Behind the writer of Writer’s Block

Good morning WordPress! Writer’s Block here with some exciting news! I know it has been awhile since I’ve done something like this but please bare with me. As 2018 is coming to a close I want to reflect in all that has happened.

First off in March my childhood friend and I started dating, he even went and asked my father’s permission! Though here is the the thing he is my first boyfriend. I know you guys are thinking why? Why wait until you’re twenty-four to start dating but to be honest I’m glad I did. You see he had a huge crush on me in high school but at the time he was eighteen and I was only fourteen. So ya that was not going to fly.

So fate than took us in different directions. He joined the marine corps, got married and had a beautiful daughter, while I went on to college. It was years before we saw each other again but we rekindled our relationship by me becoming his daughter’s babysitter. This happened in December of last year. During this time I discovered he wife had left him while he was overseas. Luckily though he got custody of his daughter.

Now let’s skip ahead a few months to August shall we? Within the first week his daughter came up to me and asked if she could call me mommy. God I cried and cried. I mean I had told her when her father and I started dating she didn’t have to call me mom is she didn’t want to. So now I am the proud momma of a beautiful eight year old daughter.

Now in October I got a new job with DCAI which I was happy to get. Working at McDonald’s was not my cup of tea. Between my terrible people skills and my mental health I was having a hard time adapting. Sigh but enough with that sad story I have other topics to tell you guys about.

Later in October I once again became a aunt to another nephew he was born to my youngest sister. He’s cute little thing with his mom(and his auntie) wrapped around his little fingers. Also in October my first nephew turned a year. Oh how time flies no?

In November I had the surprise of my life, my boyfriend proposed! And during family pictures mind you! I had just got done telling him how I hate pictures because I’m not a someone how smiles a lot and bam he his on his knee asked me to marry him! This introvert’s mind was blown!

So ya I’m going to be a bride in March and I’m so excited! Hopefully this time next year I’ll have a little bun in the oven.

Sigh another matter, how is my content? Are you guys enjoying it? I would like to have your guys feedback. I also want to bring up that I am going to start rewriting Ambrose so be on the lookout for that.

As is I’m going to leave this post as is. Let me know what you guys think! To all have a good day see ya!