kiss lasted a few seconds before Charlie made his way down Abbey’s throat to his chest than stomach. Clammy fingers went under the waistband of Abbey’s boxers, in response Abbey clenched his legs shut.

‘What’s with the sudden shyness?’ Charlie hissed as he tried once more to pull down Abbey’s boxers.

“I…um…I haven’t seen you naked!” Abbey exclaimed, “You both have seen me, shouldn’t I see you?”

“Billy” blinked as the question sank in, minutes seemed to dragged by until “Billy” gave a small nod and stood.

‘ Want a sneak peak of what’s to come. I like that in a woman.’ Charlie snickered as he removed his draw string pants.

Abbey paled when the horror of the situation sank in. Much like the rest of Billy’s body his genitals were rotting. Black ooze dripped from the tip and ran down the length. Seeing Abbey expression “Billy” blushed lightly.

“I know it ain’t pretty but Charlie says it works just fine.”

“N…o…it’s fine…I’ve…never…seen…anything…like” without thinking Abbey kicked as hard as he could at Billy’s groin.

His kick hit its mark as Billy doubled over with a wail of pain. Without hesitation Abbey  dashed out of the cell, behind him the twins roar chased him down the hall.

He slid into the wall as he banked around the corner. Panting he didn’t dared to look over his shoulder for the sound of fast approaching footsteps echoed in the darken hallway.

‘Bitch! You’re fucking dead!’

Abbey’s eyes strained as his eyes tried to adjust to the dark when something crashed ahead. He let out a yelp as he covered his face as an unknown item collided with him. Abbey hit the floor hard as his breath whooshed out of him, behind him Billy growled.

Abbey whimpered and began to crawl away only to have “Billy” step on his back.

“Got ya”

“No, I have you!” a male voice roared

Abbey wailed as the sound of a gun went off above him he heard Billy groan.
Shock flooded Abbey’s system as Billy fell on top of him dead. Blood warmed his back as footsteps approached.

“Why do you always have to be a thorn in my side Abbey? God you always seem to be getting yourself in awkward situations no?”

“Who are you!” Abbey roared as he tried to roll Billy off him.

“That hurts Abbey, here let me shed some light on this.”

The sound of a flashlight clicking on made Abbey flinch as light illuminated  it’s owner.


“The one and only. I know you’re trilled to see me but lets get this dead weight off you first. Then we’ll talk”

Ambrose XVI

The Hunger

The thunder rumbled outside leaving the city in limbo, as a killer sat in a darken run down hotel room.  The light from his cigarette illumined his pale skin as he took in a long drag, the ember dying as he snuffs it out moments later.  As smoke hazed in the stagnate air lighting exploded outside giving light to the horrors inside.

There next to him a bare body of a woman laid ravished with all signs of blood drained. He glanced at this young woman, hunger lingering in his crimson eyes, she had put up a good fight, but just like the others she succumbed. He didn’t even know her name, and why should he? His victims were nothing more than a temporary relief to a crippling hunger.

He sighed and rose from the bed, and walked to the small bathroom where he turned on the light. The mirror reflected the monster, that consumed many, his white hair draped to his mid-back while his bloodstained lips and black claws were ready for another to fall victim to them. He hissed as he griped the sink counter as the mirror captured his  transformation, white hair darken to black along with his eyes, claws became clear and short, the monster is now a man.

He glanced at his reflection, his eyes blank for this form was only now a mask to hide the beast beneath. This was not what he wanted, he did not ask for this curse, to be consumed by hunger. As he ponder his self-worth his cell-phone chimed sending warmth through is numbed bones. Checking the text message he couldn’t help but to smile.

“How’s the business trip going?” the sender asked.

His fingers lightly touch the keys as he replied, “Good, about to head home soon.”

Seconds after the phone chimed again,  “That’s great! Umm, can you pick up my favorite soup from Al’s on your way in? Please?”

He chuckled as he quickly replied, ” Of course I’ll see you soon.”

The last message pained his twisted soul, ” I love you Able.”

An eternity seemed to as he looked to the bed. She was never going to see the ones she loved again, but in a way she provided him away to see his lover again.

So with a bitter smile he finally replied, “I love you to.”

Silently Able put away his phone and stepped into the shower to wash the blood off, the water turn pink as the blood rinse from his pale frame,  he almost wished the water could cleanse his blacken heart. But deep down he already knew he was to tainted to be saved now.

“Just how many more do I have to devour to remain sane?” he whispered as he dried himself.

Dressed back in his suit he look at the woman once more, two puncture marks marred her dark skin, a testament that vampires do walk among human kind. How he shuddered at the thought, for he had become folklore, he become the monster that men feared.

Carefully he climbed on the bed and touched the woman’s face, “Don’t worry I leave you somewhere were you will be found.” he whispered as he drew out a knife.

With a flick of his wrist he slit her cold throat, just like the one who came before. Able had lost track to just how many had fell victim to his fangs but in hindsight he really didn’t care.

They could never take away this hunger that even now crept upon him as he quietly disposed of the woman’s body. He sighed as he took a final glance at woman head before headed to Al’s Soup to collect his lover’s order and then drove home in silence.

Arriving home he glanced at his two story home as a ping of happiness flooded his veins,  how long had he been away this time? Walking up the stone stair he reached for the door only to have it open on its own.

“Able!” a woman cried out has she threw herself at him.

“Careful Ana, you’ll hurt the baby.” Able laughed as he gently touched Ana’s womb.

Ana had always been like that, so full of life. She was little the sister he never had, and when he and his lover asked if she would be their surrogate she didn’t hesitate. Now she was eight months pregnant. This made his frequent feeds worth the bloodshed.

“Ha, if this babe’s anything like you we don’t need to worry!”

Able smiled and wrapped an arm around Ana as they walked inside, “Where’s Caiden?”

“Oh he’s on the sofa, he wanted to wait up for you, he didn’t quite make it.” Ana giggled as she lead Able to the sleeping young male.

Able quietly placed the cup of soup on the end table and than keeled in front of Caiden, “How many times do I have to tell you? Sleeping on the sofa is not good for your back.”

Icy blue eyes lazily opened sending a chill through Able, this pale male had stolen his heart at first sight. It had been three years now since they had been married, it was hard to believe sometimes. It had became even harder now that Caiden’s health had started to fail him. One day he was fine the next he collapsed in Able’s arms, he’s diagnoses a mystery to doctors.

Caiden smile at him and sat up stretching sending thin pale hair over his shoulder.

“I was waiting, not sleeping.” Caiden said with a yawn.

Able chuckled and stroked Caiden’s cheek, “Oh course you were.”

Caiden pouted, “Why do you have to be so mean? That doesn’t make you very winsome!”

“Is that so? Since not at good husband, maybe I should just eat this soup myself.” said Able as he took the cup of soup and took a spoonful to his mouth.

“No! That’s mine!” laughed Caiden as he playfully reached for the soup.

“Hey! Careful you’ll burn yourself!” Able laughed as he held the soup just out of Caiden’s reach.

“Save the parenting lessons until the baby gets here! I’m a grown man I can take care of myself!”

Able smiled and then gave shrugged as he handed the cup to Caiden. His eyes softened  watched his husband shakily try to feed himself, with no luck. Caiden dropped the spoon into the cup twice, on the three attempt Able as lightly touched Caiden’s hand.

“Here, allow me.” he said as took the cup and spooned up the soup.

Caiden eyes lighten up as Able blew on the soup and began to feed him.

“This is good practice for you Able.” Ana giggled, “At least Caiden won’t spit it back at you!”

Both Caiden and Ana laughed, but Able couldn’t even chuckle. Caiden had grown weaker while he was away. Able felt like he was in a funnel, he wanted to stay home and care for Caiden, but the thought of hurting his husband brought tears to his eyes.

“Able? Are you okay?” Caiden asked as he scooted to the edge of the sofa.

Wiping is tears with his shoulder Able replied, “Ya, I’m fine, everything fine. Come now let’s finish this soup and go to bed.”

Caiden nodded and opened his mouth to receive another spoonful of soup, completely unware that a monster kneeled before him.

Ambrose XIV

“Let me go!” Abbey roared.

“Hold your tongue bitch! Bi…”

“How many times to I have to tell ya? Don’t be blabbing to strangers!” 

Abbey’s eyes widen as he realized that the distorted voice from before belonged to his capture.

“Aw, but Charlie…”

“Shut your trap!”

“What if I introduce myself? The…n I wouldn’t be stranger, right?”

“I reckon, what about you Charlie? Mama always said….”

“I know what Mama says!”

“Na-uh you always got in trouble. Almost everyday pa would switch ya”

“Shut up you idoit!”

Abbey couldn’t believe it, two voices one body what the hell was going on? He bit his lip, this man’s grip was tightening around his throat. A sickening feeling formed in the pit of his stomach as he remember the doctor from before was missing an arm. Abbey’s capturer was strong, there was no way he would be able to overpower him. Abbey was going to have to outwit him.

“Brother you got to admit he does have a pretty face.” the man cooed as he stroked  Abbey’s cheek with his other hand.

Clammy finger traced Abbey’s lips, and with a growl he bit the unwanted fingers. His attacker howled chucked Abbey on to the bed. Pain spread through his lower body as he roll to his back just as his attacker pinned him.

“You’re hurting me!” Abbey roared as his writs were restrained.

“Be a man! There are no place here for pansies!”

“That’s just the thing, I’m not a man.” Abbey hissed.

Shock covered this man face as he sat up, “But…how…you…don’t have breast.”

“You lie!” the other voice roared

“No, I am not. The doctor made me into both!”


“I reckon it was Dr. Salem? That bastard fucked my brother and I up…if what you say is true that make us kin. Brother, let the it up and check it’s story. But I warn ya, you try to run I’ll have my brother break ya legs.”

“Fine, but first what are your names? If you’re going to have me expose myself, a woman, to you a man, shouldn’t I know your name first? I would have thought you mama would have raised gentlemen.”

“Our ma raised us right! I was getting to it…honest.”

“Shut your trap brother! Idiot, ma must have dropped ya. I be Charlie, and this is my twin Billy. Now what your name be?”

“Abbey, my name is Abbey.”

“Billy” snickered, “Abbey? Did your ma and pa want a daughter?”

“Maybe.” Abbey shrugged as he scooted to the wall with his thumbs in the waistband of his boxer, “Well now they have both.”

With a sigh he pulled down his boxers to his knees and spread his legs. The twins face once more express shock. Abbey couldn’t help to smile,  as “Billy’s” cheeks turned red as he quickly covered his face.

“Why are you being shy? Aren’t you the one who want to see?”

“Billy is not good with women, heh never has been. But me I like a tight hole.” Charlie hissed as he got closer. “Tell me Abbey has anyone loosen you yet?”

“Of course not!”

“You’re a virgin? Charlie isn’t that ma wanted us to have?”

“Yes, a virgin bride, Billy I believe we have found our bride!”

“Bride?” Abbey squeaked as he quickly pulled his boxers up.

“Yup, brother are you going to fuck it?”

“Of course, that’s how you make a bitch a bride.” Charlie snarled as he pressed Abbey into the wall. 

“Woah, woah wait a minute. Are you not suppose to deflower me in your bed? After all isn’t that what the holy text say?”

“You know of the holy text? Tell me my virgin bride, are you a religionist ‘it'”

Abbey nodded as he turn his head away, fake tears brimming on his eyelashes, “Before I was left here I was a priest, untouched in front of the gods. If I am going to lose my virginity please take me from my dwelling and laid me on your bed.”

“Brother its right, ma always said you have to take a woman to your place to fuck her. It would be consider rape and people who rape are sent to the abyss that’s what pa said.”

Abbey sniffled as way to hide his smile, he had complete control of this conversation. Finally he was going to get out of this cell and hopefully a step closer to rescuing Wynn.

“Please can we go now? Before others try to take me away from my winsome husband.”

“Of course my bride, let us good I want to be screaming my name before the static rages once more.”

The twins grabbed Abbey by his arm and began to drag him down the bloodstained hallway. Abbey whimpered as serval experiments wander the hall many stop and look at him but a growl from his captors made them in their tracks.

“Don’t be afraid, they won’t try anything. Charlie is very strong.”

“Is that so? How about you Billy what can you do?”

“He calms me.”

Abbey gulped as “Charlie” pulled him into his side. The scent of rotting flesh was almost to much as Abbey began to turn green. How cruel was Dr. Salem? To let these people rot and go mad, Abbey hoped that he was eaten when his experiment escaped.

A scream took Abbey away from his thoughts. His own scream echoed as he saw Ollie being raped, while another feasted on her breast.

“Oh god, we have to help her!” Abbey wailed as he lunged to help her only to have the twins scoop him up.

“The bitch going to dieallow her flesh be another’s pleasure. Anyway we’re ready to go home.” 

Abbey gasped as they approached the elevator, the doors were pried open while the cables swung freely. A wrapped ladder was the only thing left and with a grunt the twin’s gripped tighten on Abbey.

“Hold on tight, don’t want to drop you.”

Trembling arms around the twins thick neck as they began the descent into the darkness. Abbey looked up as the flickering light faded, he wondered if he would ever see the light again.

Author’s Note: Happy New Year WordPress! Here is Chapter fourteen, (finally it’s done) sorry for the lateness. Between the holidays and a crappy laptop it was hard to complete. And to top it off, I had Writer’s Block. Enjoy!

Ambrose XV

Son of Shepard

The chapel bell tolled as the members of the community gathered. A sense of tension lingered as the mayor of Nora stepped forward to the podium.

“People of Nora, we gather here today…”

“Bring out the sorcerer!” a man in the crowd roared.

“String him up and burn his bones!” another shouted.

“My brethren please, don’t not let this turn into a communal dispute.”

“Bring out the sorcerer, bring him out! Bring him out!” the crowd roared.

The major closed his eyes for moment as the crowd’s roar echoed against the cobblestones, “Fine, bring out him out.”

Behind him the chapel doors opened as two guards lead out a chained boy no older than thirteen. His porcelain skin was marred by bruises as he walks out head bowed until he approached the mayor. Green eyes puffy from tears stared into the mayor’s brown eyes.

“Father, please…” the boy whispered

A sickening feeling turned the mayor’s stomach, “Lark, my child as the mayor of Nora I condemn you in the arts of witchcraft and sentence you to death by hanging may the gods have mercy on your soul.”

“No! Father please, no!” Lark wailed as he was dragged to the gallows.

“Mayor Shepard, take heart this is the gods will.”

Mayor Shepard glanced at the priest as he made his way out of the chapel, “He is the son of a step-father. After all it was you, Mayor Shepard who married a women who had already been laid. I warned you that nothing good comes out of a unpure woman”

The mayor bit his lip as he watched his son struggle as the guards put the noose around his neck. Lark chest heaved as silent tears rolled down his cheeks as he glanced at the crowd.

“Lark Shepard, son of Hans and Millie Shepard,” the priest shouted as he read the charges. “As high priest of Nora I condemn ye as a necromancer how do you plead?”


“Liar! Heathen! Demon, hang him! Burn him!” the crowd roared once.

“It would seem the people have spoken aye mayor Shepard?”

Mayor Shepard said nothing as he held his son’s eyes. He wanted to rush to Lark’s side and free him from the noose, this was his child, how could a son of his be a necromancer?  So with a heavy heart the mayor gave a curt nod, just the executioner gripped the lever.

Ambrose XIII

Hearing Wynn’s voice soothed Abbey, just as the door creaked open. An older doctor entered with Ollie following behind pushing a table with medical supplies arranged upon it. Abbey wrinkled his nose as the smell of varnish was a tad bit to overpowering.

“Sorry, but we were not expecting to remove stitches today just deal with it a little longer.” Ollie said when she saw him glaring. “This is a shock though, tell me how does it feel to be part bitch?”

“Ollie, enough, Mr. Davidson has gone through a lot, your silence is much appreciated.” the doctor hissed as he slipped on gloves, “Now, Mr. Davidson, just lie still and I’ll have these stitches out in no time.” the doctor stated as Ollie handed him the suture scissors and thumb forceps.

Abbey only winced as the doctor made quick work of the stitches, and when he was finished he removed his gloves and left with Ollie. Abbey blinked in confusion, why had they just left him on his own? With a shrug he carefully sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed.

‘Crap, my hips hurt. Maybe I can walk, I just need to take one step at a time…’ Abbey encouraged himself as he rose from the bed.

Shakily he took his first step, he could feel his muscles tremble as he caught the dresser for support. Smiling he took two more steps to the wall where a thin curtain divided the bathroom from the bedroom. In his short period when he was in here before he guess he didn’t notice the curtain, though when he saw the toilet, sink and the shower he couldn’t help but to smile.

‘Thank the gods, modern facilities…’ he chuckled to himself as he walked into the walk in shower. He stumbled but managed to catch himself against the faucets, the cold metal felt good against his hot skin as once more he straighten himself. With a sigh he turned the faucets and yelped when bone chilling water came cascading down on him from the showerhead.

“Holy shit….well  that took care of half of the problem…” he moaned as he watched himself deflate but when he shifted he realized that the cold water was not working for his newly acquired anatomy. Rocking his hips he sighed as previous sex talks seeped in.

‘Oh, yea…girls just have to deal with it…shit…just great.’

He sighed as he turned his back to the water and gently slid to the floor. He shudder as he spread his legs to explore his new anatomy, he had to confess that he was curious about this addition. So with cautious finger he went along the edges, he was surprised just how sensitive it was, as once more he closed his legs. Hopefully Wynn wouldn’t mind.

“At least I can lose my virginity twice to him.” he paused as he felt the blood rush to his face.

Quickly he covered his face with both hands and shook his head, “God, why did my mind go there? Honestly, I first have to get out of here…”

His embarrassment was quickly replace with a sharp pain that ripped through his head. Gritting his teeth he clenched his eyes shut as colors exploded behind his eyelids.

“I hate you!” a voiced roared.

Abbey’s eyes snapped open to see a younger version of him yelling at a vision of his father. He gasped as he pressed himself against the wall as the vision continued.

“Wynn loves me father, and I love him! How dare you send him away!”

“You are a child therefore you have no idea what love is! As your father I must do what is best for you!”

“No you don’t! Wynn was the only good thing in my life and you took him away! Just because you had to buy mom’s body, doesn’t mean you have to destroy my true love!”

Abbey’s eyes widen as his father eyes narrow in anger as he backhanded the younger version, sending him to the floor.

Your mother was no whore! We loved each other very much, but we wanted different things!” 

“Oh that’s right, you chased her way, it makes so much sense now….it’s always the church first everything else can burn in hell for all you care!” 

After that outburst the vision faded leaving Abbey visibly shaken. He couldn’t believe what he just witness, never in his life had he spoke so cruelly to his father, and never had his father struck him like that. What other memories awaited him?

“Ok so this is going to be part of the norm….great….just great…” Abbey mumbled to himself as he rose to shut off the water.

Wandering around the small bathroom he soon found a towel and began to dry himself off, as he walked back into the bedroom. Smiling he made his way to the dresser to find a pair of boxers which he gladly put on.

“Ah, least I’m not in the breeze anymore.”

Then with a sigh he sat on the edge of the bed and ponder his next move. He had to get out of here, but the door was locked. It would seem unlikely it was going to open up anytime soon. So with a shrug he decided to take a nap after all what else was there to do?

Deep in sleep he couldn’t be bothered by the concept of time. That was until a shrill siren awoke him. Azure eyes snapped open as the room was bathed in red light. To his surprise he heard the door creak open once more, and without hesitation he made his way to the door.

The sirens were even louder in the hallway as the red light made the white walls appear to be stained by blood.

‘Is there a fire? Where are the guards?’ Abbey wondered to himself as he ventured a  little further down the hall.

“God no! Anyone please, help me, help me!” A voice cried that came from around the corner, made Abbey freeze in his place.

Soon after the cries the doctor who removed his stitches came crawling around the corner, struggling to escape something. He was bloody as Abbey realized that one of his arm had been ripped off. He was pale and became even paler when he saw Abbey.  “Hide, boy hide they’ll kill…”

He was unable to finish as he was quickly dragged back down the hall with a scream. A scream, a crunch, and than much to Abbey’s horror blood oozed around the corner. He couldn’t move, what was going on? Shakily he took a step backwards as heavy footsteps approached.

“This doctor’s meat is to tough.” a distorted voice groaned.

“Brother, don’t you smell that?” another voice bellowed.

“Yes, it smells like a woman. A virgin as well, shall we brother mine?”

“I think we shall.”

‘Shit’ Abbey thought as he quickly ran back into his room. Panting he looked around for a place to hide, just as the footsteps reached his room he quickly dragged himself under his bed.

He held his breath as someone entered his room, a pair bloody feet walked around the small space. After a few agonizing minutes the room went silent much to Abbey’s relief, but relief turned to panic as the dresser was thrown across the room.

Abbey yelped as a thick hand grabbed his ankle and yanked him out from under the bed. Abbey cried out as he was hauled off the ground to become face to face with his attacker.

The man was one of Dr. Salem failed experiments! Abbey gasped when he saw that this man’s skin around his eyes were black and rotting as he smiled showing off serrated teeth.

“Hello, there my pretty.”

Ambrose XIV

Ambrose XII

The doctor’s words seemed to linger like an unwelcomed omen causing much distress in the small space. Mr. Bali’s grip seemed to tighten as the elevator jarred, perhaps Dr. Salem’s warning frazzled him just as much as it did Abbey.

Abbey shifted as the directors grip tighten, and he wondered if Mr. Bali had carried him like this the first time they met. The memory of the director’s cold eyes that day made him shudder, to think if he had ran past the director none of this would have happen. But no, he had seen to much…

“There is no need to worry Mr. Davidson, I assure you that no further harm will come to you.”

For some reason Abbey didn’t believe him as a dull ache blossomed once more. He wanted to cry, to shout out about the injustice that the doctor had done to him. Even as he shifted his new orifice caught a draft making him quickly clench his thighs tighter together. How was he going to adjust to this new anatomy? It was unnatural, wrong.

Kally noticed his discomfort and gently stroked his hair, “Don’t worry darling I’ll take good care of you. You’ll see, even with this new addition you can still be you.”

Kally words stung a little as the thoughts of  the future plagued his mind. He would never be the same, for once he was a man, but now what was he? Abbey tried to give a brave smile as the elevator door opened to a familiar pristine white hallway.

The three of them walked in silence until they reached Abbey’s old room. The door creaked open as Mr. Bali entered and laid Abbey on the bed and proceeded to pry apart his legs. Abbey whined and was given a level glare from Mr. Bali silencing him as Mr. Bali continued his examination.

“I have to applaud Howard, he is a genius in his own twisted ways. Your vaginal area is flawless, hidden under the scrotum.” said Mr. Bali as he prodded.

Abbey gasped and tried to close his legs, the director’s touch was unwelcomed. Unwelcomed but at the same time it was pleasurable as he squirmed as Mr. Bali traced the outside. Tears formed as he felt the director explore lightly inside, causing his erection from before to twanged with pain.

“Mr. Bali, please, Abbey has had enough trauma for one day.” Kally noted as she gently grabbed Mr. Bali’s writs, “Besides, I don’t believe Abbey wants to lose his innocence to your fingers. Anyway, shouldn’t we call in a doctor and have the stitches removed?”

Mr. Bali sighed and removed himself from Abbey, “Always keeping me in line, Mrs. McNeil I appreciate that. Forgive me Mr. Davidson, it would seem my curiosity has gotten the better of me. I shall go get the doctor to remove those troublesome stitches.”

Mr. Bali nodded and left without another word. The white room seemed to close in as Abbey bit his lip, he had been aroused before, but this time it was different. It was more intense to say the least, he wanted to end.

Kally must of saw his discomfort for she laid a light hand on his shoulder. Her touch was a welcomed pressure a way to get his mind off the painful ache. He only wished she could do something about his problem, even if it would be embarrassing.

“Now, now hon after the doctor removes your stitches I’ll give you a cold shower, and then a warm pair of boxers. How does that sound sweetheart?”

“Yea, that sounds great…I can’t remember the last time I had a shower….in the cell block if you got too repulsive sometimes the guards came with fire hoses…and hosed you down.”

Kally’s eyes widen in horror as Abbey began to giggle to himself, and didn’t stop.

“So what’s going to happen to me now? Are you going to cut me? Bleed me? Fuck me? Or are you just going to let me waste away here for the rest of my pathetic life? After all I’m a freak now, I actually belong here now! Heh, I bet even my own father wouldn’t want me now….he wasn’t even suppose to have children in the first place…..I am the bastard of the Father….how saintly

“Abbey, sweetie calm down, don’t get yourself so worked up. You’ll tear your stitches! And stop saying such nonsense! Of course your father will love you still.”

“Oh, is that so?” Abbey hissed venomously, “How long have I been in this hellhole?”

Kelly jerked as her eyes became down casted, ” Over a  month, in fact in two days it will be two…”

“Huh, and not once has my father came. Hmm, tell me has he?”

Kally was silent as tears formed in her hazel eyes, “Abbey……”

“Come now, let’s be honest with each other, he’s never going to come back for me. After all, he’s the one who damage my memories, to a degree I believe I need to thank the doctor next time I see him. Sure my head is pounding, but flickers are starting to merge and who knows I may be able to remember the one man who actually loved me.”

He could tell she was stunned as she stood and left the room. Abbey sighed as once more the silence began to creep upon him, he almost wished he heard Wynn’s voice. Just then a sickening thought crossed his mind, what would Wynn think of his condition?

‘He will love me still…right? He has to, he’s all I have now…and once my memories are back we can be a couple…’

Abbey paused, why did his thoughts go there? He hadn’t seen Wynn in ten years, why was he putting everything in the hope of Wynn being the same. The only memory he had uncovered was that he had stop Wynn’s suicide attempt when he was a young teen. Being now twenty-six Abbey had grown into a man who recently began to remember a piece of his past that was taken forcibly from him.

‘What happens if Wynn doesn’t want me after I free him? What happens if he vanishes and I forget him again? What then? What will I do?’

Abbey began to sob as the turbulent swarm of emotions threaten to drown him when a soft gentle voice echoed in his mind.

‘Abbey, I love you. I’m waiting for you, come to me and we will be together once more.’

Ambrose XIII

Cursed Noise IV

It was hard to believe that just a fortnight ago Hansel and Mar had watched the play about Keller’s history. No one in their right mind would have ever thought that the mark of NOISE would appear once more. And yet it claimed the one person who didn’t have any ties to Keller. It had chosen Hansel. So in the dead of night the elder priest of Secrecy collect Hansel and Mar and spirited them away to the temple.

Inside Mar’s wail broke the silence of the temple as he was dragged into a vast circular room. His voice carried upon the smooth marble, his scream echoed against the  statues. The older priests tightened their grips as younger tried to free himself, his green eyes widening in disbelief as he caught sight of the man slumped in the center of the ritual circle.

“Mar please, stop this nonsense. As a Priest of Secrecy you must complete the ritual.” growled one of his captures.

Mar shook his head violently tussling his brown waves, “No oh god no! Please no, don’t make me do this! Don’t make me do this!”

“The mark has appeared again, be thankful it is an outsider and not one of your kin.”

“He’s my friend!”

“Mar be reasonable, this outsider has begun to lead you down the path to unrighteousness. You call him friend, but Master Klaus questions that. He spoke as if there is more than an innocent friendship developing. And for that I am truly glad that he was the one chosen. Keller needs its next high priest. Isn’t that what you wanted?” roared a priest as Mar trying to escape once more.

At one point that is all Mar wanted, but Hansel had opened his eyes. The world was full of adventure, and love. How could he stay in this valley when the world beckon him?

And that is why Mar continued to struggled. As they approached the swirling vortex, where a lone elder stood proud. His white hair sweeping around his red robes.

“Please, Master Klaus…” Mar begged as he was pulled closer, tears spilling down his cheeks as he choked on his words. Hansel, he was dazed and unconcerned with what was going on. The damning mark marring his forehead. Mar felt cold, suddenly, as if something was reaching into him. “Anyone but him Master! Anyone!”

Klaus stood directly in front of the circle, uncaring that his student begged for the damned. “Hansel has been chosen, Mar. No man, nor god, can stop this now.”

The barriers lowered as Mar was dragged into the center, where he was chucked in front of Hansel. Mar gasped as looked into Hansel’s eyes they were cold,and dead. They were not the same azure eyes that sparkled and had him fleeing.

Mar panted he couldn’t do this. Not to Hansel. He turned and tried to flee out of the circle to no prevail, the other priest had thrown up barriers. There was no way out…

Behind him, Hansel started to cackle his movements becoming more chaotic as the mark spilt open drenching his face in black ooze. With a sickening crack Hansel head was snapped backwards as he began to chant in tongues causing Mar to press himself even flatter against the barrier.

‘What’s the matter Marrie? Don’t you like the new me?’

This voice was not Hansel’s it more cold and cruel, it was spine-tingling, unforgiving, it shouldn’t have came out of a mortal man.

Mar’s heart started to race as Hansel eyes darken with madness, as a snarl plastered on his stained lips.

‘By your horrified expression I take it you don’t. Ha, such a spineless virgin, I can’t even fathom what he even saw in you.’

“Stop, please… stop. Let Hansel…go”

‘Hmm, I think not. I haven’t had such a marvelous host in a long time. Though I have became bored of your begging. Shall we get this over with?’

Without warning Hansel lunged, his bulker body slamming into Mar’s. Both men trying to get the upper hand.

Mar cried out when Hansel pinned him, and Hansel wrapped his hands tightly around Mar’s throat.

Struggling underneath him, Mar’s adrenaline spiked as he bucked violently to free himself. All seemed lost until his feet curled underneath the massive bulk above him. When Mar’s feet meet solid flesh he gave a strong kick to dislodged Hansel.

Hansel staggered off him falling on to his rear giving Mar enough time to pin him. Instinctively Mar’s hands wrapped around Hansel’s throat, Hansel struggled his nails biting into Mar’s wrist. With teeth grit his grip tightened, he held on until Hansel’s body stopped moving. Mar shook at the realization of what he done, Hansel was dead. He had killed him…

Fresh tears swelled up as he presses his forehead into Hansel’s cooling chest. Mar began to sob while his shaking hands stroked the bruised flesh. How could this have happened? Hansel was gone, he had killed him.

Do you wish to join me?

Mar paused as the soft voice echoed deep within his consciousness. It was Hansel’s voice.

Mar chocked on his sobs as the words again echoed within his mind, he wanted to. He needed to, Mar was even more sure as he gazed into the dull of eyes of his friend. Trembling fingers brushed Hansel’s cool lips almost begging to feel the warm breath that had ghosted them before.

I’m losing patience Marrie, don’t make me ask again’

Mar sniffed, shoulders trembling. “Please, let me see you again…”

There was a shift in the air, something cold. He felt numb, the edges of his vision turning black as he mumbled, “Please, just one more time…”

Mar feel himself leave his body almost as a candle suddenly extinguish. His ears thrummed loudly as he was swiftly carried from his body.

In the background, he heard Klaus voice rising. “Well done! Mar, my child, the barrier is sealed.” praised Klaus as he placed his hand upon Mar shoulder.

Mar’s body shook once more, but not from sorrow that was clear as he threw back his head and laughed manically. Klaus jerk back, eyes full of terror as he realized that Mar was no longer, and all that remained was NOSIE.



Cursed Noise III

“Why did you do that!” Mar roared,” Now the villagers will think I was proposed to! By a man no less!”

Hansel chuckled as tears started to form,” God, Marrie do you really want to know the reason. It’s because of  your reaction that I  keep coming back for more.”

Mar glared at him, how could he have been so stupid? This man only wanted to see his reaction, just who was this man!

As if to read Mar’s thought, Hansel smiled with a sparkle in his eyes. Mar frowned, he couldn’t really be reading his thoughts could he?

“Ah, don’t look at me like that hun. I’m just a lone traveler looking for a little fun.

“Well your humor isn’t appreciated, as the next high priest my image is everything. And you have the gall to impose that I marry you!”

“Heh, image aye? I thought serving the people and studying your scrolls what your main concern. Or has the lure of humanity blinded you to think you are right along side a the gods? How Saintly of you.”

Mar was speechless, of course he didn’t see himself on the same level as a god. He wasn’t even close, not even Master Klaus could shake the mortal status. It was now clear to Mar he had become vane. When had his image became something more?

“You’re right. Thank you for setting me straight Hansel.” Mar said with a bow.

“Woah, don’t get soft on me Marrie. Though this gesture is cute.” Hansel mocked as he took ahold of Mar’s chin.

Mar sighed and then strangely smiled, “Say since your not going to leave me alone how about we continue our date. Besides the story about how this festival came to be is going to start soon.”

“I would love to Marrie, after all it about time this neophyte learns of this villages history.”

The sun began to set when Hansel and Mar made their way to the plaza where most of the village had already taken their places. In the center a temporary stage was put up, with a lush purple curtain that shielded the actors from view.

“So it’s a play?” Hansel asked as he seated himself on Mar’s right.

“Yes, but this is the truth, not some artist muse. You see Keller has a dirty secret, and well you just have to watch and discover it for yourself.”

“Hey, that’s not…”

“Shh, it’s about to start.”

Sure enough the announcer approached the stage. He was dressed in robes that matched the curtains behind him, the announcer, Mar could tell  he was quite pleased with the size of the audience. The announcer then cleared his throat and began the spin the tale.

” Long ago in this humble village a monstrous deal was struck.” The announcer paused for affect as serval spectors scooted to the edge of their seats. “Yes, a devilishly deal that cause much bloodshed. “

Behind him the actors joined the announcer on the stage, and began to act out the tale.

“For Keller was once a wasteland where demons of another realm resided. The demon king’s name was beyond human tongue so for human that migrated into his valley they were told to call him NOISE. NOISE was powerful and cruel as he abused and consumed humans until one day a priest stood to appose him. Our very own Klaus’s great-great father Titus and his fellow priest used an ancient ritual to banish NOISE back to the other realm. The ritual worked but NOISE gave one final warning, I will return. At first the villagers thought they had defeated NOISE until  one day one of their own was marked with NOISE insignia a damming mark upon their forehead. Of course the marked were killed, in order seal back NOISE but heeds this NOISE still wants to escape his imprisonment and one day he will.”

The crowd grasped as the tale came to a close,  but Mar only smiled. For this tale had been a bedtime story told to him in his youth. He glanced over at Hansel whos eyes were wide in horror.

“You were right Mar, this village is mess up. I think that enough excitement for one night. How about I walk you home?”

Mar smiled, “Sounds good, shall we?”

The walk back to the temple was full of laughter and joking. Mar couldn’t believe that he and Hansel had so much in common. The parted ways when they reached the stairs leading to the temple. Mar was not surprised when Hansel gave him a goodbye kiss before he head back down to the village.  While making his way up to the temple, smile lingered on Mar’s lips. Perhaps there was sometime more between him and Hansel.

Cursed Noise IV

Ambrose XI

When Abbey came to he didn’t know how long he had been unconscious. All he knew was that everything hurt, his head was pounding to the point that opening his eye was excruciating. Tears seeped from under clenched eyelids, as a single question was burning his mind. What had the doctor done to him?

The silence was a welcomed friend until the sound of a door creaking open sent another wave of pain through his being. His head pounded to rhythm of approaching footsteps, oh how he longed for the silence again. He began to sob quietly, as a cool rough hand stroked his check.

“Hey, none of that darling, come let me see those pretty eyes of yours.”

Abbey shook his head lightly, the pain was almost to much to bear now.  He would rather disobey the doctor’s orders and suffer the consequences. In order to keep his eyes shut.

“That wasn’t a suggestion.” Dr. Salem hissed.

Abbey whimpered as he felt the doctor’s hand slide down his torso and abdomen to his groin. There the doctor forcefully seized his penis, his nails digging into the tender flesh there. Abbey’s eyes snapped open tears now flowed freely, as a broken cry escaped his lips.

“There’s those bright eyes, see that wasn’t so hard.”

Abbey couldn’t speak his voice was reduced to a few broken cries. Not to mention his head felt like it was on the verge of exploding, his heartbeat pounded in his ears. It was hard to hear, every other word was lost in the thumbing.

The door once more open with a loud bang much to Abbey’s woe. His body shook uncontrollably as another pair of hands grabbed his face. He blinked as his tears threaten to blind him, as a familiar face came into focus.


She smiled sadly as she brushed his sweat drenched hair off his forehead, “Oh Abbey, what has he done to you?”

Kally hazel eyes soften as she continued to stroke his face, her gentle touch was a welcoming change. He leaned into her touch praying he would never have to leave it. But that was a fools wish for she was yank back by her arm by the doctor.

“Bitch, how the fuck did you get down here!”

Kally whimpered as the doctor twisted her arm behind her back, in a threat to break it. Abbey felt powerless as Kally struggling ceased, her eyes locked with his.

“Unhand her Howard, you are enough trouble as it is. Don’t make me add an assault charge to your file.” a booming voice warned.

Once more a similar voice, expect this one a chill down Abbey’s spine. It was Mr. Bali.

“Mr. Bail, what are you doing down here?” Dr. Salem asked as he let of Kally and quickly took a step back.

“Mrs. McNeill had informed me that you took possession of Mr. Davidson…”

Mr. Bali paused as he looked over at Abbey his dark eyes narrowing to slits, “My god Howard what have you done to him!”

Abbey flinched at Mr. Bali’s outburst, what was wrong with him? Abbey gulped and look down at himself, and let out a broken scream. His lower abdomen had thick stiches much like a patchwork doll.


What did the doctor do!

The stiches went past his genitals, which with a shaky hand he tried to explore. But his wrist was seized by Dr. Salem.

“You can’t touch it yet, it needs to heal before you can start playing with it.”

‘Play with it?’ Abbey thought to himself as both Mr. Bail and Kally came to the end of the table.

Kally expression turn horrified as she quickly covered her mouth, while Mr. Bail just glared.

“Tell me why you have turned him to a hermaphrodite.”

Abbey’s eyes widen as looked at the doctor. “What have you done to me!”

“My darling Abbey I have transformed you into the next evolution of human race! Now you can fulfill your propose to 4425, at long last a homosexual relationship can be productive!” Dr. Salem exclaimed as he grasp Abbey’s face. “No longer do we have to hide and love who we wish in shadows, you shall be the crown jewel in my experiment! Rejoice Abbey, for you shall bear this new line!”

“Howard, I expected more from you honestly this zoo you’ve created down here I can ignore. But when take patients that I have not given to you is out of line. Furthermore experiment 4425 is no longer yours Howard, Q&R’s shall be here in a matter of days to collect it.”

‘Q&R? What do they have to do with this!’

Dr. Salem body became rigid his nails dug into Abbey’s face, “Abbey’s father signed him over to me, Abbey is mine! You can’t give 4425 to those arrogant shit holes. They will use him for war, and not evolution. Mr. Bali I refuse to release my project. Especially now his mate is almost ready for his seed. Darling Abbey only needs to bleed, and then 4425 shall claim what is his.”

Mr. Bali approached and placed a hand on Dr. Salem shoulder, “My friend you are losing yourself, releasing 4425 will be the best for your mental health. Now if you please, I’ll be taking Mr. Davidson topside to get him proper treatment. Tell me how long has he been unconscious?”

Dr. Salem closed his eyes, “Over a week, his stitches should be ready to come out, that and his pelvis is finally mending. So he should be able to walk soon.”

“Good, Kally please unhook Mr. Davidson, while I have a private talk with Dr. Salem.” Mr. Bali said as he led Dr. Salem out of the room.

Kally quickly did what she was told an unhooked Abbey from his IV’s.

“How could this have happen? Abbey I’m so sorry, I wish I was able to get to you faster. But don’t worry you’ll have your old room, and I’ll be taking care of you. I wouldn’t let Dr. Salem ever touch you again. I promise honey, things are going to shape up you’ll see.”

“No, no things are never going to shape up!” Abbey sobbed as he covered his face.

Minutes later Mr. Bali returned and gently picked up Abbey and headed to the elevator with Kally. Abbey was excited to be leaving the cell block, away from deformed neighbors, away from  Dr. Salem. His only regret was leaving Tate, but at least one of them was going to inhabit the topside.

“Abbey!” Dr. Salem shouted as the elevator doors began to close, “One-Way or another 4425 will claim you, he has grown inpatient. Trust me his bite is worse than his bark. You can not escape your destiny Abbey!”

 Abbey shuddered as the elevator make its ascent, was that a warning or just a rambling from a deranged doctor? All he knew was that he never wanted to go back to the cellblock, but as the elevator jerked he assumed that his time here was not yet expired.

Ambrose XII

Cursed Noise II

Hours crept by slowly as Mar sulked while a beaming Hansel strolling behind. This day couldn’t get any worse, the breeze had picked leaving Mar chilled and quite moody.  It was not until Hansel chuckle that broke him out of his self-induced trance.

“Keller really likes springtime no?”

“Of course the village likes springtime!”

“But why, come on priest tell this tourist the meaning of this glorious celebration!”

“A tourist? I thought you were a neophyte, tell me are lying fool seeking to destroy the next high priest?”

“There you go again, if you’re not careful you be gray before you’re thirty.”

Mar grumbled as he continued to the browsing the venders,  when a ruby ring caught his eye. The gem glistened in the sunlight, as Mar shakily touched it.

“You should buy it, it would suit you.”

Mar glanced at Hansel, a feeling of distaste blossomed in his chest, “I can’t.”


“Because as priest I am unable to have worldly possessions. They can become distractions, and can lead to temptations. An outsider like yourself wouldn’t understand.”

“Come on you’re dubious yourself, it’s just a ring.”

“It’s not just that, I don’t have any money!”

“Then here let me.”

Hansel smiled, and before Mar could protest Hansel handed the money to the vender. Mar was speechless, the ring was not some small cheap trinket. To make the situation worse Hansel went down on one knee.

“My darling Marrie, will you promise to be mine till the world fades?”

Mar face redden as the ring was slipped onto his ringfinger, “I…you.”

“Your silence is all I need.” Mar whispered as he rose and lightly kissed Mar.

Mar froze as he was pulled into a deeper kiss. Quickly Mar jerked back, his face reddening even more.

Quickly he turned and fled from Hansel, completely embarrassed. How could Hansel do that to him? Especially in front of the villagers, what were they going to say?

“Why me? Honestly what did I do to deserve this?”

“That question has a simple answer. Here allow me to provide the answer, my darling. It was by running into a strapping young stranger. Who wishes to have you heart, and I will claim that beautiful heart of yours.”

Now without a doubt Mar knew he should have stayed inside the temple.

Cursed Noise III

Ambrose X

“No, no, stay away! I’m not going with you! Stay away from me!” Abbey shouted backing up into the fence.

Dr. Salem smile fell only to be replaced by  harsh sneer,” Abbey don’t be difficult, it will be worst for you if you resist.”

“Abbey do what he says, and go peacefully. ” Tate whispered as he laid a hand on Abbey’s shoulder.

“No, I won’t go with him! Tate he’ll hurt me, please don’t let him take me!” Abbey begged as he pressed himself against Tate.

“I’m sorry, I really am but I can take much more. It’s time for you to join the Sanctum.”

“Sanctum, what is that?”

Behind them the doctor laughed,”Sanctum is the level of Riverside we are in, just say there is were my projects come to life.”

“Projects? These are your patients, you’re suppose to be helping them not treating them like this!”

Dr. Salem gave a one shoulder shrug, “No one is going to miss a few deranged patients, after all many were dropped off without even a goodbye from their families. After all  isn’t that what happened to you Abbey hmm? Now come here, and be a good boy.”

Abbey bit his lip and shook his head. He didn’t want to go with the doctor god knows what he would do to him.  Abbey didn’t want to end up looking like his neighbors or worse.  Though doctor made it quite clear that Abbey wouldn’t have a choice in this matter. Behind the doctor two burly guards approached Abbey each bearing a sadistic grins.

Before he had a chance to act the guards harshly grabbed him and dragged him out of the cell. Behind him he heard Tate cry of outrage, but soon that to became quite.

In the hallway Abbey thrashed in the guards  grip as Dr. Salem calmly watched behind.

“Where are you taking me!”

“My workstation, I have finally gathered all I need to make you into the perfect specimen.”

“I’m nothing special, why me?”

“Not special? Darling Abbey that is were you are wrong. You no have idea how long I’ve waited to have a subject like you in my grasp. You are perfect specimen, god I thought subject 4425 would never choose a mate.”

“Who’s subject 4425?”

The doctor laughed sending a chill down Abbey’s spine. It was borderline manic, as the Dr. Salem struggled to get control over himself.

“Heh, he’s the next generation, my personal project. One where you will play the second major part in. For nine year I dedicated myself into creating the next evolution of human race, the perfect  hybrid. And now all my hard work is about to pay off. All I have to do now is give you the proper equipment to receive his seed. And then the breeding program shall begin.”

Abbey blinked in confusion as the guards dragged him into a massive room.  The atmospheric of the room was glumly ,and menacing. Being littered with medical equipment, and patients laying on examination tables didn’t help the atmosphere neither.

Some moaned, shuddered, and begged for mercy when Dr. Salem stoked them as he pasted by. Abbey gulped as he realized that soon he to would end up like these patients soon enough.

This thought became a reality, when he was dragged to the largest table in the center of the room, and was placed on it. The cold metal made him yelp when his bare skin touch it. Just has he tried to get off the guards strapped down his arms, his head, and his horror they put his feet in stirrups.

“What are you doing? Let me go!”

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, you see, I will see my vision to the end. Even if that means I have to ruin many lives. Be thankful countless others have been mutilated in order to perfect my art.”


“Aye, look around the other patients are my failed attempts in creating a new species. Their moans of pain, should be your cries praise. For I now know the secret that shall change the world.”

Abbey’s face paled as he look around at his fellow patients. Many were bloody and deformed while others he feared had succumbed to this doctor’s madness.

“What are you going to do to me?”

“Oh, Abbey I can’t spoil the surprise. But I will reveal part of my plan.” Dr. Salem mocked as he press his pointer finger against Abbey’s forehead. “I’m going to undo the damage that I caused you nine years ago.”

“Nine years ago, we met when I was sixteen? How’s that possible I’ve never met you in my life!”

“Of course you wouldn’t have any memory my therapy is unmatched.”

“Therapy, you mean the one my father mentioned?”

“The very same.” Dr. Salem confirmed as he walked over tray that held different types of needles.  “Your charming father wanted the memories of your forbidden lover erased from your mind. The most disgusting act I’ve done since I’ve taken my oath as a doctor.”

Abbey gulped as the doctor approached him with a large needle in hand.

“You see this serum with eat the memory block that I placed in you nine years ago. Luckily, some of your memory are desperately clawing to escape. It will also knock you unconscious so I can work on your beautiful body.”

“Wait, please you can’t do this to me!”

“The hell I can, you see darling your father signed you over to me. Your body, your mind, and even your hypothetical soul belongs to me. Now relax, Dr. Salem is going to take good care of you.” Dr. Salem cooed.

“No! Stay away from me!” Abbey screamed as the doctor injected the serum into the side of his neck.

“Shhh…now it’s time sleep. Sweet dream, and when you awake you shall begin your life anew.”

It felt like fire was coursing through Abbey’s veins, as he strained against his restraints. His head pounded as the corners of his vision darken until his world went black.

Ambrose XI

Cursed Noise I

Spring had once again came to the valley, a promise of a new start. Love, family, propriety seemed to flood the village of Keller. Yet not all were happy for this giddy season. Within the temple of Secrecy, a young priest stood on a well-aged ladder trying to conquer the cobwebs that marred the inner stadium.

He sighed as he stretched beyond his reach only to be knocked from his perch by two squealing children. Mar growled as he rubbed his throbbing ass. He spate to the side as the children’s squealing still echoed with the sanctuary. Every year was the same, clean to impress, don’t be a hard-ass.

“Aren’t you supposed to be cleaning my young apprentice?”

Mar stiffen, the wise voice sent chills up his spine. He jumped to his feet and unconsciously dusted off his robes, must to his graying master’s amusement.

“Master Klaus, I would be cleaning if the orphans would…” Mar sighed and he continued his hassle of spring cleaning.

“This festival brings money and fresh faces into the valley Mar. And maybe just maybe one of the orphans will be given a chance to have a family. Now isn’t that worth the mild aggravation? Be it said that you were also at one time in their shoes.”

Mar let out a long sigh as he glanced at his master, he knew the old man was right. At tender the age of seven, he and his older sister had traveled to Keller. Ella, that was her name so young and beautiful just barely sixteen. They were both orphans, hungry, thirsty, and alone. Ella was the worst of the two, his master had told him, nothing but skin and bones he had said. She had passed within a year of their arrival.

“Forgive master, I was…”

“I think you’ve clean enough for today, go and enjoy the festival, my young student.”

It was mid-afternoon when Mar finally got to the village, which was already in full swing. Colorful lanterns swung in the afternoon breeze, while the aroma of serval traditional dishes floated through the air. And not to mention the music, light strings were strummed, it eased Mar tense nerves.

It was almost terrifying really, this feeling of relaxation. Most of his days he stayed within the stone walls of the temple, cleaning, studying, and pondering on what it would be like to become the high priest.

Lost in thought Mar ran into a bystander with enough force to knock himself off his feet. Though before Mar could hit his head on the cobblestone, strong arms wrapped around him and pulled him close.

“My, my, my I would have a thought that a priest would have more wits about him.” chuckled a deep voice.

Mar squeaked as he felt the stranger’s hand ghosted his ass and lower back. Being a priest this type of touch was unheard of, unwelcomed.

“Than…k y…ou… for not letting me collide with the cobblestones…. but I need to go.” Mar managed to squeak as he pushed to way from the stranger, “You see I have very important…priestly duties…I…I…yes…have to attend to…. enjoy the festival.”

Mar fled as he felt his blood rush to his face, he had been groped by an outsider. Groped! In public! He couldn’t even fathom why the hell the guy did that; I mean he wasn’t attractive.

Mar sighed as he came to rest on the lip of the village’s fountain, he glanced at his reflection. He wasn’t anything special, green eyes, pale skin, and messy brown hair. Just a common joe. Mar blinked why was he bothering himself with these thoughts of self-doubt, it wasn’t like he was going to see that stranger again.

“Ah there you are”

He wrong, so very wrong.

“You never gave your name, my dear little priest. Is it after all quite rude not to introduce yourself no? I would have thought that your high priest would have at least taught you such simple formalities.”

Mar sharply inhaled, “Mar, my name is Mar.”

“Mar, how cute. I shall call you Marrie.”

“Marrie! I just told my name is Mar! I am no wench!”

“Temper, temper. I thought that you would be more leveled headed being so enlightened and such.”

Mar could feed the blood rush to his face again as he clenched and unclenched his hands. This stranger was starting to really piss him off, he had the nerve to mock the next high priest?

“If I’m rude, then you’re the worst. After all, you saved me then you sexually harass me, and might I add without gracing me with your own title. So Mr. Etiquette, what shall I a humble priest call you?”

The stranger blinked, azure eyes gleaming with amusement.

“Ah, you’re right where are my manners?” he said as he gave sarcastic bow “My name is Hansel, my blushing priest. And shall be your companion for this lovely evening.”

Mar squeaked as Hansel took a hold of his left hand and brought it up to his lips. He didn’t stop there, Hansel kissed Mar’s wrist and up his arm until his warm lips pressed against Mar’s neck. He lingered there sucking on the tender flesh. Mar was horrified when he realized that he seemed to enjoy it. That is until Hansel bit him, causing an immediate backwards retreat.

The next sensation that flooded Mar was the cold of the water, and the heaviness of another body slamming on top of him. Glance through his wet bangs Mar glared the heavier male, “Get off me!”

Hansel only chuckled as he stood water splashing at his calves. With a massive hand Hansel grabbed Mar and pulled him against again.

“Aren’t you graceful? You should have join the dance troop here, the would be blessed to have you.” Hansel mocked.

Mar only rolled his eyes,” Why are here anyways?”

“I’m a neophyte on a pilgrimage to discover God’s love! Isn’t it obvious?”

“What! There no way, you’re lying!”

Hansel chuckled once more, ” And you are correct, I’m a heathen on a mission to consume all that is pure and holy.”

Mar paled as Hansel’s eyes sparkled with amusement. This was going be to long day. Mar had came to that conclusion, as Hansel scooped him up to carry him out of the fountain. He wondered what he had done to deserve this punished, or was it test to see if he could handled such a situation. Whatever it was, Mar now wished he had stayed inside the temple.

Author’s Notes: This a story I started a few years ago. It’s only going to be a few chapters long, The final chapter is on FictionPress but I’ll transfer it over here. Hope you all enjoy it!

Cursed Noise II

Ambrose IX

Abbey was dumbfounded, as he watched Wynn’s green eyes sadden. How was his father involved in Wynn’s imprisonment, there had to be a reason.

“Why would my father do that?”

Because I was in love with you.”

Abbey’s eyes widen, it was because of him that Wynn lost his freedom. Which made the lag in his memory even more painful. At one time they were a couple, and now what were they? Two broken fragments of a life once lived?

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I wish I remembered you. But I don’t, and because of me you’ve been locked away.” he sobbed.

Tears streamed freely as Abbey was overcome with sorrow. This man before him was punished because his sins. And yet Wynn seemed to be wanting to rekindle their relationship.

“Now, now Abbey hush. I’m still love you Abbey, and that will not change.” Wynn whispered as he once more stepped closer. 

“How could you say that! Because me your rotting in this hellhole!” Abbey screamed as he smashed his fist against Wynn’s chest.

Trembling Abbey rested his head against Wynn’s chest. He could hear Wynn’s heartbeat, it was faint and sounded far away. He shuddered when he felt Wynn wrap his arms around him, his embrace felt familiar. 

“You saved my life Abbey, at this very spot in fact. You see if you hadn’t came on that rainy day I would have jumped off this this bridge. And the townspeople would have had to place matching cross, next to my to sister’s.” 

Abbey glanced up through his lashes,” Ariel, she was your sister what happen, how did she die?”

Wynn grip threaten to crush Abbey, he wondered if it was wise to have asked such a  question. The silence seemed to last a lifetime, until Wynn’s breath cascaded down Abbey’s back. 

“She died, in car wreck. Heh…I was the driver and we went over the bridge, I managed to escape the wreckage, but she didn’t. It was my fault, I should have went back for her…” 

“But if you would have you would have died to.” Abbey whispered into Wynn’s chest. 

“True, I still would have died if it wasn’t  for a young red haired boy with a purple umbrella.”

Abbey blinked, as the memory that had once been hazy became clearer, “I remember what happen next…I than asked you to come to the church to have a warm meal.”  

“Oh Abbey.” 

Wynn’s hands clasped Abbey’s cheeks, and gently he kissed him. The kiss sent a warming sensation through Abbey, as he gladly pursued the kiss. He wanted more of Wynn, it had been so long since he had any physical contact. 

Abbey threw his arms around Wynn neck, as Wynn’s hands wondered done Abbey’s sides. His fingernails dung into Abbey’s flesh, warm blood seeped down his side as Wynn’s hand continued their decent. 

“Wait…Wynn…please…” Abbey moaned breathlessly, as he shakily grasped Wynn’s shoulders.

Wynn’s chuckle echoed on the still air, “Still ever a virgin, I’m glad no one has soiled you yet. I still plan on making you mine, that is when I finally get free.”

” You said you are here inside Riverside, but this place is huge where are you exactly?”

Wynn’s eyes sadden once more, “I’m in the Basement Ward….you can say I’m the prized experiment.” 

“Prize experiment?”

The scenery around them began to crack until they were plunged into water. Abbey clamped his mouth shut as water went up his nose, it burned as his eyes began to sting. He glanced up at Wynn and jerked back.

Wynn was bent backwards with wires entering his eyes, nose, mouth, and down his spine. Abbey panicked as he pressed against a glass tube, he couldn’t see outside. Now his lungs began to burn, he had to get out before he drowned. 

Once more the scenery change and Abbey found himself falling into the abyss, a broken voice echoing as he fell.

“Please, save me Abbey.”

“Abbey, wake up! C’mon sleeping beauty, wake up!”

Abbey jerked awake, “Tate?”

“The one and only little cherry. C’mon it’s cleaning day, the bastards are tried of smelling our filth.”

Firmly Tate grabbed Abbey’s arm and help him to his feet. He couldn’t believe how big of a task just standing was, Abbey felt faint.  Tate dragged Abbey to the back of the cell, where somewhere within the walls a cranking sound caught Abbey off guard.

Slowly but surely the wall began to raise, exposing an outdoor kennel which he and Tate entered. The wall closed behind them, and Abbey gasped as he realized that for the first time he could see his neighbors.

They deformed, and were hardly human as many of them hissed at Abbey. Tate slammed his fist against the fencing and the neighbors backed off. Some of them muttered, bitch, while others coward from Tate.

“Don’t look at them in the eyes. Many can smell your fear, and feed on it.”

“What the hell is wrong with them?”

“They are the doc’s failed experiments. Not all of us are lucky.” said as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Abbey blinked, suddenly realizing that the left side of Tate’s head had been shaved, and had wounds from the doctor’s test. The ones who were deformed, had they to started out looking like Tate? Was he going to end up like “monster”?

Thoughts swirled, as he wondered what Dr. Salem had in store for him. The thought made him shudder, he had to get out of here, and save Wynn. But he couldn’t just strut
out here without knowing the whole layout of place, that would be suicide. Abbey took another glance at his fellow inmates he could help the sickening question.

“Then why does he keep them?”

Tate shot a cruel look at him as he leaned into the far fence. The framework creaked as he fully put his body weight against it in a faulty attempt to become comfortable.

“To feed the bigger monsters. Like Titian, looks like they about to feed him. Come, and watch and be thankful.”

Sure enough as Abbey walked up to the fence he realized just how big this place was. Hundreds of cellblocks lined the walls, and in the middle was a massive enclosure.

“Please, I’ll get better…tell Dr. Salem I’ll get better… I’ll get better!” a voice cried out.

“Oh, no Nathan. You poor fool.” Tate whispered.

Abbey glanced down to walkway where two guards dragged a young man in between them. Black patches covered his thin frame, while others exposed the muscle below. The guards dragged the young man named Nathan to the enclosure where the guards opened up the gate and tossed him in.

“Titan, dinner is ready.” one of the guards mocked as he pulled a lever.

“No! Please, kill me….kill me! Don’t let him have me!”

Abbey’s eyes widen as the enclosure inside gate open up, and a massive creature came crawling out. It was sluggish at first, not very sturdy on its feet, that was until it smelt Nathan. It roared and charged the weaken young man.

Nathan didn’t stand a chance,  and with a final scream he found himself in the beast’s jaws. Blood oozed down Titian’s face, the red against this creature’s blueish skin made Abbey’s skin crawl. And much to his horror Titian crawled up the fence and whimpered the guards.

“None, of that. We got orders from the doc, one body every four hours.”

Titian growled and crawled back into its hole, leaving the cellblock in silence. Abbey was shaking as he looked down the path were a group of people sat in a small pin. All crying and begging for mercy.

“You see Abbey, in here it’s eat or be eaten. Now tell me, would you be able to kill save your own skin? Because, I can’t protect you anymore. I’m sorry, you will be soon joining the family.”

“What do you mean, joining the family?”

As almost on queue the wall that lead back into the cell opened, where Dr. Salem stood with an evil grin. Abbey glanced over at Tate who only looked away.

“Come darling Abbey. Your new life is about to begin.”

Ambrose X