Charming Spell

He Blushes as she takes his hand

At last he will never be alone again

For their love begins to bloom in the

Light of the harvest moon he smiles

As she giggles and falls in grass at

Long last his Patiences has awarded

Him well for she is now forever

Trapped in his charming spell

The Hunger

The thunder rumbled outside leaving the city in limbo, as a killer sat in a darken run down hotel room.  The light from his cigarette illumined his pale skin as he took in a long drag, the ember dying as he snuffs it out moments later.  As smoke hazed in the stagnate air lighting exploded outside giving light to the horrors inside.

There next to him a bare body of a woman laid ravished with all signs of blood drained. He glanced at this young woman, hunger lingering in his crimson eyes, she had put up a good fight, but just like the others she succumbed. He didn’t even know her name, and why should he? His victims were nothing more than a temporary relief to a crippling hunger.

He sighed and rose from the bed, and walked to the small bathroom where he turned on the light. The mirror reflected the monster, that consumed many, his white hair draped to his mid-back while his bloodstained lips and black claws were ready for another to fall victim to them. He hissed as he griped the sink counter as the mirror captured his  transformation, white hair darken to black along with his eyes, claws became clear and short, the monster is now a man.

He glanced at his reflection, his eyes blank for this form was only now a mask to hide the beast beneath. This was not what he wanted, he did not ask for this curse, to be consumed by hunger. As he ponder his self-worth his cell-phone chimed sending warmth through is numbed bones. Checking the text message he couldn’t help but to smile.

“How’s the business trip going?” the sender asked.

His fingers lightly touch the keys as he replied, “Good, about to head home soon.”

Seconds after the phone chimed again,  “That’s great! Umm, can you pick up my favorite soup from Al’s on your way in? Please?”

He chuckled as he quickly replied, ” Of course I’ll see you soon.”

The last message pained his twisted soul, ” I love you Able.”

An eternity seemed to as he looked to the bed. She was never going to see the ones she loved again, but in a way she provided him away to see his lover again.

So with a bitter smile he finally replied, “I love you to.”

Silently Able put away his phone and stepped into the shower to wash the blood off, the water turn pink as the blood rinse from his pale frame,  he almost wished the water could cleanse his blacken heart. But deep down he already knew he was to tainted to be saved now.

“Just how many more do I have to devour to remain sane?” he whispered as he dried himself.

Dressed back in his suit he look at the woman once more, two puncture marks marred her dark skin, a testament that vampires do walk among human kind. How he shuddered at the thought, for he had become folklore, he become the monster that men feared.

Carefully he climbed on the bed and touched the woman’s face, “Don’t worry I leave you somewhere were you will be found.” he whispered as he drew out a knife.

With a flick of his wrist he slit her cold throat, just like the one who came before. Able had lost track to just how many had fell victim to his fangs but in hindsight he really didn’t care.

They could never take away this hunger that even now crept upon him as he quietly disposed of the woman’s body. He sighed as he took a final glance at woman head before headed to Al’s Soup to collect his lover’s order and then drove home in silence.

Arriving home he glanced at his two story home as a ping of happiness flooded his veins,  how long had he been away this time? Walking up the stone stair he reached for the door only to have it open on its own.

“Able!” a woman cried out has she threw herself at him.

“Careful Ana, you’ll hurt the baby.” Able laughed as he gently touched Ana’s womb.

Ana had always been like that, so full of life. She was little the sister he never had, and when he and his lover asked if she would be their surrogate she didn’t hesitate. Now she was eight months pregnant. This made his frequent feeds worth the bloodshed.

“Ha, if this babe’s anything like you we don’t need to worry!”

Able smiled and wrapped an arm around Ana as they walked inside, “Where’s Caiden?”

“Oh he’s on the sofa, he wanted to wait up for you, he didn’t quite make it.” Ana giggled as she lead Able to the sleeping young male.

Able quietly placed the cup of soup on the end table and than keeled in front of Caiden, “How many times do I have to tell you? Sleeping on the sofa is not good for your back.”

Icy blue eyes lazily opened sending a chill through Able, this pale male had stolen his heart at first sight. It had been three years now since they had been married, it was hard to believe sometimes. It had became even harder now that Caiden’s health had started to fail him. One day he was fine the next he collapsed in Able’s arms, he’s diagnoses a mystery to doctors.

Caiden smile at him and sat up stretching sending thin pale hair over his shoulder.

“I was waiting, not sleeping.” Caiden said with a yawn.

Able chuckled and stroked Caiden’s cheek, “Oh course you were.”

Caiden pouted, “Why do you have to be so mean? That doesn’t make you very winsome!”

“Is that so? Since not at good husband, maybe I should just eat this soup myself.” said Able as he took the cup of soup and took a spoonful to his mouth.

“No! That’s mine!” laughed Caiden as he playfully reached for the soup.

“Hey! Careful you’ll burn yourself!” Able laughed as he held the soup just out of Caiden’s reach.

“Save the parenting lessons until the baby gets here! I’m a grown man I can take care of myself!”

Able smiled and then gave shrugged as he handed the cup to Caiden. His eyes softened  watched his husband shakily try to feed himself, with no luck. Caiden dropped the spoon into the cup twice, on the three attempt Able as lightly touched Caiden’s hand.

“Here, allow me.” he said as took the cup and spooned up the soup.

Caiden eyes lighten up as Able blew on the soup and began to feed him.

“This is good practice for you Able.” Ana giggled, “At least Caiden won’t spit it back at you!”

Both Caiden and Ana laughed, but Able couldn’t even chuckle. Caiden had grown weaker while he was away. Able felt like he was in a funnel, he wanted to stay home and care for Caiden, but the thought of hurting his husband brought tears to his eyes.

“Able? Are you okay?” Caiden asked as he scooted to the edge of the sofa.

Wiping is tears with his shoulder Able replied, “Ya, I’m fine, everything fine. Come now let’s finish this soup and go to bed.”

Caiden nodded and opened his mouth to receive another spoonful of soup, completely unware that a monster kneeled before him.

I Give You My Heart

Your eyes fill with horror

As you realize my hand is

Stained a crimson hue as

I smile back at you my love

My dear my one true light

I give you my heart to you

On this very cold winters night

Your inheritance my darling is

My blood that sweep into the virgin

Snow just so you know my heart will

Only beat for the one who holds it close

A Million Reasons to Give You Up

Allow me to tell you a modern fairytale. That has no happy ending, no hero’s quest, no prince charming. No, this tale is about forbidden love, and about letting go. Our sadden tale begins when Jas Vader moved to Paradise Oaks. Jas a strapping young man of twenty-four with a wish to start anew, a noble wish yet a deadly one.

For on the first day of spring he settled into his home, and was greeted by his new
neighbors. One neighbor Warwick Lennox, a man seven years his senior sparked something foreign deep within Jas. This moment was the that would soon become the beginning of end. For the when their eyes met their fates were sealed. Days went by as these two unlikely men grew closer, until being  seconds apart became torture.

Romance blossomed as Jas was swept off his feet. On the eve of Jas twenty-five he and Warwick joined fully. Months of prep for this event and yet Jas still trembled as Warwick prepped him for the main event. First times were almost always a nerve-racking experience, Jas was grateful that Warwick was not a virgin. But that still didn’t calm his nerves when Warwick told him he was going to enter him.

Pain rippled through him as Warwick entered him, Jas cried out tears started to form in his blue eyes. Tears of pain quickly became tears pleasure as these two souls became one. Months passed as this couple’s  love quickly became something that many would consider a flaming passion. But alas passion can be a fleeting thing.

A year passed  in a blink of an eye, as Jas prepared their anniversary dinner. Hours of cooking and planning, Jas couldn’t wait for Warwick to return from work. Sitting at table Jas watched the clock, his heart synchronizing with the ticking of the second hand. Evening came, and the food had gone cold, still Jas sat there until the candles exhausted.

Midnight chimed when a worn face Warwick came through the darken doorway. He found a tearstained Jas asleep on the sofa. Gently Warwick stroked his lovers face, knowing that he needed to speak to him, but at same time he did not wish awake him. With mind made up Warwick gently shook Jas.

Jas awoke and gripped Warwick tight, questions exploded passed his lips as Warwick held him. Tears flowed freely until the fabric of Warwick’s shirt became damp, and only little hiccups escaped Jas. Warwick held him for a moment longer until he pushed himself way from Jas so he could turn on a lamp.

Jas squinted as his eyes adjusted to the light. Once adjusted he realized something on Warwick’s hand reflected in the light, upon his left ring fingers a wedding band gleamed in the lamplight. Jas’s eyes widen as he looked at Warwick confused, and slightly worried.

Warwick’s eyes sadden as he explained that he was to be married in the following week, to a woman. Jas stared dumbfounded, they had been together for a year and not once this woman was mentioned. Warwick went on to say that Jas and his relationship needed to end tonight for he was no longer in love with him.

Jas began to sob as Warwick kissed his forehead and went upstairs to collect his things. And with a broken smile Warwick left Jas broken in the lamplight. A week pasted as Jas cried in his bed, Warwick’s pillow clenched to his chest. Outside a church bell sounded.

Sacred Grove VII

The headlights bathed her in their cold light, she didn’t even hear the car until the brakes screamed, there was no time to get away. Evynne’s eyes clenched shut as the car swerved. Her breath caught as she prepared for the impact. When the impact didn’t come she opened her eyes to see that the car had managed to stop inches from her face.

“Goddamn it girl! Why are you in the middle of the highway!” the driver roared at her.

She opened her eyes to see red flashing lights on top of the car, it was an ambulance. Perhaps her fate wasn’t damned after all.

“Holy shit Frank, isn’t that Jethro’s daughter? Shit, she’s banged up, come on girl get in. Were you in the wreck with Cameron Kingston?”

“Yes! Is Cameron in the back?”

“No, Cameron is on route to the hospital.”

“Is he alright?” she frantically asked as she got in the cab of the ambulance, “What about the man in the truck that hit us?”

“Cameron has major injuries to his legs and spine, the man was DOA. Count yourself lucky girl, from what tell you only suffered minor injuries.” one of parametric stated grimly.

It was a quick trip to the hospital, and a even quicker trip into the ER. Evynne sigh as she attempted to rotate her bandage ankle while she sat covered in Band -Aids in the waiting room. Hours went by with the tick of the clock. It was painful the fear of not knowing, all she knew was Cameron was in surgery.

“Thank god you’re alright.” a kind voice cooed.

Evynne glanced up to see Martha being pushed by a stern faced Jethro. Evynne hobble over to her, and kneeled to embrace her. Gentle arms encased her, as Evynne finally  allowed her emotions to burst forth.

“I… was…” Evynne couldn’t even get a sentence out before she begun sobbing on Martha’s shoulder.

“You’re lucky to have only sprang you ankle Evynne.” Martha cooed as she stroked Evynne’s hair.

“Cameron’s going to be fine, lets get you home.”

Evynne eyes widen as she looked up Jethro, “But…. Cameron.”

“He’ll be fine, you can come visit him tomorrow.”

“Jethro!” Martha exclaimed who was equally shock as Evynne.

“No, buts. Lets get going. Lookit’s getting late. Cameron’s surgery is going to take hours, there is no point of waiting around. Now c’mon.” Jethro ordered as he began to wheel Martha out of the hospital with Evynne limping after.

When they got home Evynne was surprised to see Happy Birthday banner hung in entryway.

“That’s why we had Cameron take you to go have breakfast, so Jethro and I could set up your party.”

Evynne looked over shoulder to see Martha drying her eyes with a tissue while Jethro wheeled her to her spot by the window. She felt a sting  of regret as she wandered the living room where decorations and gifts were a plenty.  Martha and Jethro had worked so hard to give her a surprise party, sadly it would be the first.

“Can… we celebrate still? I mean Cameron and I are here to be with you guys for another year. I think that’s a reason to celebrate, and tomorrow we can bring Cameron a piece of cake.”

The two adults looked at her owlishly and then smiled. And just like that the party was underway, Evynne wished it would never end. With belly full of cake Evynne snuggled into her blankets as she recreated the festivities in her head as she drifted off to sleep.

The next day Jethro dropped her off  at the hospital with some cake for Cameron. She smiled and went to the front desk and asked where Cameron’s room was at. The nurse gave her directions and soon the room 69 came into view.

The room was single suite, it was cold and dark with the privacy curtain pulled around the bed.

“Cameron are you..”Evynne froze as she parted the curtain.

Cameron laid on the bed eyes wide in terror, his mouth occupied by another man. They broke apart as saliva trailed between them he turn with black eyes narrowed. Evynne squeak as the unknown man approached her. He chuckled as he passed Evynne, long black hair flowing, Cameron’s name inked on his right upper arm.

She watched him leave and turn to Cameron who was dazed and trembling. Saliva dripped off his chin and unto the blankets. She put the cake on the bedside table and grabbed a tissue to clean Cameron face.

He filched at her touch and quickly snatched her hand in his. He was shaking, and to Evynne’s shock tears started to roll down his cheeks.

Sacred Grove VI

A blaring car horn brought Evynne back to consciousness where everything hurt. She moaned and glanced over at Cameron and screamed. The driver side of the patrol car received the most damage.

The windshield was smashed with blood running down to the onto the dash. Cameron’s head was covered in blood as it rested against the steering wheel, while his legs were trapped underneath the steering column.

“Cameron, oh god Cameron! Wake up! Please wake up!” she screamed

Barely his green eyes opened, only to slowly close, “I’m… fine, go check  on the other guy.”

Evynne nodded and quickly unbuckled her seatbelt. She limped to the other car when her mouth went dry. The buck’s rack pierced the truck’s windshield, causing the man inside to be impaled. Both buck and man were motionless, their blood mixing as it leaked to the pavement.

“Oh god.” she managed to get out as she reached for the deer’s hindquarters. Its coarse brown fur parted under her fingers when a muscle spasm rippled. The ripple became thrashing as deer gave a jerk as it tried to free itself. Inside the truck’s cab, the man’s agonized scream broke the silence.

Evynne screamed and fell back as the deer groaned, and finally die. The man’s screaming stopped, and Evynne prayed that man had expired as well.

“Shit, he’s pissed.”

Evynne jerked and turned to see Prince glaring down at the wreck. His hazel eyes narrowed when he saw her and he quickly turned and walked into the woods.

“Prince wait come back!”

She got up limped and after him, “Prince!”

He paused and glanced over his shoulder, “Child go back to the wreck I called for help they will be here soon.”

“Why, don’t you stay with us until then? Isn’t Cameron your friend, are you not worried about him?”

“Cameron is going to be fine, I’ve called for help. I’m not that heartless. Now go back and stop following me.”

Prince continued on his way deeper into the forest with Evynne limping shortly behind. They traveled in silence for several long minutes, until she tripped over a expose root. She stiffens as she prepared for the impact only to be caught in strong arms.

“I swear, you toddled just toddler.” snorted Prince.


“Don’t thank me, it’s your curiosity that is going to get yourself killed.”

Evynne stared up at him eyes wide, “What… do…you… mean?”

“You’re not a cat child, you don’t get a second chance. I still don’t understand why he saved you from Bogart, only to kill another the next day.”


Prince’s laugh echoed in the hollow, as his head rested against her shoulder, “You really do know, do you? Have you been having nightmares by chance? One’s that have a white face creature who wants to consume you? That is Bogart, he is a spirit that dwells in these woods, invisible to all and only visible to the one he hunts.”

Evynne felt the color drain from her face, “It wasn’t a nightmare, it was real?”

“Did you not hear my warning to Jethro? That folklore is laced with truth, but in Sacred Grove folklore is the truth. You humans always ignore the obvious.”

“Enough Prince.” a deep voice boomed.

Prince’s body became tense as a mist surrounded their feet. Next, to them, a figure emerged tall and proud. The man had antlers that curved like a crown in his silver hair, while ice blue eyes gazed upon them. The wind caught his white robes that swirled around his lean frame.

“Lord Shea, what brings down this way?” stammered Prince as a pale slender hand grabbed ahold of his shoulder.

“I sensed a human with you, and I was curious. So tell my dear little Prince, will my curiosity get me killed.”

Prince froze, Evynne could feel his breath catch in his chest, “Of course, not my lord. Of course not.”

“Then release the girl, I have plans for her.”

Evynne’s words caught in her throat, what type of plans did this man have for her? Her thoughts whirled at this sudden change of events when Prince released her and quickly stepped back. She yelped when Shea grabbed her and pulled her against him.

“I have been watching ever since you were on the train Evynne, it has been serval years since a human has caught my interest.”

“I didn’t see you on the train! How…?”

“I told you, child, the lord of forest does not show himself often,”  Prince said as he began to circle them.

Evynne was overcome with confusion and shock when reality hit her, “You’re the white stag.”

“One of my many forms, yes. It’s just odd for a human to see me so clearly.” he purred as he pulled her closer.

“What are you! What do you want with me!”

The two men laughed but it was Shea who responded, “Our kind have many names, but in the common tongue we are known as Fae.”

Evynne blinked in confusion, “Fae?”

Shea chuckled, “Faeries, my child. The men you see before you are just a pair of many who dwell in these ancient woods. As for my plans for you, that’s for you to find out at a later time. For time being my beautiful child, sleep I will come for you when the time is right.”

The air around Evynne became thick and sweet smelling, it clouded her head until sleep overtook her. She did not know how long she was out, but when she stirred she was shocked to be back on the highway.  She started to shake when the thought of Shea consumed her thoughts.  That she didn’t realize that she was engulfed in headlights as a vehicle came speeding towards her.

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Sacred Grove V

Evynne screamed sending blankets and pillows alike flying as she fell out of bed. She hyperventilated as she curled into a fetal position, as the sensation of what had occurred faded away. She laid on the ground for awhile as she tried to regain her grip on reality. Finally, she uncurled to lazily blink up at the ceiling, again she had a nightmare.

“It was so real though, I could have sworn…” she mumbled to herself as she rose and went to the window, and opened it.

Dawn’s rays muddled as it tried to pierce the dense fog. Evynne rubbed her arms as the mornings chill cocooned her, a frown marred her lips. With a sigh, she climbed down the tree and made her way into the forest.

With heavy footsteps she followed in her nightly trail, hoping that she had only been dreaming. Before long her panic tracks could be seen in the soil, followed by much larger tracks in heavy pursuit.

Her heart raced as she picked up her speed, as the forest began to blur. She came to a halt beside a tree with blood splattered on it. Panting she saw where the creature prowled and where it lunged from. Shakily she stroked the drying blood on the bark, only to have her eyes drawn to a pool of blood that stained the leaf litter.

It had only been her out here, there had been no one else. Who’s blood was that? Questions buzzed in her mind like an angry swarm. She paused a moment of clarity burst forth, she had been wounded by the creature. Shakily she reached for her arm where the creature wounded her only to have her finger stroked smooth skin.

“Evynne? Why are you up so early?”

Evynne jumped as Cameron emerged out of the fog in running attire. He pulled out one headphone and paused in front of pooled blood as his eyes widened.

“Man, the circle of life is brutal. I just hope this poor creature had a quick end. Is that blood on the tree?”

Evynne nodded as Cameron leaned forward, “Damn I wonder what got whacked, what ever it was it bled a lot. You still haven’t answered my question.”

“I… heard…. something. So…I wanted to investigate.” she stammered.

“I guess, that makes sense. After all the food chain in the city is you hunting for the best hot dog cart.”

Evynne gave a one shoulder shrug, “What can I say, it’s hard to find a dignify hot dog.”

Cameron chuckled, “Oh don’t worry, in Sacred Grove we can blow those processed meats out of the water. Hey, you hungry? I know the best place to get breakfast. Want to join me?”


They went home, got dress while Cameron grabbed the keys to Jethro’s patrol car. The drive that Evynne had before with Jethro was cold and quiet, but with Cameron, it was loud and lively. Almost every song that came on the radio he seemed to have memorized, lyric by lyric. Evynne laugh when he added his “famous” dance moves that would put the current pop idols to shame.

They arrived in town with the stereo blaring with the car drifting side to side. Evynne wondered where they were going to eat, she saw a diner but Cameron passed it. Maybe the bakery? That business was passed by as well, only to stop in front of Prince’s Finest.

“Come on! Prince’s cooking is the best, when I lived here he always made me breakfast.”

Cameron vanished inside the store with Evynne on his heels. The door opened setting off an alarm, which Cameron quickly shut off.

“He hasn’t changed, the code is his birthday.” Cameron chuckled and jumped over the counter and took off up the stairs that were hidden by black drapery.

Evynne was halfway up the stairs when a loud crash echoed. Quickly she climbed the rest of the stairs to find Cameron and Prince covered in paint and with their lips awkwardly pressed together.

Cameron recoiled sending globs of paint everywhere, “I…. uh… uh..”

“You call that a kiss? Here let me educate you,” Prince seized Cameron by the jaw and forcefully kissed him. Evynne stood and watched in curiosity as the two males inhabited raw emotions she did not understand. They broke apart saliva trailing between their lips.

“Now if you excuse me I need to change, child please come with me. Leave the lovelorn fool to his fantasies.”

Evynne hesitated but quickly followed while avoiding the splatters of paint. The room they when into was covered in paintings and one yet to be completed. One large painting caught her interest, it hung above Prince’s bed in a silver frame. On further examination, she realized there was a plaque with the title “Homage

The scene in the painting was of tribal people dancing naked around a massive bonfire while its flames beg the heavens to join it. Shadows danced on the bluffs while a white stag stood proudly at the crest.

“That is a portrait of a long forgotten ritual to the lord of the forest. It was a time before man became unwilling to call upon the old ways .”

Evynne jerked and quickly faced him to only have the blood rush to her face. Prince eyebrows raised as she quickly covered her face.

“What? You were staring at naked people in the painting what is so different with my own skin? A body is a body, you don’t expect me to wear those soiled clothes. I have standards you know.”

He turned and pulled out a pair of boxers and quickly slipped them on. “I believe I should start breakfast, after all, that’s why you two came and disturbed my morning. Cameron has always seemed to know when I’m about to start breakfast, it’s like he’s synchronize with my daily life. Even after all this time. You can come join me when you compose yourself.”

He left her in his room, where she quickly calmed and followed after him. She passed by Cameron who was still sitting with a goofy grin on his lips, and into the small kitchen.

Prince swore as he knocked off some fancy magnetic magnets off the fridge when he opened it. They clattered across the floor and came to a stop in front of Evynne’s feet. She picks one up to discover a rhyme written on it.

‘Trees grow tall, so do I. One day I will touch the sky!”

“I was short when I was younger, Cameron gave me that as a gift.”

“Have you Cameron always been close?”

Prince’s airy chuckle filled the small space warming it, “Are you kidding? The man is
enamored with me. Has been since we were pre-teens.”

“How about you? Do you have feelings for Cameron?”

“Perhaps at one point in time, but ten years away does dampen the mood.”

Breakfast was serviced, and all ate in quiet. It seemed to happen too fast, one minute at the table the next she and Cameron were in the car heading home. Cameron’s grin was gone and he was quite, dully the radio played. Evynne swore she saw tears misting his eyes.

Suddenly a giant buck jumped from the tree line and rammed headfirst into an oncoming truck. Cameron slammed on the brakes as the truck lost control and collided with them.

Sacred Grove VI