Ambrose V

Abbey was on the verge of despair, the sting of betrayal cut him deep, and now phantom embraces? What’s next? He dared not to look at the wall behind him, so he sat forward head lulled back.

He had no idea how long he sat there in that position, the only sense of time was the slow dull ache as neck strained. Slowly his eyes closed, the darkness was a confronting change of scenery, an island of black in this sea of white.

Lost in an almost trance induced by his breathing, Abbey didn’t hear that the door creaked open. His azure eyes barely cracked open as he focused on the blinking panel lights. All around he heard footsteps echo against the stone floor, they were slow and stopped in front of him.

Was it the doctor? Or perhaps it was Ollie.

Abbey gritted his teeth as tried to straighten his neck. Embarrassment burned through his numbness as his muscles refuse to release. He cursed them, honestly how could they lock up on him?

“Oh dearie are you stiff?” a kind voice fluttered through the silence.

Abbey’s voice hitched as soft hands gently reached to lightly massage his stiff neck. “Don’t worry darling, we’ll get this fix.”

And she was right moments later the muscle released their hold. Rotating his head side to side, the dull pain slowly faded away. With narrowed eyes he eyed this new nurse, she was older than Ollie, soft brown waves framed a gentle face.

“You’re even more adorable than you name proclaims. Oh where are my manners, I’m Mrs. McNeill, but you can call me Kally. I’m going to be your main nurse during your stay here at Riverside Asylum.”

Abbey blinked at this hazel eyed woman, with distrust. Ollie had been a wolf in sheep clothing, this woman was probably the same. He wouldn’t be surprised if everyone here had a secondary motivate for him.

“Are you hungry darling?”

He paused, he hadn’t noticed that he was until she mentioned it. He was starving, borderline ravenous he had to admit. She only smile at him, as she gently sat next to him.

“It’s been almost two days since your last meal, hasn’t? Though you can’t go lunch looking like that, you hair is a mess. May I brush it?” she asked as she pulled out a mini hairbrush out of her pocket.

Abbey slowly nodded and slid  to the floor his back pressed against her legs. He felt her gently take his shoulder length hair tenderly in her hands as she began to brush out his tangled locks. He had always loved it when someone brushed his hair, his father had done it every night before he went to bed when he was younger.

“You have such beautiful red hair, just like my husband’s. Red as blood, soft as silk. I only wished our children inherited his hair, at least they got his emerald eyes. ”

Abbey hummed in contentment, which was a pleasant change of pace. He wondered if this was the feeling a child had towards their mother. Behind him he hear her giggle as once more his head lulled.

“Careful dearie, we don’t want your neck  to become stiff again. You are so much like my son, he almost always falls asleep when I brush out his hair. Oh dear there I go, you probably don’t want to hear a mother ramble about her family.”

“I don’t mind, how many kids do you have? I mean if you don’t mind me asking…”

Her giggle again filled the room, “I have three, a son and two daughters. And handsome husband, our twenty-six anniversary is at the end of this month. There, no more tangles, shall we head to the cafeteria?”

Abby paused, a slight blush crossed his cheeks, “Is it possible for me to have a different outfit? I don’t want to be showing off my backside to anyone else, I mean I’m a priest….well I was once a priest.” Abbey said sadly.

Kally stood and walk to dresser that was flushed against the foot of the bed, and open the top drawer.  He hear her mumble to herself, when she finally pulled out another white gown.

“This one should go to your knees, is this better?”

“Much, at least my backside is hidden once more.”

Abbey gratefully accepted the garment, and quietly change.  The extra coverage made him smile, it felt good to have fabric covering his ass once again. Kally nodded and unlocked the door, a sense of escape flooded him as he began to sprint toward the opened door.

“Please honey don’t try to run away I don’t want to have to call the guards. They are very unfriendly to runaways.” Kally warning when Abbey was partly through the door.

He paused just as two guards started to down the hall. A lump caught in his throat as he saw they were both armed with taser, he quickly scooted into Kally’s chest.

“Alright, shall we?” Kally asked as she took ahold of his clammy hand.

It took forever to get to the cafeteria, Abbey’s muse of this place being a maze gained evidence. Finally with a scan of her badge the double doors opened to a massive room. They were in a dome glass covered the wall and ceiling. It almost looked like another planet,  thought Abbey. The explosion color brought tears to his eyes.

It was raining blurring the forest outside but he didn’t care, it was something else besides white. A light touch brought Abbey back to reality, he smiled at Kally and they got in line.

Abbey didn’t know what to get it all smelled delicious it took all his willpower to not stuff his face right then. His stomach cramped as he finally made his decision on a chicken tender meal.

“Go find us a table, I go get our drinks.” Kally said lightly.

Abbey nodded as he made his way through the crowded mess hall. Many of the patients ate quietly their caretakers assisting them when they needed help.  Minutes passed and Abbey sighed when he couldn’t find a table.

“Oye! New guy!”

Abby turned to see a pink haired girl waving beckoning him over. He smiled and went over to her table, only to realize there were two others. The eldest male had black hair, and silver eyes that glared at him as he went back to his meal.

“Don’t mind Tate he doesn’t bite hard. My name is Minerva, I’m Umi, and Tate’s nurse. You must be Abbey.”

“Abbey.” Tate snorted, “What did your parents think they were having a bitch?”

“Abbey, how cute.” the other man cooed, Abbey presumed that was Umi.

Abbey glared at Tate as took his seat next to Umi. Papers, and crayons  were scattered in front of Umi, who was drawing maniacally. Curiosity took its hold on Abbey as he glanced at the mad man’s drawing.

Choppy green and yellow grass covered the page, but that was not the image that caught Abbey’s interest. In the center of the page a highly detailed unicorn was reared on it’s hind legs. From its iconic horn a gory man dangled impaled.

“Ah… why did unicorn impale him?”

Abby had wished he never asked.

For Umi began  cackled his whole rocking back and forth, “He wasn’t a virgin”

“Pardon?” Abbey asked when he almost choked on his chicken.

Umi grinned demonically brown eyes gleaming, ” Yes, unicorn only eat the flesh of virgins… you see virgin meat is the sweetest. If you aren’t one they’ll leave your body for the crows! Abbey are you a virgin? Is your flesh sinfully sweet?”

A hint of red crossed his face as this white hair man leaned into his personal space. Across the table Tate moaned.

“Umi of course that fucker is virgin. Just look at him, he screams prune!” Tate roared.

“Enough Tate!”

Tate growled as Kally approached with a somber look marring her gentle face.

“Abbey, hurry and finish your meal. Dr. Salem just informed me that he wants to began your treatment.”

“Treatment! There is nothing wrong with me!”

Abbey flinched as the cafeteria became silent, many turned in their seats to stare at him. But there was nothing wrong with him, this whole imprisonment here was utter bullshit.

“Abbey dear, please try to keep your voice down. The guards will hear you.” Minerva  whispered as she laid a hand on his arm.

Abbey bit his lip and sank further into his chair. Kally sat next to him and placed an encouraging hand resting on his knee.

“You hear him don’t you?” Tate growled.

Abbey dropped his fork, “What?”

To his horror Tate’s lips did not move, but he could have sworn he heard him speak.

“The man in the static, the one who haunts your subconscious.” 

Abbey’s eyes widen when Tate’s voice echoed in his mind. The silver eyed  man smiled around his cup as Abbey’s jaw dropped.

If they try to take you in the elevator kill yourself. Bite through that virgin tongue of yours.”

Ambrose VI


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