Ambrose IX

Abbey was dumbfounded, as he watched Wynn’s green eyes sadden. How was his father involved in Wynn’s imprisonment, there had to be a reason.

“Why would my father do that?”

Because I was in love with you.”

Abbey’s eyes widen, it was because of him that Wynn lost his freedom. Which made the lag in his memory even more painful. At one time they were a couple, and now what were they? Two broken fragments of a life once lived?

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I wish I remembered you. But I don’t, and because of me you’ve been locked away.” he sobbed.

Tears streamed freely as Abbey was overcome with sorrow. This man before him was punished because his sins. And yet Wynn seemed to be wanting to rekindle their relationship.

“Now, now Abbey hush. I’m still love you Abbey, and that will not change.” Wynn whispered as he once more stepped closer. 

“How could you say that! Because me your rotting in this hellhole!” Abbey screamed as he smashed his fist against Wynn’s chest.

Trembling Abbey rested his head against Wynn’s chest. He could hear Wynn’s heartbeat, it was faint and sounded far away. He shuddered when he felt Wynn wrap his arms around him, his embrace felt familiar. 

“You saved my life Abbey, at this very spot in fact. You see if you hadn’t came on that rainy day I would have jumped off this this bridge. And the townspeople would have had to place matching cross, next to my to sister’s.” 

Abbey glanced up through his lashes,” Ariel, she was your sister what happen, how did she die?”

Wynn grip threaten to crush Abbey, he wondered if it was wise to have asked such a  question. The silence seemed to last a lifetime, until Wynn’s breath cascaded down Abbey’s back. 

“She died, in car wreck. Heh…I was the driver and we went over the bridge, I managed to escape the wreckage, but she didn’t. It was my fault, I should have went back for her…” 

“But if you would have you would have died to.” Abbey whispered into Wynn’s chest. 

“True, I still would have died if it wasn’t  for a young red haired boy with a purple umbrella.”

Abbey blinked, as the memory that had once been hazy became clearer, “I remember what happen next…I than asked you to come to the church to have a warm meal.”  

“Oh Abbey.” 

Wynn’s hands clasped Abbey’s cheeks, and gently he kissed him. The kiss sent a warming sensation through Abbey, as he gladly pursued the kiss. He wanted more of Wynn, it had been so long since he had any physical contact. 

Abbey threw his arms around Wynn neck, as Wynn’s hands wondered done Abbey’s sides. His fingernails dung into Abbey’s flesh, warm blood seeped down his side as Wynn’s hand continued their decent. 

“Wait…Wynn…please…” Abbey moaned breathlessly, as he shakily grasped Wynn’s shoulders.

Wynn’s chuckle echoed on the still air, “Still ever a virgin, I’m glad no one has soiled you yet. I still plan on making you mine, that is when I finally get free.”

” You said you are here inside Riverside, but this place is huge where are you exactly?”

Wynn’s eyes sadden once more, “I’m in the Basement Ward….you can say I’m the prized experiment.” 

“Prize experiment?”

The scenery around them began to crack until they were plunged into water. Abbey clamped his mouth shut as water went up his nose, it burned as his eyes began to sting. He glanced up at Wynn and jerked back.

Wynn was bent backwards with wires entering his eyes, nose, mouth, and down his spine. Abbey panicked as he pressed against a glass tube, he couldn’t see outside. Now his lungs began to burn, he had to get out before he drowned. 

Once more the scenery change and Abbey found himself falling into the abyss, a broken voice echoing as he fell.

“Please, save me Abbey.”

“Abbey, wake up! C’mon sleeping beauty, wake up!”

Abbey jerked awake, “Tate?”

“The one and only little cherry. C’mon it’s cleaning day, the bastards are tried of smelling our filth.”

Firmly Tate grabbed Abbey’s arm and help him to his feet. He couldn’t believe how big of a task just standing was, Abbey felt faint.  Tate dragged Abbey to the back of the cell, where somewhere within the walls a cranking sound caught Abbey off guard.

Slowly but surely the wall began to raise, exposing an outdoor kennel which he and Tate entered. The wall closed behind them, and Abbey gasped as he realized that for the first time he could see his neighbors.

They deformed, and were hardly human as many of them hissed at Abbey. Tate slammed his fist against the fencing and the neighbors backed off. Some of them muttered, bitch, while others coward from Tate.

“Don’t look at them in the eyes. Many can smell your fear, and feed on it.”

“What the hell is wrong with them?”

“They are the doc’s failed experiments. Not all of us are lucky.” said as he ran his fingers through his hair.

Abbey blinked, suddenly realizing that the left side of Tate’s head had been shaved, and had wounds from the doctor’s test. The ones who were deformed, had they to started out looking like Tate? Was he going to end up like “monster”?

Thoughts swirled, as he wondered what Dr. Salem had in store for him. The thought made him shudder, he had to get out of here, and save Wynn. But he couldn’t just strut
out here without knowing the whole layout of place, that would be suicide. Abbey took another glance at his fellow inmates he could help the sickening question.

“Then why does he keep them?”

Tate shot a cruel look at him as he leaned into the far fence. The framework creaked as he fully put his body weight against it in a faulty attempt to become comfortable.

“To feed the bigger monsters. Like Titian, looks like they about to feed him. Come, and watch and be thankful.”

Sure enough as Abbey walked up to the fence he realized just how big this place was. Hundreds of cellblocks lined the walls, and in the middle was a massive enclosure.

“Please, I’ll get better…tell Dr. Salem I’ll get better… I’ll get better!” a voice cried out.

“Oh, no Nathan. You poor fool.” Tate whispered.

Abbey glanced down to walkway where two guards dragged a young man in between them. Black patches covered his thin frame, while others exposed the muscle below. The guards dragged the young man named Nathan to the enclosure where the guards opened up the gate and tossed him in.

“Titan, dinner is ready.” one of the guards mocked as he pulled a lever.

“No! Please, kill me….kill me! Don’t let him have me!”

Abbey’s eyes widen as the enclosure inside gate open up, and a massive creature came crawling out. It was sluggish at first, not very sturdy on its feet, that was until it smelt Nathan. It roared and charged the weaken young man.

Nathan didn’t stand a chance,  and with a final scream he found himself in the beast’s jaws. Blood oozed down Titian’s face, the red against this creature’s blueish skin made Abbey’s skin crawl. And much to his horror Titian crawled up the fence and whimpered the guards.

“None, of that. We got orders from the doc, one body every four hours.”

Titian growled and crawled back into its hole, leaving the cellblock in silence. Abbey was shaking as he looked down the path were a group of people sat in a small pin. All crying and begging for mercy.

“You see Abbey, in here it’s eat or be eaten. Now tell me, would you be able to kill save your own skin? Because, I can’t protect you anymore. I’m sorry, you will be soon joining the family.”

“What do you mean, joining the family?”

As almost on queue the wall that lead back into the cell opened, where Dr. Salem stood with an evil grin. Abbey glanced over at Tate who only looked away.

“Come darling Abbey. Your new life is about to begin.”

Ambrose X

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