Falling Stars

Laying here under this natural chandler. You and I laugh about the old times, as the stars twinkled in your eyes. With a small chuckle and a smile I begin to tell an old folktale.

“What if I told you that the stars above are the souls of those who dwell below?”

You look puzzled as once more you grazed at the heaven’s show, “Is that so? How do you know?”

I laugh as you glared, “Wisdom comes at age, child of mine. Why would I lie to you? But it is the truth, I swear to you. Everyday a child is born and gets add to the horde.”

“Horde? I guess that makes sense, but wouldn’t the heavens run out of space?”

I smiled sadly and pointed to a star that began to fall, “These fallen stars are the older ones whose time has come to an end.”

Teary eyed you replied, “Which star is mine?”

“The brightest one on your right, of course! You’re young and so full of life, your light will shine for a long while.”

Pleased by my answer you smiled and cuddled close, “Then where is your star?”

“My star is the one fading from the light, so to be a shooting star in the night.”

Your eyes widen as tears flowed, “How can this be? It can’t be!”

I smiled and pulled you close, “Don’t cry for it is natures game, we live, we die. But child mine a shooting star is not the end. Far from that, in death we give others one final wish.”

Cursed Noise IV

It was hard to believe that just a fortnight ago Hansel and Mar had watched the play about Keller’s history. No one in their right mind would have ever thought that the mark of NOISE would appear once more. And yet it claimed the one person who didn’t have any ties to Keller. It had chosen Hansel. So in the dead of night the elder priest of Secrecy collect Hansel and Mar and spirited them away to the temple.

Inside Mar’s wail broke the silence of the temple as he was dragged into a vast circular room. His voice carried upon the smooth marble, his scream echoed against the  statues. The older priests tightened their grips as younger tried to free himself, his green eyes widening in disbelief as he caught sight of the man slumped in the center of the ritual circle.

“Mar please, stop this nonsense. As a Priest of Secrecy you must complete the ritual.” growled one of his captures.

Mar shook his head violently tussling his brown waves, “No oh god no! Please no, don’t make me do this! Don’t make me do this!”

“The mark has appeared again, be thankful it is an outsider and not one of your kin.”

“He’s my friend!”

“Mar be reasonable, this outsider has begun to lead you down the path to unrighteousness. You call him friend, but Master Klaus questions that. He spoke as if there is more than an innocent friendship developing. And for that I am truly glad that he was the one chosen. Keller needs its next high priest. Isn’t that what you wanted?” roared a priest as Mar trying to escape once more.

At one point that is all Mar wanted, but Hansel had opened his eyes. The world was full of adventure, and love. How could he stay in this valley when the world beckon him?

And that is why Mar continued to struggled. As they approached the swirling vortex, where a lone elder stood proud. His white hair sweeping around his red robes.

“Please, Master Klaus…” Mar begged as he was pulled closer, tears spilling down his cheeks as he choked on his words. Hansel, he was dazed and unconcerned with what was going on. The damning mark marring his forehead. Mar felt cold, suddenly, as if something was reaching into him. “Anyone but him Master! Anyone!”

Klaus stood directly in front of the circle, uncaring that his student begged for the damned. “Hansel has been chosen, Mar. No man, nor god, can stop this now.”

The barriers lowered as Mar was dragged into the center, where he was chucked in front of Hansel. Mar gasped as looked into Hansel’s eyes they were cold,and dead. They were not the same azure eyes that sparkled and had him fleeing.

Mar panted he couldn’t do this. Not to Hansel. He turned and tried to flee out of the circle to no prevail, the other priest had thrown up barriers. There was no way out…

Behind him, Hansel started to cackle his movements becoming more chaotic as the mark spilt open drenching his face in black ooze. With a sickening crack Hansel head was snapped backwards as he began to chant in tongues causing Mar to press himself even flatter against the barrier.

‘What’s the matter Marrie? Don’t you like the new me?’

This voice was not Hansel’s it more cold and cruel, it was spine-tingling, unforgiving, it shouldn’t have came out of a mortal man.

Mar’s heart started to race as Hansel eyes darken with madness, as a snarl plastered on his stained lips.

‘By your horrified expression I take it you don’t. Ha, such a spineless virgin, I can’t even fathom what he even saw in you.’

“Stop, please… stop. Let Hansel…go”

‘Hmm, I think not. I haven’t had such a marvelous host in a long time. Though I have became bored of your begging. Shall we get this over with?’

Without warning Hansel lunged, his bulker body slamming into Mar’s. Both men trying to get the upper hand.

Mar cried out when Hansel pinned him, and Hansel wrapped his hands tightly around Mar’s throat.

Struggling underneath him, Mar’s adrenaline spiked as he bucked violently to free himself. All seemed lost until his feet curled underneath the massive bulk above him. When Mar’s feet meet solid flesh he gave a strong kick to dislodged Hansel.

Hansel staggered off him falling on to his rear giving Mar enough time to pin him. Instinctively Mar’s hands wrapped around Hansel’s throat, Hansel struggled his nails biting into Mar’s wrist. With teeth grit his grip tightened, he held on until Hansel’s body stopped moving. Mar shook at the realization of what he done, Hansel was dead. He had killed him…

Fresh tears swelled up as he presses his forehead into Hansel’s cooling chest. Mar began to sob while his shaking hands stroked the bruised flesh. How could this have happened? Hansel was gone, he had killed him.

Do you wish to join me?

Mar paused as the soft voice echoed deep within his consciousness. It was Hansel’s voice.

Mar chocked on his sobs as the words again echoed within his mind, he wanted to. He needed to, Mar was even more sure as he gazed into the dull of eyes of his friend. Trembling fingers brushed Hansel’s cool lips almost begging to feel the warm breath that had ghosted them before.

I’m losing patience Marrie, don’t make me ask again’

Mar sniffed, shoulders trembling. “Please, let me see you again…”

There was a shift in the air, something cold. He felt numb, the edges of his vision turning black as he mumbled, “Please, just one more time…”

Mar feel himself leave his body almost as a candle suddenly extinguish. His ears thrummed loudly as he was swiftly carried from his body.

In the background, he heard Klaus voice rising. “Well done! Mar, my child, the barrier is sealed.” praised Klaus as he placed his hand upon Mar shoulder.

Mar’s body shook once more, but not from sorrow that was clear as he threw back his head and laughed manically. Klaus jerk back, eyes full of terror as he realized that Mar was no longer, and all that remained was NOSIE.



Cursed Noise III

“Why did you do that!” Mar roared,” Now the villagers will think I was proposed to! By a man no less!”

Hansel chuckled as tears started to form,” God, Marrie do you really want to know the reason. It’s because of  your reaction that I  keep coming back for more.”

Mar glared at him, how could he have been so stupid? This man only wanted to see his reaction, just who was this man!

As if to read Mar’s thought, Hansel smiled with a sparkle in his eyes. Mar frowned, he couldn’t really be reading his thoughts could he?

“Ah, don’t look at me like that hun. I’m just a lone traveler looking for a little fun.

“Well your humor isn’t appreciated, as the next high priest my image is everything. And you have the gall to impose that I marry you!”

“Heh, image aye? I thought serving the people and studying your scrolls what your main concern. Or has the lure of humanity blinded you to think you are right along side a the gods? How Saintly of you.”

Mar was speechless, of course he didn’t see himself on the same level as a god. He wasn’t even close, not even Master Klaus could shake the mortal status. It was now clear to Mar he had become vane. When had his image became something more?

“You’re right. Thank you for setting me straight Hansel.” Mar said with a bow.

“Woah, don’t get soft on me Marrie. Though this gesture is cute.” Hansel mocked as he took ahold of Mar’s chin.

Mar sighed and then strangely smiled, “Say since your not going to leave me alone how about we continue our date. Besides the story about how this festival came to be is going to start soon.”

“I would love to Marrie, after all it about time this neophyte learns of this villages history.”

The sun began to set when Hansel and Mar made their way to the plaza where most of the village had already taken their places. In the center a temporary stage was put up, with a lush purple curtain that shielded the actors from view.

“So it’s a play?” Hansel asked as he seated himself on Mar’s right.

“Yes, but this is the truth, not some artist muse. You see Keller has a dirty secret, and well you just have to watch and discover it for yourself.”

“Hey, that’s not…”

“Shh, it’s about to start.”

Sure enough the announcer approached the stage. He was dressed in robes that matched the curtains behind him, the announcer, Mar could tell  he was quite pleased with the size of the audience. The announcer then cleared his throat and began the spin the tale.

” Long ago in this humble village a monstrous deal was struck.” The announcer paused for affect as serval spectors scooted to the edge of their seats. “Yes, a devilishly deal that cause much bloodshed. “

Behind him the actors joined the announcer on the stage, and began to act out the tale.

“For Keller was once a wasteland where demons of another realm resided. The demon king’s name was beyond human tongue so for human that migrated into his valley they were told to call him NOISE. NOISE was powerful and cruel as he abused and consumed humans until one day a priest stood to appose him. Our very own Klaus’s great-great father Titus and his fellow priest used an ancient ritual to banish NOISE back to the other realm. The ritual worked but NOISE gave one final warning, I will return. At first the villagers thought they had defeated NOISE until  one day one of their own was marked with NOISE insignia a damming mark upon their forehead. Of course the marked were killed, in order seal back NOISE but heeds this NOISE still wants to escape his imprisonment and one day he will.”

The crowd grasped as the tale came to a close,  but Mar only smiled. For this tale had been a bedtime story told to him in his youth. He glanced over at Hansel whos eyes were wide in horror.

“You were right Mar, this village is mess up. I think that enough excitement for one night. How about I walk you home?”

Mar smiled, “Sounds good, shall we?”

The walk back to the temple was full of laughter and joking. Mar couldn’t believe that he and Hansel had so much in common. The parted ways when they reached the stairs leading to the temple. Mar was not surprised when Hansel gave him a goodbye kiss before he head back down to the village.  While making his way up to the temple, smile lingered on Mar’s lips. Perhaps there was sometime more between him and Hansel.

Cursed Noise IV

Cursed Noise II

Hours crept by slowly as Mar sulked while a beaming Hansel strolling behind. This day couldn’t get any worse, the breeze had picked leaving Mar chilled and quite moody.  It was not until Hansel chuckle that broke him out of his self-induced trance.

“Keller really likes springtime no?”

“Of course the village likes springtime!”

“But why, come on priest tell this tourist the meaning of this glorious celebration!”

“A tourist? I thought you were a neophyte, tell me are lying fool seeking to destroy the next high priest?”

“There you go again, if you’re not careful you be gray before you’re thirty.”

Mar grumbled as he continued to the browsing the venders,  when a ruby ring caught his eye. The gem glistened in the sunlight, as Mar shakily touched it.

“You should buy it, it would suit you.”

Mar glanced at Hansel, a feeling of distaste blossomed in his chest, “I can’t.”


“Because as priest I am unable to have worldly possessions. They can become distractions, and can lead to temptations. An outsider like yourself wouldn’t understand.”

“Come on you’re dubious yourself, it’s just a ring.”

“It’s not just that, I don’t have any money!”

“Then here let me.”

Hansel smiled, and before Mar could protest Hansel handed the money to the vender. Mar was speechless, the ring was not some small cheap trinket. To make the situation worse Hansel went down on one knee.

“My darling Marrie, will you promise to be mine till the world fades?”

Mar face redden as the ring was slipped onto his ringfinger, “I…you.”

“Your silence is all I need.” Mar whispered as he rose and lightly kissed Mar.

Mar froze as he was pulled into a deeper kiss. Quickly Mar jerked back, his face reddening even more.

Quickly he turned and fled from Hansel, completely embarrassed. How could Hansel do that to him? Especially in front of the villagers, what were they going to say?

“Why me? Honestly what did I do to deserve this?”

“That question has a simple answer. Here allow me to provide the answer, my darling. It was by running into a strapping young stranger. Who wishes to have you heart, and I will claim that beautiful heart of yours.”

Now without a doubt Mar knew he should have stayed inside the temple.

Cursed Noise III

Cursed Noise I

Spring had once again came to the valley, a promise of a new start. Love, family, propriety seemed to flood the village of Keller. Yet not all were happy for this giddy season. Within the temple of Secrecy, a young priest stood on a well-aged ladder trying to conquer the cobwebs that marred the inner stadium.

He sighed as he stretched beyond his reach only to be knocked from his perch by two squealing children. Mar growled as he rubbed his throbbing ass. He spate to the side as the children’s squealing still echoed with the sanctuary. Every year was the same, clean to impress, don’t be a hard-ass.

“Aren’t you supposed to be cleaning my young apprentice?”

Mar stiffen, the wise voice sent chills up his spine. He jumped to his feet and unconsciously dusted off his robes, must to his graying master’s amusement.

“Master Klaus, I would be cleaning if the orphans would…” Mar sighed and he continued his hassle of spring cleaning.

“This festival brings money and fresh faces into the valley Mar. And maybe just maybe one of the orphans will be given a chance to have a family. Now isn’t that worth the mild aggravation? Be it said that you were also at one time in their shoes.”

Mar let out a long sigh as he glanced at his master, he knew the old man was right. At tender the age of seven, he and his older sister had traveled to Keller. Ella, that was her name so young and beautiful just barely sixteen. They were both orphans, hungry, thirsty, and alone. Ella was the worst of the two, his master had told him, nothing but skin and bones he had said. She had passed within a year of their arrival.

“Forgive master, I was…”

“I think you’ve clean enough for today, go and enjoy the festival, my young student.”

It was mid-afternoon when Mar finally got to the village, which was already in full swing. Colorful lanterns swung in the afternoon breeze, while the aroma of serval traditional dishes floated through the air. And not to mention the music, light strings were strummed, it eased Mar tense nerves.

It was almost terrifying really, this feeling of relaxation. Most of his days he stayed within the stone walls of the temple, cleaning, studying, and pondering on what it would be like to become the high priest.

Lost in thought Mar ran into a bystander with enough force to knock himself off his feet. Though before Mar could hit his head on the cobblestone, strong arms wrapped around him and pulled him close.

“My, my, my I would have a thought that a priest would have more wits about him.” chuckled a deep voice.

Mar squeaked as he felt the stranger’s hand ghosted his ass and lower back. Being a priest this type of touch was unheard of, unwelcomed.

“Than…k y…ou… for not letting me collide with the cobblestones…. but I need to go.” Mar managed to squeak as he pushed to way from the stranger, “You see I have very important…priestly duties…I…I…yes…have to attend to…. enjoy the festival.”

Mar fled as he felt his blood rush to his face, he had been groped by an outsider. Groped! In public! He couldn’t even fathom why the hell the guy did that; I mean he wasn’t attractive.

Mar sighed as he came to rest on the lip of the village’s fountain, he glanced at his reflection. He wasn’t anything special, green eyes, pale skin, and messy brown hair. Just a common joe. Mar blinked why was he bothering himself with these thoughts of self-doubt, it wasn’t like he was going to see that stranger again.

“Ah there you are”

He wrong, so very wrong.

“You never gave your name, my dear little priest. Is it after all quite rude not to introduce yourself no? I would have thought that your high priest would have at least taught you such simple formalities.”

Mar sharply inhaled, “Mar, my name is Mar.”

“Mar, how cute. I shall call you Marrie.”

“Marrie! I just told my name is Mar! I am no wench!”

“Temper, temper. I thought that you would be more leveled headed being so enlightened and such.”

Mar could feed the blood rush to his face again as he clenched and unclenched his hands. This stranger was starting to really piss him off, he had the nerve to mock the next high priest?

“If I’m rude, then you’re the worst. After all, you saved me then you sexually harass me, and might I add without gracing me with your own title. So Mr. Etiquette, what shall I a humble priest call you?”

The stranger blinked, azure eyes gleaming with amusement.

“Ah, you’re right where are my manners?” he said as he gave sarcastic bow “My name is Hansel, my blushing priest. And shall be your companion for this lovely evening.”

Mar squeaked as Hansel took a hold of his left hand and brought it up to his lips. He didn’t stop there, Hansel kissed Mar’s wrist and up his arm until his warm lips pressed against Mar’s neck. He lingered there sucking on the tender flesh. Mar was horrified when he realized that he seemed to enjoy it. That is until Hansel bit him, causing an immediate backwards retreat.

The next sensation that flooded Mar was the cold of the water, and the heaviness of another body slamming on top of him. Glance through his wet bangs Mar glared the heavier male, “Get off me!”

Hansel only chuckled as he stood water splashing at his calves. With a massive hand Hansel grabbed Mar and pulled him against again.

“Aren’t you graceful? You should have join the dance troop here, the would be blessed to have you.” Hansel mocked.

Mar only rolled his eyes,” Why are here anyways?”

“I’m a neophyte on a pilgrimage to discover God’s love! Isn’t it obvious?”

“What! There no way, you’re lying!”

Hansel chuckled once more, ” And you are correct, I’m a heathen on a mission to consume all that is pure and holy.”

Mar paled as Hansel’s eyes sparkled with amusement. This was going be to long day. Mar had came to that conclusion, as Hansel scooped him up to carry him out of the fountain. He wondered what he had done to deserve this punished, or was it test to see if he could handled such a situation. Whatever it was, Mar now wished he had stayed inside the temple.

Author’s Notes: This a story I started a few years ago. It’s only going to be a few chapters long, The final chapter is on FictionPress but I’ll transfer it over here. Hope you all enjoy it!

Cursed Noise II

A Million Reasons to Give You Up

Allow me to tell you a modern fairytale. That has no happy ending, no hero’s quest, no prince charming. No, this tale is about forbidden love, and about letting go. Our sadden tale begins when Jas Vader moved to Paradise Oaks. Jas a strapping young man of twenty-four with a wish to start anew, a noble wish yet a deadly one.

For on the first day of spring he settled into his home, and was greeted by his new
neighbors. One neighbor Warwick Lennox, a man seven years his senior sparked something foreign deep within Jas. This moment was the that would soon become the beginning of end. For the when their eyes met their fates were sealed. Days went by as these two unlikely men grew closer, until being  seconds apart became torture.

Romance blossomed as Jas was swept off his feet. On the eve of Jas twenty-five he and Warwick joined fully. Months of prep for this event and yet Jas still trembled as Warwick prepped him for the main event. First times were almost always a nerve-racking experience, Jas was grateful that Warwick was not a virgin. But that still didn’t calm his nerves when Warwick told him he was going to enter him.

Pain rippled through him as Warwick entered him, Jas cried out tears started to form in his blue eyes. Tears of pain quickly became tears pleasure as these two souls became one. Months passed as this couple’s  love quickly became something that many would consider a flaming passion. But alas passion can be a fleeting thing.

A year passed  in a blink of an eye, as Jas prepared their anniversary dinner. Hours of cooking and planning, Jas couldn’t wait for Warwick to return from work. Sitting at table Jas watched the clock, his heart synchronizing with the ticking of the second hand. Evening came, and the food had gone cold, still Jas sat there until the candles exhausted.

Midnight chimed when a worn face Warwick came through the darken doorway. He found a tearstained Jas asleep on the sofa. Gently Warwick stroked his lovers face, knowing that he needed to speak to him, but at same time he did not wish awake him. With mind made up Warwick gently shook Jas.

Jas awoke and gripped Warwick tight, questions exploded passed his lips as Warwick held him. Tears flowed freely until the fabric of Warwick’s shirt became damp, and only little hiccups escaped Jas. Warwick held him for a moment longer until he pushed himself way from Jas so he could turn on a lamp.

Jas squinted as his eyes adjusted to the light. Once adjusted he realized something on Warwick’s hand reflected in the light, upon his left ring fingers a wedding band gleamed in the lamplight. Jas’s eyes widen as he looked at Warwick confused, and slightly worried.

Warwick’s eyes sadden as he explained that he was to be married in the following week, to a woman. Jas stared dumbfounded, they had been together for a year and not once this woman was mentioned. Warwick went on to say that Jas and his relationship needed to end tonight for he was no longer in love with him.

Jas began to sob as Warwick kissed his forehead and went upstairs to collect his things. And with a broken smile Warwick left Jas broken in the lamplight. A week pasted as Jas cried in his bed, Warwick’s pillow clenched to his chest. Outside a church bell sounded.


Tears stained the boy’s cheeks, for his world had became shattered. His hopes, his dreams all smashed into fine dust. Alone he cried, that was until an old man happened to pass by

“Child why do you weep?” the old man asked

“I’ve lost everything, I’ve struck rock-bottom” the boy sobbed

The old man smile, a twinkle dance in his wise eyes

“That’s great, child. It truly is.”

The boy’s sobs stopped as he looked up at this old man

“Great? You call this great? My life is in ruins!” exclaimed the boy

“Darling child do you not see? You have hit the very bottom, therefore you can no longer fall. So logic says your only direction is up.”

The boy blinked as he looked at the pieces of his life, images of his past flickered until they became black.

“My life is in pieces old man I don’t think I’ll be able to fix it.”

The old man chuckled as he picked a shard who’s color exploded in his touch. The boy stared amazed as the shards all came back to life. Images flickered of love ones, and of happy times.

“I don’t understand, how are you doing this?” the boy asked

“Darling child, don’t you know that some of the most beautiful pieces of art are mosaic? Yes, your life may be shattered, but you can pick up the pieces and create a even better one.”

White Walls

White room. Padded walls. No windows.

A young male sat huddled in the corner, blue eyes dull. Everything was white; besides his natural colors, sandy brown hair and pale skin white as the walls that surrounded him. As of routine, he counted the padded squares one-by-one.


The door opened.

He had almost forgotten there was an outside beyond these white walls.

A woman entered; golden haired with red lips. He stared, expression blank, as she crossed the room to the chair provided some time ago. He had wondered what it was for.

He blinked as she sat in the provided seat, his expression blank as she sat the recorder in her hand on the small table next to her.

“Do you know why I’m here, Skylar?” When he didn’t reply, she continued, “I’m here for the truth.”

Skylar sat up. “Their truth or mine?”

Jennet. Her name was Jennet, at least he thought it was Jennet…maybe her name was Jane. Whatever her name was, he cared not. Though the smiling red lips were starting to make him twitch. White room. Padded walls. Now with a splash of unholy red.

“Remove your lips.” he growled.

She tilted her head, her forbidden golden locks swinging uncontrollably, “Pardon?”

“That color.”

“Skylar I believe we are getting off subject.”

He held her gaze as she asked, “Do you remember what happened that night?”

He stiffened. Pupils dilated. A grin crossed his lips. “I killed him…. I killed that bastard, that demon….”


Skylar inhaled. “He stunk; musty smell with an undertone of alcohol. He’d arrived at night, his dick pulsing for my mother’s body. He was out for blood. My blood. He always said between my mother and I, I was his least favorite. Night after night he came in, ate our food, bedded mother, and took out his aggravation…”

He quaked, and slid to the floor. Images flashed across his mind. Like thousands of crimson butterflies fluttering in his frontal lobe.

His mother, screaming, as she was knocked to the ground. Blood on the floor. A glint of steel, a broken knife.

Skylar trembled, gaze distant, as he whispered, “He attacked me. With a broken knife. Slammed me into the walls, into the floor.”

He couldn’t get away. Pain darted under his skin, phantom jabs of discomfort. It had hurt so much. He shook his head, voice low as he said, “Hands bled. Demon tried to strike me. I defended myself…”

The doctor eyed him with a little frown marring those scarlet lips, “What happened?”
Skylar’s breath quickened. His body trembled.

He could feel the demon upon him; he was heavy, strong. He had screamed. Kicked. Slashed at the demon. There was blood. So much blood. He struggled until a well-placed kick collided with its demonic loins.

“Kitchen. I ran to the kitchen…”

He needed a knife. The demon was behind him. Its musty breath threatened to cut of his oxygen. The knives were too far away. Meat cleaver…

“Cleaver…the cleaver was in the sink. It was…salvation.”

The blade parted flesh easily. He recalled how it sank through the skin and into the muscle, deeper and deeper. Warm blood coating his hands. A woman screamed. The demon dropped to the ground. It didn’t move.

It was…it was dead.

He felt mirth, and raw exhilaration, fill him as soft, airy giggles. Then he turned to mother.

“Victory was short-lived. The demon was dead, but mother was an angel fallen. Never to awaken.”

Such beauty wasted on swine. She needed a proper burial; a burial fit for a queen.

“I burned her with the demon.” Skylar nuzzled the padded wall, the warmth of the flames a ghost of memory dusting his skin. He felt the doctor’s gaze on him, sensed her disturbance. His gaze shifted towards her as she stood, and her words echoed even after she spoke.

“Your mother wasn’t dead. Your father,” she paused and rephrased her response, “…the demon wasn’t the one who killed her.”

He curled his hands. Soft flesh. Blood. The cold metal of a knife’s hilt biting into his palm.

A deep chuckle rumbled from him as he caught the doctor’s eye, tone light as he said, “That makes me the demon, doesn’t it?”


Whispers of Forgiveness

Something’s are better left unsaid, or so the saying goes. Yet here stood Todd overlooking the smooth grave marker of his friend. The funeral had ended hours go, only a few sobbing third cousins and a drunken uncle lingered.

“At least it didn’t rain aye Andy? It always seems to rain when sad things  happen.” laughed Todd as he dried his eyes with his sleeve.

It should have been him in the ground not Andy. He was the one driving, he was the one not paying attention. It was him who overcorrected when he hydroplane, it wasn’t fair.

Their last conversation still echoed in his mind, it was an awkward one. Borderline stupid, if only it had lasted just a little longer.

It was raining that night, Todd and Andy had just left the movies and were on their way home. It  was a horrible not worth the price of admission, but it was a rare “Bro’s night”.

“I swear we haven’t even been married for few months and she already has me in a short chain. I wonder how my pa  was able to handle ma for all these years.” Andy had joked.

Todd had laughed, “Wouldn’t know I’m still a bachelor.”

“Interesting enough, I’m not missing the lonely nights. I got something sweeter warming my bed. And now I got a Jr. on the way.”

“Rub it in why don’t yaw?” Todd hissed as he punched Andy playfully.

It was such a stupid conversation, one that ended abruptly. It happened so fast, one minute they were on the road the next minute he was waking up in the hospital. It was the next day when he found out that Andy had died on  impact.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. It should have been me!” Todd cried out as he sunk to his knees.

Todd felt cold, numb he couldn’t hold it in any more. His tears fell freely, as his body shook a hand gently clasped his shoulder.

“Enough of that, Toddy you don’t have keep  beating yourself up.  Thanks for the fun night next time you’re buying the popcorn.”

Todd’s  lip twitched, “Alright, you got it Annie.”